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  1. Thank you for your nice review. I guess it is human nature that we tend to want to meet up with friends in the lounges and it is perfectly understandable. But I will always remember the many Crown and Anchor members who invited me to sit with them when I first started sailing solo. It was very kind and much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the suite life!
  2. I have sailed with many Pinnacles over the past 5 years ( sailing 9 to 10 times per year). My opinion - most do not wear their badges all the time. Most will wear the badges for the Top Tier party and maybe the Pinnacle meal with an Officer. I have seen 1 — repeat 1 - Pinnacle club member being rude at Chops when there was a problem with seating. I have not seen Pinnacles being any more aggravating than people at other Crown and Anchor levels can be. I have never had a problem getting a seat in the DL or CL during happy hour. Some may have some overcrowding on particular sailings but feel Royal does a good job trying keep everyone happy. This includes suite guests and those who sail many, many times during the course of a year. Please stop painting one class of people with a broad, negative brush. It is discriminatory. It does not reflect well on those who do. Katherine
  3. Just a question - are those currently on Anthem and staying on - B2Bers - allowed to stay on the ship? On our last few trips on Anthem the port agents came on board so B2Bers didn’t have to leave the ship. Anyone know?
  4. Yes, the prices go up and down. Paid $60 for 3 dinners on Grandeur in February. We have now started to buy a 3 night package rather than use the BOGO perk for diamond plus and above. That way we can go to the MDR for the first formal night and have options for our 2 other specialty restaurants. Katherine
  5. We got the best price for Wonderland by buying a dining package, if you are interested. Went once to Chops, once to Jamie’s, and once to Wonderland. All for $79 pp with the taxes and gratuities included. Bills came with $0 balance and a place for extra gratuity, which we added a bit. This was different then booking onboard where taxes and gratuities are added to bill. I really like Wonderland because it is so different. We enjoyed the experience. Katherine
  6. Wrong assumption. I am not Masters but am writing for my sister, who travels in balcony cabins. Club Royale granted her Masters status for this new year. This was unexpected as she did not have the required number of points. It seems as though Club Royale used more than the past 12 months to ascertain the new levels. So back to my original question — does Masters Level get one into Coastal Kitchen?
  7. Question about Masters Level - Does one get access to Coastal Kitchen? Rep says no but I have heard differently on a ship. Anyone know for sure?
  8. Yes, unless you intend to steal it. Pretty despicable.
  9. Years ago, on Celebrity, a friend was missing her luggage. It was found as passengers were disembarking. The suitcase was spotted with another passenger who insisted it was hers. We said, “No, it is not.” and just took the suitcase from the female passenger. The telltale sign — the pompoms that had been made by one of our group and attached to each suitcase for easy identification! Unfortunately, there can be “suitcase thieves” on ships. Katherine
  10. I am looking for a list of enrichment lectures for upcoming Cunard voyages. I used to be able to find the information online for all Cunard ships but can no longer find the information. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  11. I left a key ring on the bed. I wasn’t driving so didn’t notice until well after we left the port. Lost school, house and car keys. A pain to replace all. 😕
  12. Radio — who is the captain? Thank you.
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