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  1. Fortunately he has 3 years left on his passport
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply, some great advice given. I did read recently that our EU passports won’t suddenly become obsolete- gosh can you imagine! I’ll phone P&O and let them know our plans
  3. I will be letting them know once we’re on the ship, but just wanted to be aware of anyone’s experience, just in case I needed fore-warning of any legislation. Thanks for your reply
  4. Unfortunately his exam is at 10am, he goes to University of Kent in Canterbury and he’d have to get there by public transport!
  5. We’re going on N905 Portugal, Spain & Gibraltar. Our son is coming on the Cruise with us, but will have to fly home from the last port (La Coruna), due to having to get back to Uni for an exam (which annoyingly is on the day we get back to Southampton, but his Uni is too far away for him to get back in time ). Anyone know of any reason why he wouldn’t be allowed to disembark from there? I know in America it can be a problem for US citizens to cut a cruise short due to immigration issues, but as we’re EU citizens I’m assuming it will be ok? Anyone had any experience of this? Thanks in advance
  6. ....or the UK version Beans, Beans, they’re good for the heart. The more you eat the more you fart! You may be sorry you asked! It’s a big sausage made from pig’s blood, fat and cereal, which is cut into slices and fried- it tastes better than it sounds, honest!
  7. I can confirm that baked beans are indeed very popular with a “fried breakfast” in the UK, along with (Canadian style) bacon, egg, sausages, tomato, mushrooms, black pudding and toast
  8. Qsine is still alive and well on the Constellation (I’m aboard now)
  9. I see there’s s button that, when you press it, allows you to share content on other social media, including Facebook. Does this mean we can now talk about Facebook groups without getting our knuckles rapped? Also I’ve not found how to post a photo yet, but will try now......
  10. Maybe you should try an English Cruise line (Although P&O belongs to the Carnival group) It's like "After you", "No please, you go first", "No really, it's fine" (Probably while internally fuming, but anything to save face!) . . . . . .Me: "Will someone just please GO ALREADY!!!!"
  11. My 20yr old son won on The Horizon in Europe and he was given a $150 obc, which was fab as we don’t need any more board games in our house (and we’d have to pay postal charges and import tax if we bought from online in The USA)
  12. Have you seen the re-positioning cruise they just announced, from Long Beach to Singapore? 24 days with (I think) 18 sea days! Just think of all the naps you could fit in then!
  13. Absolutely loving your review, especially as we were on this cruise too! :D The only downside of reading someone else's review, is seeing things we missed along the way. I completely forgot that, as there was only one sea day, it would be our only chance to catch Tea Time in the MDR. The Motown Trivia with Mike sounds fab too (we were at dinner then). We love Mike Pack :hearteyes: cruised with him last year on Breeze during Hurricane Harvey - wow that man never slept! Thank you so much for sharing and looking forward to the rest :)
  14. Only people in a Havana Cabin can access the pool area and outside of the Havana Bar, until 7pm (when anyone over age of 12 can use the area) No guests under the age of 12yrs can stay in the Havana cabins either.
  15. Brilliant review. We sailed on The Breeze last August and reading this brought back lovely memories. Thank you!
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