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  1. The taxes, fees and $ to upgrade to an outside cabin hit my credit card on 4/4. This was a free casino cruise so no FCC. Original sail date was 3/15.
  2. Thanks, all. My original plan was to sail on my May 1 trip and then get my passport renewed. Best laid plans . . . etc., etc. All may become moot after October when I reach the big 70. Stay well and best wishes to all. Katherine
  3. What about a closed loop that might include the Bahamas or Canada?
  4. Please remind me. How long may I cruise with a passport that expires in February? Thank you.
  5. Thank you, John, for taking the time to keep us all informed. When you and your family left on your adventure the world was a different place. I think I can speak for all when I say I can’t wait for “normal” to return. Again, thank you, and best of health to you and your family. Katherine
  6. Thinking about the cost air lift someone. Does not the cruise line have some expense there? Again, was thinking out loud.
  7. Thinking out loud — Will the younger folks come back to cruising? Will families, who maybe cruise once a year, be willing to risk problems with infection after all this is over? Won’t Royal sadly miss all of the older folks who travel repeatedly during the year? Just thinking out loud. I personally would rather see Royal require a top notch travel insurance policy for the older folks like the UK does. Might relieve the Federal government or the cruise lines of additional financial risk. Troubling to me that Drs are outright saying they will not sign any kind of release form. Remember — thinking out loud. Be well, all. Katherine
  8. This whole thread distresses me. My DH now will not be able sail because he has diabetes — no doctor will sign off on him. I have until October and then I will need a doctor’ s note for each sailing. Taking about 8 - 10 cruises a year requiring a doctor’s note??? What a pain. Hope this note business and the virus as a whole goes away sooner rather than later. Prayers for you and yours to remain healthy. Katherine
  9. There goes my May 1 trip!! But it was expected. Hope everyone is holding up and that all are healthy. Best wishes. Katherine
  10. Anyone get a refund yet on credit card? No cruise fare for me but would like to see the taxes and fees given back to me.
  11. March 15 on Anthem was cancelled. Booked — May 1 Grandeur, September Vision (21 days) and final cruise on Grandeur March, 2021. I am assuming May 1 will be a no go. The others a wait and see. Because of our ages and DH’s comprised immune system, we will not be sailing at all until this thing is totally done. I will be going into cruise deprivation mode after a bit. Did 11 trips last year so staying home and not thinking about packing and unpacking will be a change. Praying for all cruisers and non cruisers to be well.
  12. I do hear you. But to listen to a public official on tv “No one is sorry after a crisis that they over prepared”. Hopefully the gov’t will make business owners whole when all is said and done. I think since this is a new virus no one really knows how it will progress. Hence the panic, IMHO.
  13. Gotcha! Guess no one does. As my previous post earlier in this thread stated — my biggest concern is that we all stay healthy. My county in PA is basically closing down. Governor only wants grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations to remain open. All schools are closed. We will get through this and someday we will cruise again. Good luck to all. Katherine
  14. Didn’t happen to me during engine issues on Grandeur last summer. Received a nice FCC for a comped cruise. Others on ship told me that had happened to them in the past. Comped cruisers still are out the same amount of aggravation as other cruisers in time and energy. Boarding pets, precruise hotel rooms, etc. Royal treated comped cruisers with the same respect as others. Now — I don’t expect that Royal should be giving FCC’s indefinitely. But for those who were to cruise this week or next - maybe. The Casino Royale program brings lots of people into the casino and increases profits. If it didn’t they wouldn’t have it. It’s in Royals best interest to keep players happy. IMHO
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