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  1. I was talking about the Shadow not the Whisper. I love Silversea, just booked our third cruise so I am not against Silversea just seems this particular cruise could have been handled better. I am no there but do trust my friends judgment.
  2. We have very special friends aboard the Whisper. They are really great fun people from Manchester that we met on a previous Silversea Cruise. I am really worried about them starting to lose their sense of humor. Not like them at all. Seems they are told one thing and then it changes. They didn't seem to think the Captain was involved enough in keeping the passengers posted and they don't get an answer on phone calls. Is this what you have observed. Seems they need a really good PR person to fill the passengers in on keeping the passengers informed on a continual basis. I am sure that this is a logistics nightmare but keeping passengers informed can only help.🙄
  3. We were LUCKY to have our April 9th 23 day cruise cancelled. We did get all our money back, every cent. Scenic even paid our TA her commission. It was incredibly stressful that whole year wondering what the hell was going to happen. Many plans where really screwed up. We had to wait for them to cancel before we went to plan B which I had researched just in case. Turned out we had a magnificent cruise to NZ, southern and western Australia ( home of Scenic) and Bali on the Silversea, Silver Muse. SILVERSEA NEVER DISAPPOINTS. You can call them and actually talk to helpful knowledgable people. There are a lot of these "boutique " small ships being built. Competition is a wonderful thing. 🤑
  4. .. Mrsdrron had a baked potato and I tempura mushrooms which were nice.We like our protein this way. Desserts- .. The red glow is because they had turned the overhead heaters on. Breakfast we have in the restaurant or our suite but basically the same.A plate of fruit followed by eggs.This day eggs Benedict. .. Oh my goodness, seeing the eggs Benedict reminds me one of my favorite things. Waking up in the morning on the Cloud and being served eggs Benedict done absolutely perfect. I could never figure out how they managed to do that. If not EB we would order Bagels and Lox. Such a treat every morning. I sure hope they still serve nice bold coffee. I have been making Italian roast coffee ever since. Your food photos are really helpful in deciding on what to eat. 7 days until we board in Auckland.
  5. Enjoy you two and thanks so much for keeping those photos coming. A wave back to you mrsdrron! 👋 Elaine
  6. Thank you for taking so much time to make your trip on the Muse come alive for we who are waiting to board very soon. Photos are great. Looking forward to more. Elaine
  7. It's nice to have another thread to follow. Have been on roll call and not much communication there. John and I will be on the same Auckland cruise but we disembark in Bali. Hope to meet you. Elaine
  8. Dr. Ron, I see you are going on the Eclipse in September, we had it booked for April 5, 2019 and got cancelled. Thank God plan B is the Silver Muse Feb. 17th Auckland to Bali. If you would be so kind to let me know when you get aboard whether the 110V are 2 or 3 prong outlets. I would assume 3 but have learned to " Assume Nothing". We have only been on the Cloud so this will be a big ship for us also. Elaine and John
  9. Sorry to say we get off in Bali. We will try and leave the ship in ship shape shape for you.
  10. We feel your pain. We were scheduled for a 23 day Mediterranean cruise with the new Scenic Eclipse on April 5, 2019. The whole year the shipyard had issues. Thankfully I had this 10 day Auckland to Bali Feb. 17, 2019 cruise lined up as plan B. Just the other day they cancelled all cruises until April 15th and God know what happens after that. We loved our Silversea Cloud cruise about 8 years ago. I know they really treated us well back then. I hope it's the same level of treatment now. They gave us all kinds of goodies, luggage tags, a beautiful leather case for all you tickets etc. Sure hope they do the same thing now.
  11. Much appreciated. I notice you have a Scenic Eclipse cruise coming up. They just cancelled our 23 day Mediterranean cruise. A very stressful year of ups and downs. Happy to be back in the good hands of Silversea.
  12. Thanks so much mysty, I think I finally got it posted in the correct place.
  13. It seems I am confused on starting a roll call. Sorry.
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