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  1. No Princess account. Princess has no idea who they are. Go for it.
  2. Where available is the key word. As far as I know no Princess has them at this time.
  3. Gosh so negative and incorrect. Who told you that the Sky Princess will have Coke free style machines? Carnival is switching to Pepsi starting in 2020. No information on Coke free style machine on any of the ships. I only know of several Royal ships that have them. Not sailing on Princes again because of incorrect info is certainly your choice.
  4. You might want to reconsider that. I thought the same until I checked to see what Pepsi offers. Check it out.
  5. You are welcome. The other post is correct. In the steak house it is on a separate menu. I did not remember for sure. I do remember my wife ordered the cheese cake (BIG) and it lasted 3 days. We took it to the room and covered it in the fridge. She had some each evening before bed. The midnight snack. She said it was delirious. I must say. One thing we got we did not expect. Before the dinner they brought us two burgers with toppings. But wait. They were the size of a quarter and about one inch high. If bigger, not much. They were delirious. Never had anything like them before. My wife had onion soup and it was awesome. We ate like king and queen as usual. Always excellent.
  6. Drinks average between $9 to $12 . More for top shelf., You drink package usually does not include top shelf. Several cruise lines have that package also. Plus 18+ gratuity. Your drink package is also plus 18% gratuity for the total price of the package. I never purchase the drink package because my wife almost never has a drink and I only have a few each day. If I want a specialty drink I just get one. Sometimes my wife will get wine. I purchase the soda package. Not everyone in the room needs to purchase it. I enjoy coke zero. Now if I want a rum and coke. I get my coke zero take a sip and get the buy one get one 1/2 price shot. So basically I am getting a double for $9.00 + the 18% That is a great price. Depending on the cruise line is what is included in the soda package and what sodas you are able to get. It averages about $10.00 a day. Usually at $51 + 18% for the drink package and all adults in the same room MUST purchase it. You need to drink several a day to pay for it. Remember, days you are in port you will drink less. You are not on the ship. So you must figure in the time you will be actually having a drink. Mostly just sitting at the bar or gambling is when most drink.
  7. The only problem with that. if you want a certain day and time. it might not be available. Price is the same. First night free btl. of wine or 50% off your choice.
  8. Please forgive me if I ma incorrect. So what you are saying. They pick the wine that complements what you are having? Is that what pairing is? $18.00 to me is very high for 1/2 glass of wine, unless it is very expensive wine to start. They charged me $12.00 for a very inexpensive 1/2 glass of Moscato that my wife likes. Not at dinner, just at the bar.
  9. I do not know what wine pairing is. However, the first night you do get 50% off of your choice of wine.
  10. I really have no idea why so many have giant luggage. Ours are the largest that will fit in the xray machine. The are the kind that have and extension you can unzip. We never had to. Even on our longest cruise of 14 days. We pack sparingly and usually add an extra shirt and shorts just incase of damage. If we must. We just get washed what we need if anything. Long ago I carried on a tux. No longer. On 5 day or less cruises, we only take one.
  11. On Carnival with there soda package and and all sodas are offered. All caned sodas. Plus less expensive. $8.50 + gratuity per day. No smoothies but juices are.
  12. Sad about your experience. We NEVER leave our luggage to them. We always take ours with us. two reasons. never have to worry about lost luggage and it is in our room when we get there. No waiting hours for it.
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