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  1. Your ship had a lot more going on/better look/better looking merchandise than the shops than the Veendam......!!! At least from your pictures it seems that way!
  2. It makes no sense, does it? Who knows what HAL is thinking these days......
  3. Believe me, they were giving the Rolex sales pitch, whether licensed or not.
  4. I don't think so, unfortunately. You might be able to get her something on shore . Everything I saw was pretty high priced.
  5. Good Lord I hope so, but somehow I doubt it. It's "Progress" for HAL I guess.....not for (it seems) the rest of us.
  6. Yes but those days are gone unfortunately . Maybe for non US citizens it might be worthwhile like another poster said. But for us, the liquor us just as inexpensive at home as on the ship. Not worth lugging it home, however you could get it there. You can't carry it on for sure domestically ....to the best of my knowledge.
  7. Shops had nothing compared to years past. (Veendam - May) What I bought = ZERO. In the past I always found some nice things at a good price. All they did was pitch Rolex watches in one store and high priced diamond jewelry in another. And they had a Cuba shop (on a Bermuda cruise - go figure). This one "sales pitch" being given in one of the bars one morning was trying to convince 2 dozen 80+ year olds to buy Rolexes for their grandchildren as an heirloom. I laughed. The young people today rarely use watches, they have their smart phone. I don't think they made any sales......I think the seniors were bored out of their mind and just sat thru the speech to have something to do. Not much to do on that ship. And a liquor store (dumb, you can't drink it onboard and who is going to buy liquor and cart it around travelling home!) Not much in the way of HAL merchandise or anything reasonably priced. Didn't see many takers, the shops had the tumbleweeds blowing through and the sales help looked like they wanted to take a nap/go pass out somewhere. Don't think Seattle made any money on my cruise......at least not from me. This is all "JMO" of course. Someone else on my cruise could have thought the shops were a lovely addition to the ship and found them fascinating. I didn't. Neither did my DH.
  8. Hands down, the Eurodam for many reasons......loved it. Least favorite? The Veendam....also for many reasons. Never again.
  9. Great pics and commentary Jacqui...love reading your thread! All the food looks great! Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us!
  10. Ditto....Happy Birthday Jacqui, hope you have a lovely day and a great birthday!
  11. What difference does it make what type of stateroom (or location) the OP has had? Does that mean his/her comments don't count? Seems like an elitist statement. Not necessary to the discussion IMO.
  12. I'm glad you had better luck. Some things were good : the salad bar, dive in burgers, escargot, some desserts. We found the meats over spiced with funky spices, overcooked, dry, unappetizing . Not a large selection of fresh vegetables. Many rolls were hard as a rock. Grits was awful. Powdered eggs if you got scrambled (which are disgusting). Most every selection was hit or miss. Overcooked meat and fish was the norm. The taco bar looked good but I also had some stomach issues present itself which good sense told me to stay away from Mexican food. Seemed like a lot of lamb and pork belly was served....yuk. Didn't see King crab legs or any crab leg for that matter. I saw 4 shrimp the whole trip. It almost seemed that whatever was left over from the last voyage was being re-worked and served on this trip. Very disappointed and I have always loved HAL food.
  13. Agreed. Either pay for good entertainment or just eliminate it. A bunch of seniors like myself in a singing competition I will pass on. I cringe at the thought.
  14. As far as I know you weren't on the Veendam on May 12 to 19. If you were, you might understand my statement. On all of our other cruises I would agree with you. This ship had the worst food of any cruise I have ever been on....and no, we are not fussy or gourmet eaters. And I know I'm not completely crazy, because a lady ahead of me in line at the Lido once turned to the lady behind her and commented "I really don't like the food on this ship"......so my opinion was confirmed.
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