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  1. Many thanks to all for your replies. 25 days to our cruise! Cheers
  2. Hello. We will be cruising the Baltic next month and have planned our own one day 'excursions' in Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm. Most will involve public transport including buses. We are wondering if we will need local currency to purchase a ticket for a bus trip or will our Mastercard suffice? Cheers.
  3. My apologies, Coral., but I am not assuming they have them. I have read on other posts that on some ships people requested one on board. Just asking if ANYONE had asked on the Regal Princess, like requesting a robe. I guess from your responses that you have not actually cruised on the Regal.
  4. Thank you to all for your replies. Yes, we had a kettle on a P&O cruise from Southampton and also on a Royal Carribean or Norwegian. I am really particularly interested in whether we can ask for one on a Regal Princess cruise....given they use them on the Sapphire. Has anyone asked? Cheers.
  5. Thank you. I am sure you are right and we will be fine. Cheers.
  6. Thank you for the reply. We don't do customized tours for a few reasons. I think as long as we stay in the main area, as we did on our last trip, and we are aware of pickpockets as you must be anywhere, then we will be fine.
  7. Hello. We are cruising in the Baltic region on the Regal in two months time. Wondering if they now have tea facilities in the cabin as some other cruise lines provide. We have a travel kettle but I have read it is best not to use them on ships. I have also read that Princess sometimes provided kettles for cruises commencing in the UK. Is this still true? I am thinking we may be able to ask for one. We always find the early morning room service tea is not good...water not hot enough! Cheers....and thanks.
  8. Thanks to all for your responses. Slug33ukuk, I looked up red-sun tours and they certainly seem cheaper for a small group. We did a tour like this in Iceland but not really for us. Cheers to all and happy cruising.
  9. Thank you for confirming that recent excursions allow the free time. This should suit us just fine.
  10. Thank you all. Yes, John Bull, I guess on our Princess tour, the Nevsky Projekt is considered being 'near by' as we meet again for the commentated return journey. We have three hours here on our own after the morning tour of Hermitage. Thanks also to Adrienne TB. Your tour sounds wonderful and I will look it up for day two. Cheers to all.
  11. And, i suppose with only three hours we will only consider exploring centrally. Would not want to miss the coach back to the ship!
  12. Thanks, Aus Traveller, but I doubt Princess would allow us to wander if not allowed. I have just re-read the second part of the excursion as stated on their site... After your tour of the Hermitage museum climb back onto the bus for the short journey the the city center to enjoy approximately three hours of free time to explore St. Petersburg. Remember this portion of your tour is non-guided and does not include lunch or entrance fees. At a designated time, meet your tour group to return to your motorcoach for the drive back to the ship. Similar to our last experience in St Petersburg but only a 3 hours. Cheers.
  13. Thanks Aus Traveller. I have previously contacted Princess directly but that was on another matter. It was fairly easy, but yes, they probably will not have any more details. I guess I will have to hope for an answer here from someone who has actually done it. Cheers.
  14. Thanks caribill. Yes, everyone says you cannot be on your own now....as we were a few years ago. However, that is a current Princess excursion so I was hoping someone had done it recently. Perhaps I will contact Princess cruises directly. Cheers
  15. Hello. We are cruising the Baltic next May on the Regal Princess. We are wondering if anyone has done tour LED-280 in St Petersburg and, if so, do you definitely have a few hours free to wander by yourself in Nevsky Prospect. Cheers.
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