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  1. I'm going to be on the same river cruise (our first river cruise) immediately followed by the Serenity from Amsterdam to Lisbon, so I guess I will be jumping to the river cruise forum, then back to this one. I am surprised CC has only one forum for all river cruises, but I assume I will learn why soon. BTW, the highlight of Basel......it's the hometown of the true original GOAT.....RF.
  2. There is a lot of video on the Oceanos helicopter rescues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BFux2AAMso The guitar player entertainer took control and organized the whole thing. Nova did a special on him. That guitar player is Moss Hills, now a CD on Silversea. I have sailed with him twice on the Silver Spirit. He is a great guy, puts on a great show and is fun to talk to.
  3. imcpa

    Jogging Deck

    I concur with this post. I have run laps on both Crystal ships (and they were good runs) and the SS Spirit and Regent SS Mariner (both OK runs), but did not want to run on the Viking Orion deck. Would not have been a good run. Just ran at each port, if possible, or on a treadmill in the fitness center.
  4. We enjoyed it very much. We have also sailed SS, Crystal, Regent, PG and Windstar. I will sail any of these lines again. I hope to sail the Ovation or Encore in the future. You can read my thoughts on the cruise here...
  5. Thanks Del Rio. Based on that deck plan and a few pics I have seen, I expect they do only have 1 sink. Does anyone know what replaced the casino? Nothing is noted on the new deck plan.
  6. We were are on an AK Sojourn cruise last June. There are heaters, built in above, near the pool grill and on the back terrace of Colonnade from what I remember. They worked, but were not real effective IMO unless you just under them. There were none of the movable ones that I remember and none near the pool.
  7. Not that it would affect our decision as we are considering a Star Legend cruise, but can anyone confirm that the normal suite bathrooms on the Legend only have one sink?
  8. I miss listening to Daniel in Torshavn, and seeing Ivanka, Boban, Rufin and so many others. Am enjoying your posts.
  9. Have you looked into Silversea, Crystal or Regent? They are all wonderful too. I have sailed all of them, as well as Seabourn, and as I often say, they are all great and none of them are perfect. I also recommend Viking Ocean. They are not officially in the luxury category, but they are just as good based on my experience.
  10. I did the full survey. I didn't think it was too intrusive. I answered in a way that I hope will make them change it for the better.
  11. This is good to know for our July back-to-back cruise, but it includes a river cruise. I wonder if the same system is on the Bach as on the Serenity (the two ships we will be on in July).
  12. There was no charge on the Sojourn on our Alaska cruise in June last year. I doubt there will be on the Encore either. FWIW, it was never crowded and the snow grotto was great for swollen joints after a good workout. The steam room was also great, but it did attract a few more people than the snow grotto, including the entertainment singers to treat their voice.
  13. I was just in Melbourne too, on Viking, and then went to the AO. I love your pics of the port. Brings back great memories. We ran from the port to Bondi beach, but took an Uber back. Did not want to do near a half-marathon on vacation.
  14. The bev package is a great deal and worked easy for us. Unless you are a high, high end drink “snob”, you will enjoy it IMO. My wife drank a pino noir, Malbec, sparking wine, Bloody Mary or many different beers available all on the plan. I mainly drank the sparkling wine. It’s not champagne and not good enough form some, but it was plenty good enough for me . Note that if there are 2 of you in a cabin, you both must purchase the package.
  15. In in my opinion it really is nice to cruise both and enjoy the difference! It usually comes to the itinerary and time of year that dictates our choice. I second this. Both are great. Neither is perfect. I also love Silversea, Regent, Paul Gauguin, Viking and Windstar. Assuming we feel the price is fair, date and itinerary are the driving factors.
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