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  1. Don’t disagree with what you have written. But my interpretation, when the OP said diamond clubs, that the OP meant all ships. But I guess we will all have to wait and see,
  2. I will now report on the premise of this thread — reliable source saying no more overflow lounges after 11/1/19. Am currently on Grandeur and there are overflow lounges for both the DL and the CL. Never did like those “reliable sources”. 😁
  3. Just a quick point. On Grandeur our suitcases never fit under the bed. A steward pulled out the loveseat from the wall and stacked them standing up. You lose about 10 inches of floor space in front of the loveseat but the suitcases are out of the way. We do this every time now. Katherine
  4. RC is going to keep Crown and Anchor the way it currently is for 2020, per John (and Michael Bailey). Royal doesn’t lose money on every passenger in the lounges. I typically have one can of soda per night and a few apps. I think Royal is wise to try to keep a passenger like me who sails 9 - 10 times per year by not “demoting” benefits that have already been granted. My experience only: Sure there have been times that the lounges are crowded. But, IMHO, Royal handles these situations well. Katherine
  5. Is that a guess about the 4000 points, Leo, or have you heard something? A very recent Anthem cruise had 900 prime member. This was a “casino cruise”. Many casino royale members as well as 500 Borgata players. Despite the crowded conditions the casino and the bar staff handled everything well. A bar staff person told me they have had as many as 1500 Prime members on one cruise. Katherine
  6. Call back. I just called a few days ago and got current yearly totals for both myself and my spouse. Different agents give out different information.
  7. Me thinks there is another fib here. I am solo next week. My set sail says Pinnacle but my tags say Diamond Plus. No big deal but the “lowest level in cabin” does not seem accurate. On, well.
  8. Agree. Can’t wait to see what this week brings. Looking forward to following this thread and John’s as well. Should be an interesting week. Always appreciate those who take the time to post while on vacation. Thank you. Katherine
  9. John — does Laura happen to have a knit pattern for her baby items? I do charity knitting and I would love to have something similar to knit. Kudos to her for creating and donating such nice work. Katherine
  10. My last two times on Anthem there was a card in the light switch. I will keep my expired gift cards in my carry on until I see that this is a permanent switch. Thanks for another great review, John. Always appreciate folks who do this for the rest of us. Hope you and Laura has a wonderful trip. Katherine
  11. We have stayed on deck 3 a number of times and love it. Very nice rooms and convenient to the casino, the music hall and a number of eating venues. Definitely not steerage!
  12. Never an issue on Grandeur either.
  13. We sailed Enchantment when she was last in Baltimore a while back. I liked her, especially the pool deck. But . . . a reason given for moving EN was the fact that her engines had a hard time keeping up with more than one sea day at a time after the expansion. 3 and 4 day trips were considered better for EN. So . . . If that was true- what’s changed? Hope we still see the 9, and 11/12 trips on EN. Katherine
  14. I used to be able to find a list of all the accessible cabins across Royal Caribbean ships. Now I can’t find it. Googling isn’t helping. Any suggestions or insight? Thanks. Katherine
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