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  1. I am not trying to be insensitive or anything as I have had to deal with the death of my father and I had a cruise booked at that time. If I read the original post correctly his mother has not died. If I just heard that my mother had only days left the last thing I would worry about was a refund and in particular spending time going on line to ***** about it. We don't even know how far off the cruise is or was. I went through a similar situation with my dad as he was dying from cancer and we did not know how long he would last. I had a cruise booked from way out. I did not have insurance but I just knew and was prepared that if it happened at that time I would sacrifice the cruise. I knew that and was ready for it. That was the least of my worries. Missing a cruise does not compare with the loss of your parent.
  2. I believe as long as there is no heating element it should be okay. Does it plug in?
  3. I believe Freedom is 126 feet wide and Quantum is 136. The 185 feet is at the extreme width.
  4. The only thing you may hear is people moving chairs in the morning. Personally if you pick the right location and pay attention to what is above you deck 14 can be great. One deck up to the pool area and two to the Windjammer.
  5. Hadn't seen the new voyager colors. Don't care for it. Looks like a toy.
  6. I have heard that but at the very least when the childs feet pass through where I thought glass would be I may doubt that there is glass there.
  7. It is hard to tell from the video but it definitely appears he put the childs feet on the window sill. There is no way at that point you can reasonably think there is glass there. Even if somehow a person could mistake the window being open there is no way after holding the child there for over 30 seconds to not realize it.
  8. Elderly seems to be loosely defined as over 65. I'm 55 and I have never remotely thought of myself as elderly. I'm pretty sure many 65+ year old people might be pretty offended by being called elderly.
  9. This comes up every few months. I think it is all made up/Click bait.
  10. People in Miami said they felt it. Wondering if there were any large waves as a result.
  11. Anybody on ships or islands feel or see and signs? There was a 7.7 earthquake between Jamaica and Cuba at 2:10 pm today.
  12. A Mexican television show played security footage taken from two different angles. It is pretty obvious when viewing them that he leaned out the window before picking her up.
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