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  1. So, when my sister called this morning I was sorting my fabric scraps and she found some Christmas fabric from last year and said that I need to make some themed masks because we will still be wearing them at Christmas. Here is the prototype
  2. Sorry that you are having such a difficult day Andy. Michelle is truly inspiring for me, my niece has started chemo today after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer which she has had removed so hearing about Michelle surviving 6 years gives me hope.
  3. Tellb yor wife to give the new series a try, I was a big fan of the old series and had doubts about whether to watch the new version because I was worried about being disappointed but I am loving the new series other than Tristran.
  4. About time, they are in shops where people are in and out throughout the day and either the customers or staff maybe carrying the virus, I can't understand why they have not been made to wear with masks or visors previously. We went into town yesterday and there are still a number of people not wearing masks, in M&S we only saw one assistant wearing a visor. It has been a while since we went shopping other than Tesco or Sainsburys but we were surprised by how many of the units are now vacant in the shopping centre, I don't know whether that happened before the lockdown or if they have closed recently because of the downturn in footfall.
  5. Chris Whitty said this morning that there was a chance that a viable vaccine may be available before Christmas but it was more likely to be first quarter 2021 so hopefully you should be ok.
  6. So many raspberries last year that my niece told me to make "raspberry gin". It was really easy, simply wash the raspberries, half fill kilner jars with them add a vanilla pod (my niece puts a little sugar in hers but I didn't bother because I don't like sweet drinks) fill up with gin (I used Tesco own brand) keep in a cool dark place for 2-3 weeks, shaking every few days. When you are ready strain the contents of the kilner jars through muslin and pour into the original gin bottle(s), it tastes delicious.
  7. Happy anniversary. It will be our 40th in November but our cruise to celebrate has been cancelled.
  8. I am hoping that we will be able to cruise in May we are booked on Sky Princess Round Britain 14th May and then in August to the med with my niece's children.
  9. Yes it is, we have now been promoted first on the emergency call lists at their schools because my niece is starting her treatment next week and since her father is terminally ill my sister cannot always just drop everything if one of the children need to be collected from school. I will be truly glad to see the back of 2020, we have always thought that we were blessed to have a good and often problem free life but this year has been a real kick into the real world. The children are looking forward to next summer now because we have booked a cruise on Princess and taking them with us. They both loved the cruises when we took them on Azura.
  10. Avril, perhaps ( hopefully ) it is just that life has thrown somethings in the way. I have just found time to come back after several days of helping my niece who has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and in between I have been spending time checking the situation of the wild fires in Washington State where another niece lives, I finally managed to speak to her this afternoon, the fires are about 100 miles from her house at the moment but her husband is a fire paramedic so is heavily involved and so she is alone with 3 small children at the moment, they are staying indoors because the air quality is so bad. If the fires get any nearer she is planning to take the children to Tennessee to stay with my brother in law. I also noticed last week that DaiB had not posted for a while. I hope that everyone who has not been posting is fine. As my American niece said today it is strange time.
  11. P&O have this morning announced a further pause up to the end of February 2021.
  12. We are booked on the British Isles cruise in May 2021, the itinerary is probably very similar in September : Fri, 05/14/21 London (southampton), England View general port information Check-In Begins At 1:00pm – 5:30pm Sat, 05/15/21 Portland, England 7:00am – 7:00pm Sun, 05/16/21 Guernsey (st. Peter Port) Water Shuttle Required wheelchair Access Limited 7:00am – 5:00pm Mon, 05/17/21 Cork, Ireland (cobh - For Blarney Castle) 9:00am – 7:00pm Tue, 05/18/21 Dublin, Ireland 7:00am – 6:00pm Wed, 05/19/21 Belfast, Northern Ireland 8:00am – 9:00pm Thu, 05/20/21 Glasgow (greenock), Scotland 7:00am – 6:00pm Fri, 05/21/21 At Sea Sat, 05/22/21 Invergordon, Scotland 7:00am – 6:00pm Sun, 05/23/21 Edinburgh (south Queensferry), Scotland Water Shuttle Required wheelchair Access Limited 7:00am – 7:00pm Mon, 05/24/21 At Sea Tue, 05/25/21 Paris/Normandy (le Havre), France 7:00am – 8:00pm Wed, 05/26/21 London (southampton), England View general port information 6:00am
  13. My husband found a tag on one of his shirts last week from Sapphire 2 years ago.
  14. Good question. We booked this because we don't fly so always go out of Southampton and don't want to go with P&O because we had the cruise from hell in February on P&O Oceana. We don't like the bigger ships.
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