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  1. This is much more in line with what I meant. She can sleep in late and just *do nothing* a morning or two while I go out early and explore.
  2. Thanks for insight guys, it helps. just to clarify, I never intended to compare a carnival cruise with a river cruise - I know they are worlds apart.
  3. We are in the very early stages of planning our next big trip in 2022, and are considering between a land tour of Italy (Venice/Florence/Rome/?) and a river cruise. For the river cruise, the Amsterdam to Basel itinerary looks good for us, but we're open to suggestion! We've done Caribbean cruises with Carnival, and have been to London and Paris and enjoy both styles of vacationing. One gripe with land vacations is that my wife likes to have plenty of time to relax and do nothing, which will be hard to do when running from city to city and site to site in Italy, whereas I prefer the excitement of getting out into new places and seeing as many sites as possible. I'm thinking the river option can offer both of us a chance for a great vacation, where I can run around to my hearts content and she can relax on deck whenever she pleases. To that end, I know that pools are rare on river boats, but what about spas and relaxing deck areas - will she be able take advantage of such amenities? Thanks for any advice!
  4. Revenue move or not, plastic straws will be gone fleet wide in the next few days according to Mr. Heald. I does seem like they’ve capitalized on the idea by selling their own branded straws though. From what I can tell, they don’t seem to be too out of line with retail prices of similar sets, and I couldn’t expect any business to provide such items at no cost. Some will complain and suffer a minor inconvenience, but they’ll manage to adapt to these harsh new conditions (or bring their own straws) and life will go on.
  5. You’re very welcome. hope I can provide as much help to others as I’ve received.
  6. Finally got around to scanning these guys. Embarkation day is sadly missing funtimes.pdf
  7. This is from the November 2-7 sailing. Sadly Embarkation day got lost in the shuffle. funtimes.pdf
  8. I got passports for my kids, but I won’t get one for yours lol. You may want to get them for your kids in the future, but a birth certificate will suffice. (Sorry, couldn’t help it) Are planing on taking excursions with dicey operators or getting tanked at senior frogs/margaritaville? If not, then you should have little to worry about as far as missing the ship I’d think. what’s the cost of expediting the passports vs booking excursions through carnival?
  9. Being that there was ample available seating whenever we were in there, I don’t think anyone would complain if you grabbed a table and didn’t order any pasta, but if there’s limited seating I’d go elsewhere.
  10. Yes, lunch is free and there was always an abundance of seating available. We had no issue getting seats in Cucina at lunch and bringing food from the burger, bbq or buffet lines. Also note they have omelette station and even some sides such as pancakes and waffles in the mornings - no lines.
  11. We also rented at the port and returned to FLL airport
  12. I just rented a car from Alamo on the 7th. They have a shuttle that picks up at the terminal. The rental office is a large size with plenty of cars. I did self debark (carnival) and carried my own luggage off and was at the rental desk by 8am - beat the rush! We only have 2 ships in port that day, so light port load overall. Overall good experience. We arrived at Terminal 4, and I would not try to walk that, especially with luggage.
  13. Just wrote my review for the Homewood and other things in FLL. I can confirm they run a shuttle to a strip mall, but didn’t go so can’t speak to which one they went to.
  14. glad you both enjoyed it, and hope Kel enjoys their upcoming voyage as much as we did
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