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  1. All prices in Australian Dollars. Sorry, but it seriously did not cross my mind that one would assume it be any other Dollar.
  2. If 09.30 is your landing time, you can count on a good hour until you are through all the arrivals formalities. Luggage delivery can be sloooooow! Than you need to find your way to the airport train station and buy tickets (well sign posted, but still...), so it is unlikely that you will be ON a train much before 11. So no more rush hour. Train airport to CQ is a few cents short of $20 per person and takes 20 to 30 minutes. The 18 minutes in the official schedule are rarely accurate. There is NO dedicated luggage space on the trains! www.airportlink.com.au At the airport they usually have an official person to direct you to a suitably sized taxi to fit you and all bags. Remember, Australian taxis do not normally have as much boot space as American taxis. The dispatcher will also be able to give you a pretty good estimate of the fare. I have done this run several times in the past 6 months, usually around noon to mid afternoon. Fares ranged from $45 to 65 on a bad day.
  3. If you consider the Four Seasons reasonably priced, then thumbs up! A nice upgrade from the Holiday Inn! 🙂
  4. Ok, thank you. So it is no good for anything pre-cruise related. Looks like basically a closed system whilst on a cruise.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a Seabourn app? Many, if not most other cruise lines do have their own app. APPARENTLY there is something called Seabourn Source, but Play Store (and equivalent) don't seem to show any such app.
  6. From Australian media reports: Apart from the ports mentioned (in this forum) GUAM is also refusing entry to the ship. An US territory is refusing entry to a ship owned by an US company? Even though the ship itself is registered in the Netherlands?
  7. I will Google those products. They sound interesting. A few years ago, at a trade fair, I looked at a (French?) company that claimed that they could REMOVE THE ALCOHOL from wines. Not make grape juice, but actually take out the alcohol from existing wine. They were targeting "Halal " airline's premium classes. Wanted to take out the booze of, say, a nice bottle of Krug. Result was foul!
  8. Oh, cruise ship spas. I shudder to think of the prices they charge. - and in "Spa", I include hair salons and beautycian services. (That said, I had my second best shave ever on Cunard's Queen Victoria) We live in Bangkok, where in our immediate neighbourhood alone, I counted 11 full-service spas and 40+ massage places (of the latter I'd guess 50/50 with or without optional Happy Ending). So, with prices here being cheap to reasonable I just cannot relax over a treatment that costs hundred $ and more. 🙂
  9. As mentioned, you will get a special permit when visiting Oman on a cruise ship. It is irrelevant where you boarded the ship. However when you FLY into Oman (MCT, SLL) you may need a visa, depending on your nationality.
  10. I second Mighty Quinn's points on luggage on Greek island ferries. An absolute dog fight. Firstly forget about any sense of orderly boarding or disembarking. Luggage storage on the ferries is taken up by the first 50 or so who get on. Ferry staff will not offer you any assistance (unless you look like a Supermodel, perhaps) and just laugh at you. If you can not manoeuvre all your stuff, find a storage space in Piraeus port. Apart from the lockers in the new cruise terminal ( most likely to be taken in summer, and no pre-booking possible) there are a few travel agent / ferry-booking places at the port, where you can leave your bags. They are usually for short time and day trippers, but will take your stuff for a few days. Bags will be locked in a room and are safe. ( But I still wouldn't leave my valuables there)
  11. Haha, You know what I mean. It never gets dark. "Old people" roaming the corridors at 3.30 am, looking for an open bar. 🙂🙂
  12. I don't think that I would ever buy a cruise without sea days. Even on some port days, we just stay on board if we have been there more than once before. Some ports are difficult to avoid. Naples? Pfff. Went on shore for an hour to have ice cream. Athens? 2300 people rushed off, 26 stayed on board and were shouted a round of afternoon drinks by the pool, served by the Captain himself. Upcoming Norway cruise has 5 or 6 sea days, PLUS all night fjord cruising with the midnight sun at 3 am.
  13. On any ship we have been on, there are plenty of opportunities to talk to a senior chef. They are usually the ones wearing a high hat. On ships such as the ones run by Seabourn or Crystal, the Executive chef will make rounds across all dining venues every day .
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