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  1. We used Choice Air for our cruise in November and had no delay in getting them. Ordered them around 45 days before the cruise and received them within a week. We have never been able to order tags much before that when not using Choice Air.
  2. Tony. We are doing well thanks. Will be doing a Silhouette Caribbean in April next year and then TP from Melbourne to Honolulu in April 2021. Doing a land trip in September in your old stomping grounds across the pond. Hope to see you and those Arsenal kits on a future cruise.
  3. We have had the larger hump balcony on our last few cruises but have not had a lounger. What a bonus. If you hear they are on other hump balconies it would be interesting to know. Enjoy the sun and cruise. Neil
  4. I wonder if Celebrity are trying to push the Edge TA which is also going to Southampton by making it difficult to find the Silhouette sailing. No, they wouldn’t do that! Very strange. I know their website has problems, but why would a cruise be so hard to find?
  5. On our November TA they did offer grats but only for cruises this year. I stand corrected on my previous post about TA’s and the $25 deposit. It’s a great deal. By the way, anyone who can do a TA in April have a look at the Silhouette April 14th sailing. A lot of cabins available and pricing is way down now after final payment. Neil
  6. If you can do it with the $25 deposit do it. When you book on-board you may also be able to get prepaid gratuities.
  7. We have not been able to use the $25 deposit for TA bookings in the past. I don’t think that has changed.
  8. On our cruise in November on the Eclipse we were in cabin 1124 on the hump and could definitely not see into any cabins. We could see a little of the balcony on a few of the cabins, but could not even see the cabin doors.
  9. Our last cruise was in November on the Eclipse and I called Captains Club and had no problem having them mailed to Canada. Received them within 7 days.
  10. When I check the site for pricing, the cabins that are available do not show which category they are. I have done enough Celebrity cruises to have an idea which they are, but I do have to go to another site to confirm.
  11. Great job with this blog Norma. We followed along from the beginning. My wife and I did the TA with you and loved the cruise as well as our 2 days in Buenos Aires. For anyone interested I believe the Silhouette is scheduled to do this same cruise in 2020. Neil
  12. We got off the Eclipse last Sunday and there are no daily papers or daily news on the TV. When I asked about it at Guest Services I was told that they have added more stations on the TV. It didn’t look to me like they added more stations and for those of us who aren’t from the U.S. of the U.K., I guess we can get the news when we get home. How much does it cost to put the news on the TV?
  13. Does the Edge have traditional balcony staterooms like the M and S Class ships?
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