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  1. Thanks😊 We loved our TA on Edge this spring, so I'm sure we'll have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to pat Mr. Edge and visit all our favorite places on the ship.
  2. I’m just catching up on your wonderful blog. As always, your review is so helpful, and your photos are amazing. We sailed to the Aegean on our first cruise (Millie 2006) and we’re finally returning in May (Edge). Your photos remind me how much I loved the region. Thank you🌺
  3. Thanks Bo. I’m happy you found the new chair adequate. Oh I’m sure we’ll enjoy our trip. Sailing around the Aegean on Edge should be fabulous😎😎 I wish you could be there too. I just found photos of the new chairs in a recent review that I had missed: The chair info begins at post #28, and hcat kindly provided photos of the original chairs in post #36. Thanks again😊
  4. I’m catching up on reviews after having been offline for several weeks, and I’m reading yours now. Thanks so much for your assessment of Edge. I’m especially grateful for your review and photos of the new chairs in the Infinite Veranda cabins. I sailed Edge on her spring TA (and posted a review). We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed many aspects of our IV cabin, but we thought the original chairs were ridiculous in that space. Though I’m impressed that X listened to passenger feedback about the original chairs, I’m disappointed to read that you found the replacement chairs uncomfortable. Thanks again for your review🌺
  5. Sue, we were on the 15 night spring TA with Suzy, though not in a suite. I agree that your specialty dining package may be too much on a 7 night cruise. DH and I very much enjoyed Le Grande Bistro for lunch one day. For our 3 night package, we dined in Eden, Finecut Steakhouse, and the Rooftop Grill. While we enjoyed aspects of all three, we preferred the first two. Of course, dining is very subjective, so others may have different opinions. I can’t wait to hear how you like your suite! - Michelle
  6. Go for it😁 We’re booked on her again, for the Greek Isles in May. Can’t wait😎😎 Thanks so much for your review! I was looking forward to your perspective😎 I apologize if this has been answered during the past few weeks. I was offline, and haven’t caught up. Have the Infinite Veranda chairs been replaced? While I was on the Edge spring TA, I was told they would be. If so, did you find the veranda less cluttered, and do you have a photo? Thanks😊
  7. I agree with you Katie. We will also make quite a few toasts to Marilyn when we sail on Edge around the Greek Isles, and I’m sure a few tears will be shed along the way. I expect to feel her bright spirit on every ship, beginning with Reflection next week🦋 Michelle
  8. I’m so happy that your group had a wonderful time! I’m also relieved that you didn’t see the terrible news about Vt while aboard. She was a lovely person, and we will never forget her bright spirit. I’m headed to a meeting, but I’ll have questions later😉 Welcome home🌺
  9. Thank you😊 This will be our first Caribbean cruise, and we've wanted to go to the ABCs for some time. Love your photos btw🌺
  10. Thanks for posting your great review. I'm catching up on it now, as I pack for a similar itinerary on Reflection next week. Michelle
  11. This is dreadful news. I can't quite believe she's gone😔 Though we had not yet met outside this forum, we shared many interactions as we watched the the Edge build, launch, and initial cruises. She was the heart and soul of the Edgies, and she will be sorely missed. She was curious, generous, intelligent, witty, and blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. We were to meet on Apex next year, but alas she won't be there. My DH and I send our heartfelt condolences to her dear husband Henry and their children🌺
  12. I booked three cruises last year during a $25 deposit sale, so this must be the new “normal”.
  13. Bo has boarded? Bon Voyage Bo! I hope you and your friends have a wonderful time!
  14. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, Deb! I hope your foot heals very swiftly🌺
  15. Thanks for sharing your art on the Edge experience. I wish they’d had something like this for my TA on Edge. As you know, DH and I spent many hours exploring Edge on our own, but we would have enjoyed a cohesive, engaging tour. Can’t wait for the rest of your art tour review😊
  16. Thanks for starting this thread, Vt🦋 I had just been bemoaning the fact that so few of us had posted cabin reviews on your Edge class spreadsheet. Some people have posted reviews or comments elsewhere, but it would be extremely helpful if everyone would also post a cabin review on the spreadsheet. I guess it will take time to achieve the very helpful critical mass of reviews that we have on the S-class and M-class spreadsheets.
  17. Thanks😊 Crazy year. Can’t wait to see you and the others on Apex!
  18. Great review! Thanks very much for posting your experiences and lovely photos. By the way, on three recent cruises (Reflection, Silhouette, and Edge) I have seen the MDR maitre d’ meet with a nearby passenger to discuss dietary restrictions. Should you and your DW sail in a regular veranda cabin, I believe she’d fare very well in the MDR. That said, she should definitely meet with the maitre d’ on the first day to discuss her dietary needs.
  19. hcat, I've just returned to CC after a hiatus, and I'm very excited to see your review😊 Now, I need to catch up! Thanks for posting your impressions and photos🌺
  20. Thanks so much for posting your wonderful review and photos! We have a similar itinerary planned, and your comments about the changes to Summit are very helpful.
  21. Thanks for posting the announcement. I'm happy to see that they've followed through with the frosting, but disappointed to see the same cumbersome chairs in the photos. Of course, I wasn't given a timeline on the furniture swap. Hopefully, they'll have it sorted before the Apex launch. I do hope people will post photos (and cabin reviews) about the frosted doors, and the new chairs (once they are in place).
  22. Your proposed template looks great, Peggy. I agree with jelayne about wanting to avoid being near crew closets and crew stairways, so thanks for making the addition to the PROBLEMS/COMMENTS section. Thanks so much for taking over the spreadsheet! - Michelle
  23. Based on my recent embarkation experience in Ft Lauderdale, I believe it means one’s “arrival” to the terminal is “expedited” if one has completed the necessary check in process (including passport scan & photo). I had less to do on arrival, but didn’t board the ship any sooner than passengers who checked in at the port 😉
  24. Congratulations on getting such a great deal! We had a wonderful time on Edge. Enjoy😊
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