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  1. About 15 min in the air. Dip or no dip. If yes. How much of you do you want to get dipped? Feet only, legs only etc. As we were being lowered to get dipped, I was hoping we were not going to be shark bate. We picked a company when we went to the pier where they all are. All are certified to do this. Just make sure. We picked one where the fella running it has been doing it ever since he was 15 years old and his father owned it before he took it over. He was now about 35 or so.. They did offer to take the pictures and handed us a thumb drive when it was over. I do not remember how much for the pictures I think $25.00. We did the tandem. Super quiet up there and beautiful.
  2. 100% correct. Those vicious little FeFe small dogs that look like rats that bite you for no reason at all. Not just a nip either. They bite fast and furious. As for wanting to even pet one would be totally stupid. I see them in the grocery cart were they are not allowed, but no one stops them. A child will want to pet a dog. That can certainly be a big problem. I was just bit by my neighbors German Shepard. I was taking out the trash can to the front of my driveway. Turned and started to walk back. He charged, jumped and got a hold of my arm. He then cowered down showing his teeth and kept barking and snarling till the owner got him. He was not on a leash. Always loose in the front yard. No longer. I stood frozen with my are stretched out and the palm of my had facing him. I immediately washed it and went to the emergency room. If you ever need rabies shots. They do hurt real bad. I pray it would never ever happen on a cruise. Vicious Dogs Injuries and deaths from vicious dogs occur regularly. Every jurisdiction has laws aimed at preventing such incidents and punishing dog owners who cause them. Because a dog can inflict severe injury and death, a potentially dangerous or vicious dog can be ordered destroyed or its owner ordered to keep it under very strict conditions.
  3. You are correct. No longer legal. Beginning in 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection cracked down on the enforcement of maritime laws, and foreign-flagged ships could no longer sail without calling in a foreign port along the way. The new push focused on immigration laws concerning D-1 visa holders, a type of working visa often held by cruise ship crew members. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act, “a D-1 visa holder is eligible to serve as a crew member on a vessel only if the crew member 'intends to land [in the United States] temporarily and solely in the pursuit of his calling as a crewman and to depart from the United States with the vessel.” So even though cruises to nowhere enter international waters, legally the cruise is not considered to have left the US because the ship never touches a foreign country or territory. We’ve come up with some substitutes from the ports that used to be the most popular for cruises to nowhere, even though nothing can truly replace their ease and affordability.
  4. Carnival ships will be in Freeport on October 15,17, (18th - 2 ships), 20, (24th - 2 ships), 25, and the 27. There may be ships there before the 15th but I have no way of knowing. If any, Those would have stared there cruise before today.
  5. Average is about a pound a day if you divulge. It is very hard not to eat a lot and the variety. FREE icecream, all you can eat at the buffet or even the MDR. I am not a big drinker. I would guess those that purchase the drink package or get it included make use of it. That will put weight on fast. I never take any pants that fit perfect. Always loose fitting ones. never regretted it.
  6. They will probably sit out there till the Grand Celebration returns and then leaves tomorrow. The Grand Classica is to set sail on Friday to Nassau. One ship at a time at the dock.
  7. We need to hear frame someone who recently cruised to Freeport with another ship like Carnival Docked there on the same day. You can easily see the straw market and the shops there from the Grand Celebration. Again. No other ship. It will be closed.
  8. How about getting back on the topic CCL stocks. Airlines? Really!
  9. Look on deck 8 it is there.
  10. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/Ships/MD/DeckPlans/mardi-gras-deck-plan-pdf.pdf I count 7 pools and 7 hot tubs. Not sure about one hot tub connected to the pool.
  11. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/Ships/MD/DeckPlans/mardi-gras-deck-plan-pdf.pdf
  12. Carnivals own deck plans for the Mardi Gras Deck 5 Thermal Suites POOL Deck 8 Havana POOL Watering Hole POOL, 2 Hot Tubs Deck 16 Beach POOL 1 Hot Tub Attached? Tides POOL 2 Hot Tubs Deck 18 Serenity POOL 2 Hot Tubs Deck 19 POOL So 7 Hot Tubs 7 Pools
  13. If there are no other ships in the Freeport port where the ship docks, the straw market and stores there are always closed.
  14. Over the years Carnival has definite went down hill on the food. Even the buffet has fewer choices. I have posted this before. I love mashed potatoes and if they are offered one evening that is a lot. Royal, Celebrity, Princess, Holland and others have them every evening. Carnival RICE every evening. Old baked potatoes or reheated ones. So we do the steak house the first evening. Buffet the rest of the cruise. Want fish and chips. Now you pay for it. Considering they are the cruise line with the very lowest cost to cruise the largest cabins. You can easily see where they are cutting down to keep it low. Every Royal cruise and others beat them out for the quality and choice of the food. We still do Carnival because we like them and want to try the new ships. Booked on the Mardi Gras and the redone new name Radiance. So we will see if they are the same, hopefully not any worse. Always do Halloween on a Carnival ship.
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