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  1. We can only hope but I am afraid that they are the type who think that rules don't apply to them. My concern is that if they continue then the current lockdown will be come tighter.
  2. I saw this on the lunchtime news, theses people really are disgusting, no consideration for anyone else.
  3. I am so proud of them and all of the other people doing similar jobs, we all owe a big debt to them putting themselves at risk to save the rest of us. I wish that I could go out to be a volunteer at UHNM to help but unfortunately because of my husband's health I cannot take risks. There are people who are dying so I should be grateful that I am not in their position. I will be outside clapping for every one who is working for us.
  4. Just had a facetime with my niece. She did an overnight shift at UHNM last night getting home at 7:30 am and her face is still showing the marks where she has been wearing the PPE. Seeing her made me realise how proud I am proud of my family members. My sister is a nurse working in the community going into houses where she does not know who may or may not be carrying Covid19, another niece is a GP and my brother-in-law is a dentist. Please, please stay at home don't put my family and their friends and colleagues at more risk than is strictly necessary.
  5. P&O are probably trying to reduce the number of refunds per day,. Having these tranches of cancellations allows them to say 60 days rather than a longer period. They could also think that it gives the appearance that they are optimistic of restarting sooner rather than later. I am waiting for them to cancel our June cruise so that I can add to their woes by asking for a refund rather than FCC.
  6. I saw that Tesco had the mincemeat o Monday, they must be planning ahead🤣🤣
  7. I have been able to get flour, initially the only strong bread flour that I could get was Allinson's white but this week I got Hovis flour which we prefer. There seemed to be a shortage of yeast but I managed get some this week. I think that the initial problems were with panic buyers.
  8. I know what you mean I was concerned that if I didn't get yeast this week I would have to buy bread. My husband reckons that when we get back to normal eBay will be swamped with bread machines that panic buyers bought and have hardly used.
  9. I hope that you get to Sorrento, one of my favourite places. We can't fly now but the memories of holidays in Sorrento never fade.
  10. There was an article in our lo also paper about him, he lived in the Blurton area of Stoke as a young child with his grandparents.
  11. Don't know him personally but I believe that he was from Stoke. 😀
  12. +1 I hope the Inuits are as quick to pass it on when our June cruise gets cancelled.
  13. Our car has done 9 miles in the last 3 weeks, like you I have used it to go to Tesco once each week.
  14. You never know. I was in a hotel in Nova Scotia talking to the receptionist when a man asked where in the UK was I from, I told him Stoke and he said that he served with someone from Stoke in WW2 perhaps I knew him. When he said the name it was my uncle, we have surname that is common in Devon but in Stoke we are all descended from my grandad so there was no doubt. I took a photo of the man and when I got back I visited my uncle and gave him the Canadian's contact details along with the pic and my uncle remembered him and they kept in touch until he died.
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