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  1. I called yesterday on the regular line and there was no delay at all.
  2. We have a cruise scheduled leaving Galveston on Dec. 28th. I'm hoping that won't be cancelled.
  3. Thank you all so much for the info. Now I can stop worrying about my passport and worry if the ship will actually cruise in December. I hope by then everything is opened up, I need a vacation.
  4. Our passports expire April 2021. We have a cruise scheduled for July 2021 so I figured I would wait until they open up the processing centers and renew them. I'm thinking of planning a cruise for December 28, 2020 (ports will be Mexico and Belize). My question is will my passport be good for the December cruise even if it expires within 6 months? If it's still good I'll wait til we get back and send it off in January.
  5. That's what they're saying but nobody is sure yet.
  6. Thank you! I emailed our TA on March 16th to cancel our reservation. If we can't use the $500 on a July 2021 cruise we're done with Royal.
  7. Can I ask what date you originally cancelled your 4 cruises?
  8. They are saying this new policy does not apply because we cancelled before the new policy was put into effect.
  9. I got through in under 10 minutes but the customer service rep had to contact the Future Cruise Desk. That took 90 minutes on hold only to be told that when we cancelled in March for our July 15 cruise the Future Cruise Credit was only good for 12 months from issue (ours says May 28). I will let our TA sort this out but if they stick to the May 28 expiration date I will eat the $500 deposit and cruise with someone else in July 2021.
  10. I also received my FCC today and it has the 28 May 2021 expiration date. It clearly states on the email that the cruise must be taken by the expiration date. I had planned to take a cruise in July. I guess I'll trying calling RCCL.
  11. I called earlier this evening around 7:30 and I only waited 3 minutes.
  12. I think she meant the difference she would have paid for VOOM and the price of the KEY was $40 for the week because she said she would have been paying for VOOM anyway. So she could possibly have gotten the KEY for 19.99 per day and figuring 11.99 per day for VOOM and the key for 8.00 per day and be on a 5 day cruise. That would add up to $40.00
  13. I wanted to try it at least once. We purchased it for our upcoming 9 day Adventure of the Seas Eastern US & Canada trip in July. We paid 19.99 each per day for two of us. We would have spent the money on VOOM so for us I think it was worth it.
  14. Thank you so much, I will definitely post when i have my plans set. I love this board, there are so many helpful people willing to share their knowledge.
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