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  1. I am breaking my self-imposed rule of not posting on cruise critic only for this occasion. Our first cruise on Radiance of the Seas was in October of 2008 through the Panama Canal. We took an instant liking to Juan Diego and booked another Radiance cruise while we were on board just so we could go back to visit him. Apparently no one told him he should be there. We went around the horn of S. America with his replacement concierge and he boarded the day we got off in Valparaiso. No problem, we just booked a Mexican Riviera cruise so we could enjoy his services and what turned into a growing friendship. We ended up doing 23 Radiance of the Seas cruises over the following years. As Juan Diego switched ships, so did we. From Anthem, to Explorer, and now back to Radiance where we will see him for one last cruise in August. He is not only a wonderful man but an excellent concierge who gives everyone his best, even those who are difficult to please. No one can sell Alaska (or Australia for that matter) quite like Juan Diego. He knows every port as if it's his home away from home. It is only fitting that he finishes his time with the company on the ship where it all began for us. He will no longer be our concierge after next month but he will continue to be our friend forever. The biggest loser in this is Royal Caribbean International who's senior concierge has served them well. No, better than well. Better than they can even imagine.
  2. Sherri, If you know how to contact Daniel, it would be good to ask him to password protect the list. Or maybe you know how to do that. Someone who is very child like has been adding things to it. Those things are gone now but you can look in the revisions to see what was there.
  3. On the cruise you and I were on, Dec. 1, the SJS was allowed in Coastal Kitchen for dinner, not breakfast or lunch. I saw a man get pretty nasty to the host about that policy, too. It was the guy who wore the giant fake glasses for the entire cruise. He was demanding to be allowed in for breakfast since he was in a JS.
  4. At least you are making me smile. :) I think it's more than pressure. They are really backed up it seems. Nothing will be normal. They continue to major cutting of any and everything.
  5. Maybe they know our preferences. LOL I prefer the waffle robes and I never could get my room cold enough. A limit of 68 is not good enough for me. I keep my heater at home set to 62 at night in the winter. You live up north. I live in FL. You know how that goes. The only thing better than cold to me would be if it snowed. I really wish they would let us make the room as cold as we would like it to be.
  6. I think your stateroom attendant gave you the wrong ones. I thought spa junior suites would get the nice ones. Or maybe my stateroom attendant gave us the wrong ones. :) Our shower door opened left to right but should have been the other way. Apparently they reversed the doors in all the rooms. I feel sorry for heavy people who have to get around the open door to get into the shower. It should open into the bathroom - opening facing the bathroom entry door. The way it is now, the shower door opens and you are there in the little space in front of the sink surrounded by sink, tub, door, and shower - boxed in.
  7. Here's a link to the album of the spa junior suite photos. I'll editorialize it later. I'm sure I have plenty to say. http://s194.photobucket.com/user/mommabeany/library/Quantum%20of%20the%20Seas
  8. As soon as the Christmas rush is over around here, I'll get right on it. I promise. I haven't forgotten. I need to move them from iPhoto to a standard jpg and them to photobucket. I'm out today but should have time soon.
  9. I never saw a problem with not stating the taxes up front prior to going more fully through the booking process but they were told to do it from what I understand. I don't know what happened initially to bring about that change. I don't know what constitutes fraud either but the pricing still seems bogus to me since no one ever pays or has paid the first person price for the respective cruise. I always think of the KB Toys class action lawsuit over their jacking up prices then redlining them and repricing them - on every item in the store. They resolved it by offering 30% off everything for a certain period and then proceeded to go out of business. That's the simple version.
  10. We have a friend who just finished a Seabourn cruise and kept us updated along the way. Nice - to put it mildly. We saw a lot of really cool experiences he had on board and on shore. Officers were extremely involved, too. The least expensive rooms are pretty great and not at all tiny. This is something we are considering doing at some point but it might be a couple of years from now. Thanks for your input.
  11. I've always supported anyone I've seen mention this. I'll let people say what they want about it. You and I know what's going on as do some others who might not want to step up and say anything. The state of Florida got onto them about not exposing the taxes up front so now they show that on the pricing page. I'm surprised they haven't gotten approached by the state concerning this bogus pricing technique.
  12. And we say there is nothing like a balcony room on a ship to make a regular room at the Marriott seem wonderful. That's why we don't book regular balcony rooms on ships. :) We do spend at least as much vacations doing land time as we do on ships, maybe more. The balance in the coming year is definitely in favor of land time with plans in place. And with land time, we can cancel up until the day or or occasionally a few days before are required for cancelation with no charge. I find land time to be much more flexible with no pressure for a return time each night during the vacation.
  13. HI! It was great meeting you, too. How much did we like Quantum? We LOVED it. Anthem is the only thing extra we have booked in the coming year. We had already canceled 2 next year's cruises previously this year. We came home from Quantum, canceled the other 2 cruises that went with the 2 canceled cruises (had already planned to cancel them at the last minute but decided to dump them and get it over with) and booked an Anthem cruise. What did I absolutely hate about Quantum? The Philly Cheese Steak sandwich I ordered for lunch in American Icon, the only time I ate there. I hated my spa junior suite at first but adjusted to it. It's pointless to have the 2 partial baths separate. There is no counter space to speak of in either. But I don't live there so I adapted for that short time. The spa junior suite is smaller than every other junior suite on RCI's ships. Square footage it may not be smaller than Vision class, I haven't checked closely, but it feels smaller with the lack of seating space. I hated the lines I had to stand in at guest services and to change a reservation the first 2 days. Then I spoke to someone who explained the entire concept to me and I began exploring the Royal IQ app. That changes everything. Seriously. First I didn't need to stand in the first day rush of guest services which was gone for most of the cruise. My business could have easily waited. Second, I could have canceled my two dinners I wanted to change and rescheduled them myself on my app or on an iPad. It's a lot easier than people realize. It would have saved that hour wait in line to have them do it. I thought Two70 was so fabulous that I never even thought about the lack of a Viking Crown Lounge. Two70 beats VCL by far. Two70 Cafe is even better than Park Cafe. Vintages is the most beautiful yet and so easily accessible and open. I'm surprised more people don't sit there and enjoy their wine or another drink (with their 3 preloaded drinks for D and above) which is available right at that bar. The solarium is the best yet. It's nice that there is another indoor pool separate from the solarium along with an outdoor pool and the shallow wave pool to keep kids occupied - when it's warm and kids are on board which I didn't see a whole lot of around the ship. The crew was fabulous. We became reacquainted with many from ships we've been on over the years. The only slow seating night was night one in Chops because of the BOGO offer I would assume. Also, The Grand would have been a mob scene on night two but that's one we switched when we found out that everyone is treating that night like the traditional formal night, as we had done. Oh wait....I better quit. I don't want to hijack this thread since it's not a Quantum thread. But you get the picture. After our Anthem cruise, we won't book anymore of that class unless we find a nice deal at a convenient time. We only have 1 cruise booked at the end of 2014 because we got a good deal at a military rate. I won't play their BOGOHO game. I did book a short cruise for February with no C&A benefit as in no balcony discount. The Vow to Wow sail for everyone was a better deal. So much for loyalty. RCI is also causing me grief over other loyalty milestone benefits right now, further diminishing my feeling for booking anything further with them. There is more that they are doing as far as policies which I think are wrong and not treating people fairly which I won't even get into here. There are just too many negatives right now. But Quantum is a big positive. We've been doing dynamic dining on our own for a couple of years. We've been on Oasis and Allure a total of 4 times in the last two years and have only eaten in the MDR once. So DD is a non-issue for us. The food was fine, better in some restaurants than others, but all good. Wonderland and Chef's Table were great. Jamie's is NOT Italian food but is still mostly fine.
  14. I totally agree with you OP. I'd add to it that the biggest turn off for me lately is the deceptive pricing practice/scam they have going now. The prices are higher than ever in most cases with the BOGOHO pricing. In fact that so called single person price is not a price they even even sold those cruises at. Booking a cruise has become a hassle and time consuming chore. We have a few booked for the coming year, mainly to visit people we want to see on board, but nothing at all considered for 2016 - other than land trips. Maybe that will be the year to combine land with the river cruise we've wanted to try. I'd say all of your observations are correct. The only time I was on Celebrity, they had dusty fake plants/flowers, too.
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