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  1. No hot tub at the retreat!? Damn.. I would be mad if I was booked in a suite!!!
  2. You call up "Ships Services" and give them your booking number. 1–800–541–1576
  3. I used to think MSC was the only cruise line that didn't have their act together with regards to communication and consistency but clearly that's not the case. At least MSC has an excuse of being relatively new to US cruises. HAL really has no excuse. And at least on MSC I don't feel guilty when I try to order a drink on their package. I can order a soda along with my alcoholic drink and no one even bats an eye. And no 15 drink minimum nonsense.
  4. GreyGoose was the same price on the NS as well ($8.50), but apparently when they make a Martini with it, the price of the drink is actually $9.50. ::rolls eyes::
  5. Grrr.. this makes me especially angry because last week we couldn't get a Grey Goose martini because they said it was $9.50 which was $0.50 over the limit. When I asked about the $11 limit, I was told specifically it was for wine only. Clearly, the NS is interpreting the new limit in their own way. Also, on one of the evenings we asked the wine steward for a Cabernet in Pinnacle Grill. We asked him to please give us a Cabernet that would be included in the SBP. He said "OK" and brought the glass of wine to the table. Wouldn't you know, the next day I see the wine on the bill with a charge for $13. Guest services did not want to reverse the charge because it was over the $11 limit. After explaining the situation they eventually agreed to refund the amount. But, why when I am on vacation do I have to think about these things and waste my time when that is exactly the reason why I purchased the package in the first place! Sigh....
  6. On the NS, we were informed the increase to $11 only applied to wines. Who knows.........
  7. I am glad to hear they have brought back the variety to the YC Grill buffet and are now including the lobster tails again. On our trip in December, it was the same exact food every day with no variation and no lamb chops, shrimp, or lobster. Hopefully it will stay like this!
  8. I think you are misunderstanding how the word "charged" is used in this context. Charged means that out of the 15 drink per day allotment, we were told that a soda would count (be charged) for 1 of those drinks.
  9. Interesting! Well Seattle needs to communicate with their ships then. We were told specifically that we were being charged when we ordered sodas at dinner.
  10. Yea it really is a dumb system. What annoyed me the most is that the bartenders/drink staff were doing it without telling me!! And then some drink staff would say "No, it doesn't matter, I will give you the Grey Goose." So, clearly there is no consistency. Like I said before, either embrace the drink package or don't. From the vibe I got on the ship, HAL and their staff seem to be reluctant about having the package. To me, it seemed a lot of the staff would have a different attitude when you told them you had the package. For example, sitting in the Crow's Nest at 3:00pm (muster drill was 3:45pm) after ordering a drink the bar tender said in a very aggressive way "We are closing soon for muster, you cannot order more drinks." Ummm OK.. that's fine. But, as we sat there for the next 20-30 minutes, we witnessed countless people come up to the bar and order drinks and she never said anything to them! Perhaps she thought we were just going to sit there and take up her time ordering drink after drink? It was a very odd thing to say and it kind of started the trip with a bad taste with regards to the bar service.
  11. There were two men in the piano bar. The volume was 10x too loud to actually enjoy the music. The food in the Grand Dutch is free. Try the sunnyside up egg, ham, and cheese sandwich!
  12. We had friends on NS that stayed under Canaletto on deck 8 and they had no issues.
  13. We were in the Retreat last week and although every cabana was "occupied" for the week, the area was not busy at all. The hot tub remained empty most of the time, which was great because I made great use of it! I was really surprised how empty the whole area was, even on sea days. Perhaps because it is Easter week, the demographic on this sailing is a bit different and hence why you are seeing some of the crowding and the.. umm... inappropriate behaviors!
  14. Well we can agree to disagree as to what constitutes "depressing looking." To me, those horrible looking chair/tables as well as the fork, spoon, and knife window decor is truly ugly and does not match the concept. Having just came off of the MSC Yacht Club experience, it was hard to compare the ambiance as well as the activity in the two private dining venues. At 9pm, for the restaurant to be completely empty and void of any diners (and already set up for breakfast), would mean that there would be no one coming into the restaurant past about 7:30pm. The Yacht Club restaurant would stay busy until at least 10-10:30pm every night. Also, we have dined in Luminae, and you cannot even compare that in with Club Orange in terms of ambiance. The reason I say it is a dud is that clearly some of those who have access to Club Orange are not using it. Also, we received two separate e-mail offers to buy up to Club Orange before the cruise with the last one coming just a couple of days before departure. I highly doubt that HAL sold all of the Club Orange passes that were available. Once again, to me, that constitutes a dud. I am glad you had great food and service though! That is certainly good to hear.
  15. Yes you are correct in that the guarantee did save us some money. However, the category we received was actually higher than the category we paid for. This means that if someone were actually booking this ocean-view, mid-ship room, they would be paying a premium on it over the other ocean view categories. To me, it is just not acceptable to have music form a lounge enter the cabin area so much. I can see if the music ended at a reasonable time, but 1-1:30am every night is not reasonable to me. I am glad to hear that at least they are cooking some of the food in Club Orange and offering a special menu item. In my opinion, most of the menu should be prepared in this way. I did make it a point to walk by Club Orange at some differing times and every time I looked in, I saw at maximum 10 tables full. Perhaps there were some peak times that I did not see. But in general, I can make the assumption that the venue is not being utilized at its full potential.
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