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  1. Thanks Jonathan ... that door looks great! I also believe it was quite a few more than 6 cabins. There were a total of 14 balcony cabins along with a bunch of ocean views newly installed on deck 12 forward ... and we’re looking forward to seeing them for ourselves hopefully soon!
  2. Does anyone know if there’s a door on deck 12 forward for easy access directly outside at the end of the new cabins 1890/1840? I see it on Navigator ... but can’t seem to find any information about Freedom?!?
  3. We didn't spend much time there as there really wasn't much to see ... but still a good (short) stop for us.
  4. We were a family of 4 and booked ourselves thru ToursByLocals in Busan for our own individualized private tour ... as we usually stay away from Viator since they're just the middle man. You might find a better price and get more out of your tour! Either way ... we loved Busan and found it to be beautiful ... so I think you'll have a good time!
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