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  1. I understand. It was your response to Post #13 that confused me, because that person stated that Celebrity was not at level 3🙂
  2. Actually both the CDC and US State Department have Italy at level 3 as of 29 February, and the State Department has the Veneto and Lombardy regions at level 4, so I am surprised that Celebrity hasn’t updated their records.
  3. I agree with Jim, with one caveat. We have once encountered a random immigration check at Civitavecchia. We had walked off just before the officials arrived, but others, including some who were sharing our airport cab, got caught up in the line.
  4. First, thank you! Second, I agree with some the other posters. Please consider going up the clinical management chain to complain about this issue. Another option would be to consult another physician, in a different practice. The practitioner you consulted should have signed your form. Our family physician would certainly have signed a form for us if we were in the same situation. Good luck getting this resolved, and I hope you recover soon🌺
  5. Ditto, but OPUS reminded me of one of my favorite characters in Bloom County (cartoon strip). I can see it now. A glorious penguin statue standing in the same spot Mr. Edge stands on the Edge😁
  6. The CDC and State Department have completely different responsibilities. It makes complete sense that only the State Department has a level 4/do not travel, as they evaluate terrorist threats, civil unrest, and other issues that might negatively impact the travel of US citizens. I don’t plan trips outside the country without checking both, and I haven’t any issues with with their respective warning tiers.
  7. The State Department has a level 4 (do not travel). Currently, they have Italy at level 3.
  8. Exactly. We’re to sail from Civitavecchia in May, but if the TA doesn’t sail, I’d imagine our cruise would be canceled. We are past final payment, and booked our own air, so it’s going to be an interesting couple of months.
  9. I am booked on the same cruise. Since the advisory was only updated this evening, Celebrity hasn’t had a chance to evaluate their options, let alone react. We’re all in the same position, waiting for answers.
  10. This evening, the CDC raised Italy to Level 3, which means they recommend avoiding non-essential travel there.
  11. The Lazio region (includes Rome) is yet not on the list of regions to avoid. I hope it won’t be added, as we’re departing from Civitavecchia in May. You can remain abreast of developments by bookmarking the travel warning pages at the CDC, your airline, and Celebrity.
  12. I would guess they have CFAR insurance, which would reimburse them for 75% of their total trip costs that are not refundable.
  13. Thanks! Both your common sense and humor are very welcome after days of gloom and doom threads. It is ludicrous to expect that anyone can protect us from all illnesses while traveling or at home. Remember 9/11? When we were being warned to stock supplies to encase ourselves within a plastic tarp & duct tape shroud in an interior room? DH and I looked at one another in astonishment and said, yeah if it comes to that, we’re gonna die. The hyperbole and hysteria about Covid-19 is beginning to remind me of that bizarre period. The virus is on the move, and many of us will have it wi
  14. No, but they did report a significant case increase sometime between Friday and today.
  15. I feel for you! We’re on our second try for the Italy & the Greek Isles (had to cancel our 2018 cruise due to family and work issues). We’re to sail from Civitavecchia in May, and we’re also celebrating our anniversary. We’re past final payment, so all we can do is wait and hope everything calms down within a few weeks. I hope you’ll be able to celebrate your anniversary as planned🌺
  16. Perfect tank top😉 Hope you have a great day!
  17. I’m not on this cruise, but bath robes have been provided on all my Celebrity cruises. I’ve always had thick terry cloth robes in Concierge.
  18. Following. Thanks very much for posting your impressions and experiences. I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
  19. Thanks for posting the staff sheet. I was very happy to see Julie Sherrington there. I hope she’ll still be aboard in May. She’s simply lovely, a bright spot wherever she goes. I hope you have a fabulous day in Key West!
  20. The OP posted the boarding order in post #135. I can tell you that on our Edge cruise last April, we had already checked in via the app, and we were booked in a Concierge cabin. On our cruise, people having mobility issues boarded first. Concierge passengers were called next😊
  21. Great pics! Thanks for posting them. My sister would love this cabin. The veranda chairs look much more comfortable (and appropriately sized for the space) than the chairs we had in our IV cabin last April. I see that the bifold doors are frosted also.
  22. I’m so happy to see you’re enjoying your first day aboard! Great pics, and I’d like to be right there with you (with my own frosty cocktail lol). Please give Mr. Edge a pat for me😊 Can’t wait to see him again in a couple months!
  23. I’ve noticed items labeled “Gluten Free” in the OVC on Silhouette, Reflection, and Edge. These items were grouped together, so I think Celebrity was trying to reduce the risk of cross contamination. I’ve also seen gluten free items in Café al Bacio. I would guess that you’d find the same labeling fleet wide. I’ll be on Apex in November, and I’ll pay attention to the labeling there😊
  24. Wishing you a wonderful cruise🌺 Bon voyage!
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