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  1. We did 2 nights at Denali and one at McKinley. At McKinley we went on a memorable river trip and saw all three of the big mountains sparkling close to sunset. At Denali we did as Frugal Travel suggests and had a glorious day. We went on one of the earliest shuttles and had tickets for an early bus.
  2. Some Montado purses are available on Amazon!
  3. So agree! We now factor in the cost of a car service when we do an overnight flight.
  4. My favorite ship! Love that it has a wide promenade deck; very spacious feel; International Cafe felt airy and has an adequate number of choices; not too long to get from one end to the other!
  5. One of my fears is that even though we always have adequate medical insurance we may not have enough on-hand funds / credit cards to pay and be released from an overseas medical facility.
  6. Who was the med evac and health coverage with?
  7. You may want to check out Princess' "Grand European Explorer". Much depends on where you want to begin from -- we have family in the UK so start or end there.
  8. Are there places to buy drinks etc at Herculaneum and Pompeii?
  9. The bottom line is to pay attention to dimensions and weight. I check each airline we will be flying on and use the smallest dimensions and weight.
  10. We also have an International sized carry-on in our collection and really watch for keeping it un-bulged.
  11. It says 22x16x8 . Typically that includes wheels and handles so make sure to measure all dimensions (including width and depth) and weigh carefully. We have three 21" carry-ons all with different width and depths!
  12. I think you will find your 21 " carryon maybe too large given the TAP dimensions. https://www.flytap.com/en-us/baggage/hand-baggage
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