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  1. It really makes no difference. The cruise is good on any side. We have done it four times. We are targeting this cruise when we decide to resume.
  2. I really like well made Eggs Benedict. I have found that Caribbean Pincess improved their product significantly in the aft section by making smaller quantities. Waiting for the freshly made eggs was well worth it. For the other mass produced ones, I just skip them for the reason you cited. My Celebrity experience was quite similar.
  3. Not quite. The States are coodinating and executing their own activities as well. Hence you have California, Nevada and Texas securing transportation and setting up quarentine quarters within their States.
  4. That bodes well for the Nets. They are used to playing with no fans in the seats.
  5. Well, there goes my Easter family gathering .
  6. The CLIA. It says it in the post and in the link.
  7. So, have you a bit of data on that last sentence? The CDC shows the desease entering the US in January. Exclamation points do not make something true; nor doe the word "basically" excuse an inaccuracy. As far as canceling cruises, if you and the person you replied to are speaking of individuals canceling, I likewise would agree. If you are speaking of govenment institutions mandating cancellations, I disagree.
  8. Possibly waiting for a second negative test? I seem to recall that Japan was getting some false negatives out of their testing.
  9. You can. The passenger services desk can give you a form to tranfer it to the tip pool. On the occassions we have done this, the process did not allow us to dedicate the monies to an individual crew member. We have found that it is a bit easier than attempting to buy toys and trinkets just to exhaust the OBC.
  10. Here is a link that addresses the US contributions to WHO. The US continues to be the largest assessed contributor to WHO at 22%. The US has never failed to pay their "dues" since the inception of WHO in 1948. The US contributes some 17% of WHO's total budget. it remains a member of the executive board, representing the Americas. https://www.kff.org/global-health-policy/fact-sheet/the-u-s-government-and-the-world-health-organization/ As someone else commented, I share the opinion that China's reluctance to have other nations involved in their outbreak is a perceived need to cont
  11. You may want to read this somewhat dated assessment of the risk for transportation. The risk is for the disease to be transported out of the China quarantine area. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/20-0146_article
  12. I have used the big box store store excursion provider on the Hawaii cruise(s). They provide a smaller group size for all of the islands with excellent guides. They likewise will reimburse you upon notification if you do not make the cruise. Their pricing is similar to Princess but the tours are in smaller groups with the ability to semi-customize according to the wishes of the group as a whole.
  13. It may be that Pushka is extrapolating the smokers' vulnerabilities because this virus seems to attack the pulmonary system. For what it is worth, this may be the first time I have seen smokers referred to as healthy people. Had I known that I was being healthy, I may not have quit. That black stuff I was coughing up when I stopped must have been little bits of health.:)
  14. We just went through the process after my wife incurred a serious injury. Our TA started the process with Princess and we received our 25% refundable amount promptly through a credit card credit. AON's claim process was all done on line with scanned docs. The AON payments were sent to each of us about 4-5 weeks later in a check form. Everything was covered, inluding my EZ air costs. In all, the process worked quite well at a difficult time for us.
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