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  1. I'm confused, are there reports that someone has recently reported issues bringing water or soda onboard a ship. I haven't heard of any complaints. I am not aware of any issues.
  2. Be careful about concluding the Edge IV cabins are bigger than S-class balcony cabins. A lot of the complaints arise from the functionality of the IV cabins. The numbers indicate the cabin is larger and feature bigger bathrooms. The larger bathrooms are nice but do most cruisers think that is a good trade-off? Perhaps that's where the extra 8-squre feet was used in the IV cabins. Second is the introduction of king-size beds. This is advertised as an industry first. That's nice but in all of the CC threads I've read, I don't remember anyone complaining that the beds were too small. I think they were trying to solve a problem that didn't exist. The result of larger bed is to take away useable space from the cabin. There is also the issue of the inner doors to the IV balcony. Those doors need a lot of space to swing open, again taking usable space from the cabin. The most significant casualty from losing usable space were the tables inside and on the balcony. Many of us miss those tables, the larger balcony and the curtains in the area of the swing doors. The cabins are just not functional for many of us. It's simple to say, "just don't sail on these ships" and for now we won't. But there will come a day in the next few years where they will start using the Edge Class ships on our favorite itineraries then we will be stuck with these problems unless Celebrity makes some significant changes soon. Someone really missed the boat on the IV balcony design, they sided with style over function.
  3. No it's much better than an inside, but it does not as good as a conventional balcony. If it was better than a regular balcony, they would have used the IV balcony concept with the suites.
  4. I'll respectfully disagree with you on Hoppen's role. She was the lead designer and it was her responsibility to confirm designs were functional. The IV balcony appeared to be good if the balcony stayed the same size, but it was reduced to a non-functional level and the furniture was compromised to fit the design. The lack of a curtain on the inner doors failed to recognize how many people use the balcony while their partner remains asleep. Celebrity management also shares responsible for not understanding how their customers use their cabins and balconies. But as the lead designer the buck stops with Hoppen.
  5. I think you need to give us some additional idea of your preferences and what you enjoy on a cruise to determine if Celebrity would be a good fit. Do you entertainment at all the bars? Do you like fancy shows at night? Are you happy with just hanging out with your friends and a few drinks?
  6. Too late for the Apex, 😡 hopefully changes to future ships.
  7. Kelly Hoppen's lack of cruise experience is widely known. Perhaps you should go back and read some of the background info on the Edge.
  8. Can you believe that the Edge cabins were designed by someone who never was on a cruise ship? And Celebrity was proud of this oversight.
  9. I've always found it easier to avoid the shuttles at the port and arrange my own transportation to the airport. If you depend on the shuttle there will likely be a large group of people trying to get into a 12 passenger van. Grab a taxi or Uber and get yourself to the airport. You can also keep your group together a lot easier if you arrange your own transportation. I also avoid all rental car locations near the port and just go to the airport. They are usually small with a limited collection of vehicles and the wait can be very long because they are not really set-up to handle a large amount of people. These satellite locations are good for dropping off a car but not for much else.
  10. Is this no-refund policy unique to Celebrity or do other cruise lines follow the same policy in the UK? Do you have any idea why Celebrity has different terms and conditions in the UK?
  11. These re two very good pieces of advice, the first comical and the other serious. Everything in Italy always seems to "almost work" and it seems like it's the first time they have ever done it. Just stay relaxed and go with the flow, everything will turn out ok. The second is very serious. Venice is the only place I've ever traveled that we experienced pick pockets. We were only in Venice for a couple of hours and were in a crowd on the Rialto bridge, when we got to the other side, some one had gone through my wife's purse. Fortunately, she only had tour books and Kleenex in her purse but it was a wake-up call for us. So then I thought I'd beat the system and had all of my money and passports in a wallet around my neck and in my shirt. I went to buy something at an outside vendor and I pulled out my wallet from around my shirt and started to go through a wad of money to pay for something, the cashier went crazy and told me to quickly put it away. Apparently thieves will just come by knock you down and take your valuables. Be very careful and carry your valuables in a secure spot and have a second wallet with much less money , also secure, so you can pay for things and not be so flashy. I know, it was a typical tourist move. Venice is a beautiful place, but be very careful.
  12. Lot's of people have more than 1 lobster tail. As the entrees have decreased in size I suspect more people have requested seconds of other items.
  13. I think I will probably get through about 3/4s of the entrée and then I'll need to return the rest because there's a problem. I'll then let them bring me another.
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