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  1. here is your answer. Time Zone Currently Being Used in Saint Kitts and Nevis Offset Time Zone Abbreviation & Name Example City Current Time UTC -4 AST Atlantic Standard Time Basseterre Fri, 9:37:23 pm Saint Kitts and Nevis observes Atlantic Standard Time all year. There are no Daylight Saving Time clock changes. Need some help? Advertising
  2. The ship will be on the ships port time which is Eastern DST. You will be going to ports on Atlantic time EST. However the ship being on Eastern DST is the same time as the Atlantic time zone that will be EST. So at the ports, the ships time will not change and be the same as at the ports. I hope I explained clearly. Lets try this for an example. Fort Lauderdale is lets say 4:00 PM Eastern DST, St.Kitts will also be 4:00 PM but on EST
  3. Definitely book on board. If you use a TA they will get it. You can then get whatever they offer in addition to the OBC for booking on the cruise. Now, take note. Some companies require you to have the booking within 90 days of the one you are on now to get perks from them. Some within a year. Others no time limit. Check with your TA.
  4. We reserved our seating for the shows the first day on the Harmony, I had no idea what to do. never saw that before. That was Feb 2018. If I recall, not much of anything is happening while the shows are on. I could be mistaken on that. I did do all the shows at one time. One was already fully reserved but we waited at the entrance and was still able to get nice seating. You will love t. We are cursing on the Allure Sep this year.
  5. I think you need to do what you are preaching to me. I would appreciate no more nasty responses. Totally uncalled for. Several of your reply's are incorrect and I will not go and correct them.
  6. Sorry to upset you. We went to Bermuda last year on Carnival and they DID change the time. Needless to say. Both ways.
  7. What started me on this. Why would BPCL sell a ship they just purchased? Personally I like BPCL and both of there ships for fill in cruises for us. We only live one hour door to door from them. We are cruise junkies. BPCL is doing a bang up job with there two ships. Then checking into this company Storylines. Nothing they say makes any sense at all. You cannot find and address for them or any listing as a business. The donot give me answers to my email questions. There is no location for them at all. At least nothing I can find. They are pushing people to sing up and sell the condos on a ship that does not exist to make a LOT of money. I really hope those that gave the $5,000.00 or paid the full amount starting at $352,000.00 for a tiny 172 sq ft condo? are not getting ripped off. OMG that would be sad. I honestly hope i am totally wrong about Storylines, but the more I look into it, the more I see a scam.
  8. Lowe's is a nicer store. However, in most cases a bit more expensive. But getting the 10% certainly helps.
  9. Even a 6oz is small. It shrinks. 9oz is fine. Now a 14 oz NY Strip at my age is big.
  10. Looks like we are both correct. it depends on the cruise line. Most ships adhere to the time zone they are in and clocks are set forward or back to adhere to local time. Passengers are also advised to change their watches to the 'correct' time—there is usually a reminder card on your pillow before you go to bed. However, not all ships do that, particularly in the Caribbean! Some ships stay on "ship" time, which can be different from "island" time.
  11. I was having no problem getting the 10% at Home depot till one clerk looked at my ID and said it expired. I replied. it was my service ID and yes, it has expired. I am a vet and no longer on active duty. Her reply was. It is expired I cannot accept that. I guess I am expired also.
  12. Fine. I am not going to argue. All of our 70 cruises have been to all the Eastern ports. Guess we have no idea what the time was on the ship. When we cruise tomorrow out of Fort Lauderdale the ships time will be the same.
  13. If the ships next port is in a different time zone, they will change the ships time to match the port. Currently a ship leaving lets say Fort Lauderdale will be on daylight savings time. Not est. If the ship is going to a port that does not recognize dst. The ships clock will reflect that. You will be notified. That is to prevent confusion when going ashore and the time you must return to the ship. Shore time is ships time.
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