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  1. Best of prayers to you, Roy. All sounds very positive. Modern medicine is indeed miraculous. Katherine
  2. Thank you, Roy, for keeping me on the Celebrations list. Having a wonderful time -- Oasis is a marvelous ship. Catching up with "sailing" friends from previous cruises. Good to see that all are well. Lots of "thank you for coming back" from crew and officers alike. Thoughts and prayers for all who are in need. Katherine
  3. Thanks for your reports. You are responsible for me booking a trip starting tomorrow! With all the new protocols, were you able to choose your departure time? I have someone picking me up who is driving 3 hours. I would like to get off as late as possible. Thanks again. Katherine
  4. Another fine day in Pennsylvania. Blessings and prayers to all on the care list. Thank you, Roy, for putting me on the shoutout list. NEGATIVE Covid test complete. Oasis of the Seas here I come. Katherine
  5. Well that would be good for us if true. B2B accessibles for 21 days in February. Fingers crossed!
  6. So .... I see no information about needing date of birth — just date of test. Correct?
  7. Got one too — for an oceanview. Can’t be just about balconies. And ours is an accessible!
  8. Mark — did you need to get the BAHAMAS travel health visa? Hope I am not forgetting something? Katherine
  9. Great review again! Thank you. Getting on when you get off — then Anthem in November. Katherine
  10. Thank you Rich and Roy. This is one of the first places I go each morning. Roy - BIL in much better shape — may be removed from care list. Thank you. Cruising update for me. “Spur of the Moment” booking - Sunday, 10/17 on Oasis of the Seas. Last cruise was Feb. 2020. Katherine
  11. Mark - what type of bracelet/tracelet do you have to wear? Joining the ship next Sunday when you get off. Thanks for taking the time to report on your adventures. Katherine
  12. Too bad. I don’t want to book any more trips at this time. Just booked and paid for the last one 2 days ago. ☹️
  13. So, I have the $500 off $1500. Any idea if this would count for onboard purchases? I have three cruises before the offer expires but they are all paid off. I could easily spend $1500 in casino cash and if this offer worked it would be perfect! Katherine
  14. John - I knew you would recommend Cats. I shall see about scheduling. Didn't care for it the first time seeing it but maybe that was because I was with about 100 6th graders! Is that a new watch for Laura? I noticed because I have a smaller version of the one she used to wear. Fairly new to PINN pins. Do most wear them a lot? My few precovid PINN trips I think I wore mine to the Top Tier and PINN Meal with an Officer. Hope you are having a fabulous trip!! Katherine
  15. Wave to Oasis for me — just booked her yesterday for 10/17! First cruise since 2/20. Enjoying your review — always thankful for those who spend their vacation time keeping the land bound entertained.
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