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  1. My wife & I sailed Seabourn Sojourn to Alaska from Vancouver for 10 nights in 2018. We are sailing the Seabourn Ovation on a Norway/Baltic cruise for 21 nights this year. We love Seabourn. We have also sailed Crystal four times (including one river cruise), Silversea three times, Regent, Paul Gauguin and Windstar. We love them all too. We have sailed Viking twice (Orion, NYE 2018/2010 and Sky, NYE 2019/2020). We loved both cruises. They all have their many positives and few negatives. None of them are perfect. If they all had the exact cruise we wanted, on the same dates, for the same price (for the lowest category cabin with a verandah), this would be my order of choice… Crystal Silversea Seabourn Viking Regent Windstar I do not agree with Mr. Avery that Viking is superior in every way. There are reasons Viking is considered premium and Crystal, Silversea, Seabourn and Regent are considered luxury. The best part of Viking to me is the adults only policy…and that is HUGE advantage. The worst part is the too casual attire allowing men in tank tops and sleeveless shirts in restaurants. IMO, if you don’t have a wonderful time on any of the cruise lines I mention above, it is your fault, not theirs.
  2. Great. Thanks czardas. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and post your thoughts on the trip.
  3. I know some answers are subject to change, but can someone answer these questions based on the sailings so far: 1. What brand of champagne is offered? 2. What brand of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc is offered? 3. Can you dine outside for lunch and/or dinner on a daily basis? If so, does it require reservations? 4. What drinks/food is availabe in your suite? 5. How is the gym? I can't find any good pics online. Thanks for the help.
  4. Poolside and at the gym are perfectly acceptable. That's where you sweat the most, so you are wrong, IMO. Never acceptable, IMO.😁💪 Plus, the problem with poolside is they then go to the World Café and that is a big NO. Just wear sleeves for all of the people around you.
  5. Clean athletic clothes is what I and others wear Us too, on all of our warm cruises on all luxury/premium lines. But please, no sleeveless shirts or tank tops. All men, regardless of how fit, should never wear sleeveless shirts or tank tops in public anywhere, anytime...even poolside. Just don't!
  6. We were looking at booking another cruise whilst we are on board, but there is no cruise consultant on board. We are told the guest relations manager will try and help out but how his/her expertise will be in this field remains to be seen. We are awaiting contact. Can you just do an open booking and fill in the details later, to get the discount?
  7. We were on the Orion for NYE from Auckland to Sydney at the beginning of this year. The NYE party on the pool desk was great. The band was really good and lively and many people were dancing. They had ice statues of 2 0 1 8. At midnight, they threw the 8 in the pool and replaced it with an ice 9. It was a lot of fun and went to 1:00 am from what I recall. We had so much fun we are doing NYE this year on the Sky round trip Miami! We were not on for Christmas, but the Christmas decorations were still up. They were standard and nice, but nothing extravagant or over the top.
  8. imcpa


    They were in our standard verandah cabin on the Serenity when we cruised from Amsterdam to Lisbon late July to mid August, after we sailed the Crystal Bach from Basel to Amsterdam. My late review to come...after I make it through the tax deadlines being as I am "imcpa".
  9. We had limoncello in Torshavn on most nights during our Dec 2018/Jan 2019 two week cruise on the Orion from Auckland to Sydney.
  10. Thanks Tim. I may buy one of those for our Dec. 2019 Viking cruise. We just can't imagine only 3 drawers that aren't even in the closet. I don't count the nightstand drawers and the drawers in the bathroom as closet drawers.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Where do you put all of you clothes that you can't or don't hang for two people for a full two week cruise, even knowing I will do some laundry while on board?
  12. Did Viking do renovations to the ship during its repairs? Specifically, do the DV closets now have the 3 drawers similar to DV closets on the Viking Orion, or is it still just the 3 drawers under the safe and none in the closet?
  13. On our January cruise, the Viking sparkling wine was included in the SSBP. It is not champagne, but it is sparkling wine and was good enough for me. The included prosecco was also good enough for me. I enjoyed both. My wife enjoyed the additional, better quality wines that were included in the SSBP over the included wines at lunch and dinner.
  14. Well, we missed the M&M party. I hope everyone who did attend had a great time. I wish we could have made it. Life is still great. The first comedian was hilarious; the last one was good but not great. Musical comedy just does not do it for me. Beautiful Saint Jean de Luz today. Gorgeous beach and nice town, but very strong sun. I eat salmon almost every night for dinner. Last night, I requested it be blackened. It may have been one of the best meals I have had in a very long time. Prego is the only specialty restaurant we like and it has been wonderful too. Daniel continues to entertain at the Avenue Saloon every night. We end most nights there until the wee hours.
  15. I thought I heard it was the day we boarded, but I assume that is not the case. I have not heard anything since. I will ask reception soon. Life is still great onboard. Wondeful, slow and relaxing sea day today. Bordeaux tomorrow for 2 nights. Looking forward to that very much. Great workout in the gym this “morning” (11a). Not crowded at all, but others were exercising too. Craving another salmon wrap....
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