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  1. We cruised when the Jets fan group were doing their cruise. Both couples were lovely.
  2. Ah, another Bill Withers fan.
  3. It seems that it has changed slightly in recent years. Just the texture in my opinion. It remains one of my favorite appetizers, along with the sweetbreads and chicken tartlet.
  4. Forget the weather. Nobody is going to be able to predict it a year or years in advance. Nor is anybody going to predict it weeks in advance for that matter. The cruise is one of our favorites. We've done three of them to date and will do more, God be willing. October in Canada and New Englad is spectacular. You don't know what is going to presented. That is an aspect of its beauty. A late wet fall will allow the maples to get to their magnificent reds and oranges. A dryer fall not as much. In any regard, it will be different than a typical Sacramento fall. The Eastern Canadians will be as welcoming as the the Western Canadians. The New England folk will be as welcoming as the Western Americans. Just book it and find yourself longing to spend more time in this part of the Americas after experiencing it.
  5. Just slightly off topic, but you can choose to put some of your OBC into the staff's gratuity pool. We have done that rather than buying something we really didn't want. The customer service desk has a form.
  6. Order two. It comes with defibrillator paddles. And, definitely worth the risk.
  7. We have done the circle Caribbean. Typically you will have some hot days in all seasons. I would suggest that the balcony curtains be pulled during the afternoon if the sun is on that side and you are not in the room enjoying the view. It just makes the air conditioner more efficient.
  8. I do. And having a bunch of friend in the cabin and on the ship for a bon voyage. A safer time then.
  9. We did the same year on the Chandris line's Amerikanis. New York to Bermuda. It was very much more formal than today's cruising. Jackets at dinner each night and formal wear on formal nights. Chandris is now X.
  10. I suggest you get him something that he would not normally buy for himself and will last a long time. In that way, he will look at it and it will remind him of the cruise. New putter? Something like that.
  11. The title of this thread reads like a statement.
  12. I know what you mean. I am sure that Shakespeare, Dickens, Hemingway, Tolstoy, and Joyce all complained about that very thing. And those poets; why don't they just say what the mean?
  13. Yes, that is my understanding too. We put my military benefit on my folio and my wife gets our jointly owed stock benefit on hers. It has worked quite nicely at balancing the accounts for our excursions.
  14. Good luck with that. Finding a specific waiter is a difficult task.
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