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  1. I can't remember where I read this, but the Reflection will be in drydock for just that one week, meaning they won't be doing a major refurbishment, just a "clean up". We're booked on the TA to Rome.
  2. Back to the original question - I think people will have to show proof of vaccination in order to cruise. I'm not sure how they will enforce it, but I think a lot of other businesses will require this in the future. After the first phases have been taken care of, perhaps there will be the opportunity for the crew to be vaccinated. I think that will be a necessity. I look forward to cruising again perhaps next November, but at least by April, 2022. I will continue to wear a mask as long as necessary. My question is, do any of you WANT to get back on a ship if NOT vaccinated? I don't under
  3. We are booked on Reflection #6220, in the middle of the hump. I'm assuming there is no obstruction here from what I can tell??
  4. Thank you. My problem has been resolved!
  5. Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone from Celebrity that has some seniority?
  6. I’m just speculating about the Infinity. Right now it’s sitting somewhere off the coast of Greece. The January, February Caribbean cruises in the Caribbean have been canceled, and I just feel that March is not far behind. I find it unlikely that the ship would sail all the way across the Atlantic for a few cruises, then head back for the European cruise season. Certainly not fact, just my feeling. Also, this cruise has disappeared from the ***** website, which of course, doesn’t mean it has been canceled yet.
  7. We had booked the Infinity for transatlantic 2021. We assumed it would not sail, so last week we did a lift and shift to the Reflection 2022 transatlantic. Our TA was able to get the same price with all of our perks, so we were happy. Two days later we get an email from Celebrity saying they mistakenly booked us and their would be no cruise as the Reflection would be taking over a different ship’s itinerary. They could book us on another cruise at “prevailing rates”. Ha! We all know what that means! So we are out of luck and can’t afford the twice as expensive prevailing rates of other TA
  8. Since the Infinity will probably be out of the fleet, does that mean there will be no opportunity to Lift and Shift? Would it work for a different ship? I sure wish they'd put out the 2022 Transatlantic sailings!
  9. Has anyone had their January, February or March Infinity cruise canceled? I'm waiting to hear about my Transatlantic in April to Rome. I figured I had a better chance if Celebrity was able to sail in the Caribbean before it had to head back to Europe.
  10. So our transatlantic on Infinity in April 2020 has not been changed - yet. Does anybody know the status of this sailing? I understand the October Infinity sailing TA westbound is cancelled. Looks like Infinity is hanging around Europe for a while. I'm losing hope.
  11. I just booked this offer on the Koningsdam from San Diego for November 2021. Surely by then, we'll be sailing, right?? There were no oceanviews available, so we booked an obstructed Verandah for $199 more for each of us. The total for the entire cruise for both of us is $1,018 plus we get $400 OBC from the $200pp we put up front. With the casino cash, we figured it was a great deal! If you book, be sure to bring the flier you got in the mail with you to present to the Casino guy. It says that in small print. Let us know what you decide. My TA said it's a legit!
  12. My husband and I visit the casino most every night of a cruise, but we are by no means what you would call "gamblers". I play penny slots, dh plays blackjack until we either win or lose just a little. This is the first casino offer I've ever gotten. I figure I got it after the high rollers didn't take the bait due to covid. I hate not to take advantage of it, but it is tempting.
  13. I got a players club "casino offer" mailing from HAL for a complimentary ocean-view stateroom and $100 Free casino money on designated sailings. I tried to read between the lines, but I must be missing something. Has anyone else gotten this?
  14. Thanks. I have since heard from others who share your same feelings about Naples. We may bypass it in order to spend more time in Pompeii or even Capri. I don't know anything about Herculaneum, but will research it.
  15. Thanks to everyone. We'll definitely be traveling by train. Our plan will be to dock in Rome and depart a week or so later from Rome. We'll definitely do a day trip to Florence and may bypass Naples to spend more time in Pompeii. Any thoughts on Naples?
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