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  1. Nothing on the website yet. However, Crown and Anchor notified the L A that I had met my milestone requirement so I had to have been awarded something. Believe it will be 2 points.
  2. Sounds good to me, I am a Fall lover. Love the “leaf peepers” cruises. Have a great time. Katherine
  3. Thanks, Carol, that is good to know. Hope your trip to Canada is going well. We will be on approximately the same trip next year on Vision. Katherine
  4. Yes, that will get me to “Pineapple”. No information on posting of points. I have gotten 3 credits so far totaling around $125. Can’t figure it out either. This doesn’t even cover the taxes and port charges. But I will be patient knowing that they have a lot of stuff to deal with after the hurricane. Katherine
  5. No two points total — onboard for me about 32 hours.
  6. FYI — Crown and Anchor just told me that everyone is getting two points. Makes no difference what kind what cabin type or traveling solo. Happy camper here. Only needed one point. Traveling on Saturday. Katherine
  7. I called Crown and Anchor directly in Miami.
  8. All of this is frustrating, I know. Just an FYI — Crown and Anchor told me passengers would be getting 2 points because most were on the ship for 2 days. That was a few days ago. Marci — did Crown and Anchor tell you something different?
  9. I have gotten 3 refunds so far from the 8/31 nonsailing. Total less than $125. I will just be patient. 😁 Katherine
  10. I called RC this morning also because I can’t print Set Sail pass either. Tricky - I can print my spouses but not mine. The agent sent me an email to use at checkin but not the actual pass. Hope this works.
  11. Marci — I was told to contact Crown and Anchor directly. I believe the LA is out of it at this point. I have to get around to doing that. Katherine
  12. No, the email just stated that C and A would be in touch regarding points. The LA was wonderful in my opinion. Very helpful and pleasant to deal with in what must have been a difficult situation. Katherine
  13. Thanks for the great extra long review and keeping us all informed. Safe journeys and wishing Owen a wonderful school year. Katherine
  14. I am not surprised that RC is late with the reimbursements with all that is going on in Florida. I can be ok with that. But . . . I would like at least one point from Crown and Anchor since I was on the ship over 24 hours (or 2 points since I was solo). As a previous post of mine stated this trip was to take me to 699 points — Pinnacle for my next trip on 9/14. You stated you talked to Customer Service — not Crown and Anchor? The Loyalty Ambassador email, assuming all got that, said that Crown and Anchor would be contacting us about the points for the trip. Guess it’s a wait and see situation. Katherine
  15. Just reviving this thread to ask a few questions. Refunds were to be credited by 6 pm Friday. I see nothing yet. Also, we are supposed to be contacted by Crown and Anchor regarding points. Anyone been contacted? I realize that the Royal folks in Miami must be incredibly busy. Just wondering if the no contact is everyone or just me. Hope everyone has recovered from our little adventure on Grandeur. Katherine
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