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  1. We did the British isles on the Royal last year and can say it was probably one of the best cruises we did. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Any questions pls ask.
  2. Can’t find the new thing for Rita. Is today and also cruise personalised not responding either grrrrr
  3. Princess have not reduced there prices for uk travellers over the last couple of years significantly. In fact last year the med increased from initial release. Also in the uk you now have to pay to receive the price drops...sometimes still worth it but have found after 10 years cruising with princess and p and o , where princess was best for us in uk Pandora is now catching up. Yes you can choose cabin and meal time on them and also with late bookings as long as they available which is the same on any cruise line
  4. Annieuk I quite agree if id flown all that way I wouldn't either. However at Southampton it doesn't really matter as you can get on as and when as I have on all cruises. I am quite prepared to wait and people watch but it's nice to know there is a restaurant for lunch as normally on our p and o cruise we've used the buffet which is fine but prefer to start my cruise as on Princess in a restaurant. Whatever happens I'm going to enjoy my cruise.mthanks for taking time to reply
  5. Thanks annieuk. Only ever had a mini suite on princess and they are equivalent of delude balcony on p and o so was a bit confused! We got a good pricentre on this cruise and thought as we were taking our grandson it would give us a lot more room so was really surprised when I saw the size. Yes we are travelling from southampton.
  6. Thank you. Im sure we will have a ball
  7. Hi! we have just booked this cabin for a cruise February half term 2020 with our 13 yr old grandson. I’ve researched a lot about the cabin and wow...compared to Princess mini suite...speechless! Few questions please as have read conflicting posts. * Do you get priority boarding * Can you eat in a dining room on embarkation any other tips anyone can give will be most welcome, especially regarding children’s, or rather teen clubs on the ship. thank you
  8. All cruises on Oceana now re scheduled went on sale today. Some from Malta to uk, Europe , Caribbean all bril. Sorry for those who lost their cruises due to crisis
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