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  1. Thanks. I have since heard from others who share your same feelings about Naples. We may bypass it in order to spend more time in Pompeii or even Capri. I don't know anything about Herculaneum, but will research it.
  2. Thanks to everyone. We'll definitely be traveling by train. Our plan will be to dock in Rome and depart a week or so later from Rome. We'll definitely do a day trip to Florence and may bypass Naples to spend more time in Pompeii. Any thoughts on Naples?
  3. Our cruise ends in Rome. We want to spend a few days in Rome, day trip to Florence, and two days in Naples/Pompeii. Need ideas on what the best way is to do this. Go to Rome first, then travel out from there? Travel straight to Naples from cruiseport? We'll be traveling everywhere by plane. Thanks.
  4. I was upgraded from a 2C to 2B verandah cabin, midship on deck 6. I know this is a really good location, but will I be bothered when I look down to see the lifeboats? Should I find something higher that might not be midship? Also, I know that one of the "sweet sixteen" 2C cabins is available, which would be a larger balcony but more forward. Would that be better? The cabin I have now is 6082. On the diagram there is a big blank space across the hall. Wondering what that could be... Silly questions, I know.
  5. We’ve booked deck 8, midship. Wondering if the overhang above deck 9 will keep us in the shade. I’d like some sun on our Balcony.
  6. Will the classic beverage package cover the price of a frozen margarita? I can't seem to locate any drink menus. This is my husband's go-to drink, so I need to know if he needs to upgrade his package.
  7. Leaving on the Veendam next week. I have my boarding pass, passport, credit card and drivers license. Is that all the documentation l need to check in? We have an oceanview and I believe I read that there is only one outlet (besides bathroom). I know we can't bring on a surge protector, so what is the best thing to bring on?
  8. We would like to book a catamaran excursion as soon as we walk off the ship. Will we be able to find any good ones?
  9. After we tender into Grand Cayman, will there be any local catamaran tour people waiting to sign you up as you walk off? Any particular companies to look for? We don't want to book a ship excursion, and we don't really care about the stingrays, having done that before. Just want to relax, maybe snorkel, on smaller catamaran. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. We have changed our flight to leave from Zurich and will be staying in Lucerne. Looking for a reasonable, air conditioned hotel that's not too expensive. Any thoughts??
  11. After our Rhine Getaway to Basel we are trying to decide whether to stay in Basel or Lucerne for a few days. We definitely want to go to Lucerne for one of the days to do the mountain and lake tour. Not sure yet if our flight leaves from Basel. If we stay in Basel, we are looking at Hotel Steinenschurze. Any thoughts about this hotel or any other in either place?
  12. We've been assigned to Radisson Blu for our June pre cruise stay. I'm hoping they don't move us at the last minute, but I've read somewhere where this is a possibility.
  13. Can a Travel Agent give you a better deal than the brochure price that Viking offers?
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