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  1. Usually if you book on board. There is on board credit given and maybe other perks, maybe a reduced deposit. Go to the booking agent while on board and see what they have to offer. You can change the cruise you booked on board without any penalties or any loss of perks.The TA that booked the cruise you are on will receive the booking. If you did not book with a TA. You can have it taken over by a TA after your cruise but before you pay in full.
  2. Just found an article indicating I am incorrect. According to Carnival and Carnival only. You can change them even if pre-paid.
  3. I wanted to change the gratuities and was told that at the customer service desk. The gratuities I prepaid that time and never did again. My experience only.
  4. If you prepay before boarding. They will not let you reduce the gratuities. You can increase at anytime.
  5. Really. Just a fact. Sorry to upset you so very much!
  6. I am not stating preference as you say. I am stating nothing but FACT!
  7. I am not going to get into a problem with you. You do what you want and I will do what I want. I am not on here to yell at you (Large print) and get into any argument. You have no right whatsoever to tell me I am punishing anyone. Who are you????? Based on the service. Not experience. A simple question was asked and you are turning it into a major problem.
  8. Booked on board and that is correct. It is in writing.
  9. Last time I was charged 10% learned after that. Old ship old way. Cash.
  10. Why? Once you do, your are no longer allowed to change it. No perks for doing so either. I want control of my gratuities that I give.
  11. If it is not in writing. You have no recourse.
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