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  1. Yeah, we take Bonine and one a day works fine, but in this case we may do what we did in Alaska for the whale watching (where half the boat was hanging over the sides getting sick!), take one in the morning and one before we depart back just in case.
  2. Thanks. Do you know how far in advance one can book? I tried on the Eurocar rental site and it's showing no availability that far out -- unless they are actually sold out.
  3. Wonderful report -- you have me excited to go! A couple of questions -- did you do the included tour of the Fort upon arrival? Were you actually able to walk the whole Fort in that time -- it looks so huge from the pictures. Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much for doing this on such a consistent basis! Do you know when those games will be next year?
  5. Hi -- we're sailing August 2020, departing from Copenhagen with a 4-5 night pre-cruise stay (the ship sails one-way to NYC). Any chance that a site like this will be done with 2020 information and updates?
  6. Thanks to you both. FredZiffle -- if you find the name of the rental company that delivered, please let me know.
  7. No one has done this excursion?
  8. Thanks for the input. No, our cruise itinerary was completely changed when they had to forego all Cuba stops. So we are not stopping in Key West as a port stop, but are staying there for a week anyway, so that is when we are going to Dry Tortugas. I am excited and hope we have good weather. We booked it right in the middle of our stay to give us time to relax pre and post.
  9. Has anyone done this excursion? We've been to Nassau many times, but this sounds like "fun" for something to do, especially seeing the Fort and lighthouses from the water. Thanks.
  10. Ahhh, thanks. I'm still wondering why Insignia cancelled it for our itinerary.
  11. What's interesting is if you pick "plan a cruise" and then drop down the menu for ports, St. Barts isn't listed at all. I do see it on some schedules for 2020, too, but all of the Insignia itineraries have dropped it .
  12. Did she call you for a credit card number? None of the other tour guides asked for that, so I wasn't sure.
  13. Has anyone used Joyce -- I think it's called Personal Tours by Jocelyn? She got good reviews on Trip Advisor.
  14. Anyone know why some cruise lines have suddenly taken St. Barts off their cruise itineraries? We are sailing on Oceania and just found out they changed St. Barts to St. Maarten. When I looked at all their Caribbean itineraries, St. Barts has been taken off all of them. Just wondering if something happened. Thanks.
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