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  1. To piggyback - I have had rooms on Quantum class with a connecting door. Absolutely no issues with noise or placement of door. I would take one again in a heartbeat. Katherine
  2. Prayers for a speedy resolution to your medical issues, Roy. Katherine
  3. That’s it. I would like Oasis, Enchantment and Adventure. Thank you!!
  4. Ok - tried that. Can’t seem to get it to work. Thank you.
  5. Anyone have a link for the full list of all the ships? I used to have it but can't find it. Thank you.
  6. I should finish reading The Daily from yesterday before posting. I now see that Roy’s appointment was postponed. 😀
  7. Thanks to all for contributing to this thread — especially Rich and Roy. Roy - hope all went well with the surgeon. Considering going back to in person church. Very small congregation - about 50 people. I can walk to church building in less than 10 minutes. I will continue to watch our southeastern PA numbers to help make final decision. Congregation also on the ”senior side” so thinking many will have had the vaccination or will shortly. I have not yet qualified. Katherine
  8. Hoping to sail Anthem in November. 14 day B2B and able to stay in the same accessible cabin on deck 3 — our favorite. I would like to think there will be a sense of normalcy in our lives by then. Katherine
  9. Happy Valentines Day to all. Stay safe and hoping we can all set sail soon. Katherine
  10. At this point I have pretty much stopped using my card.. Switched back to my AE card. I will use up my points as OBC as soon as I get back on a ship. I was planning on using them on a 21 day trip last fall that was cancelled. Katherine
  11. Thanks to both Rich and Roy. I come here almost everyday. Think I will skip showering with a friend. Dinner tonight - spiral ham cooked in crockpot and potatoes au gratin. Have to decide on dessert. Katherine
  12. Anyone know which ships Chris has been on? At least we would know where he is not going!
  13. Not on that trip, Roy, but was on the one before you and then a 12 day trip in February. Made some friends on the February trip who have become my sailing partners. I will miss Grandeur. Katherine
  14. I have never been upgraded on Cunard but certainly haven’t expected to be (Diamond, 300+ days). It doesn’t surprise me that newer Cunard passengers have been upgraded — it does make smart business sense. When Cunard still had the dining room officers tables, I was frequently placed at one of those. Katherine
  15. DD left about 10 days ago for a month in Costa Rico. Notice came out after she landed. She will need to travel 7 hours by car to get a test to return home. It’s a sign of the times!!
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