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  1. here's a link to the Carnival bar menu http://www.zydecocruiser.net/Carnival-Bar-Menu/CarnivalCruiseBarMenu.htm I know they have more rums than this list shows. I know that the Glory and Dream had my favorite rum Zaya on board and they are not listed on the menu here. The Red Frog Rum bar had the best rum selection, of course ;) Red Frog Rum bar menu here https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/onboard/bars/menus/redfrog-rum-bar-menu.pdf
  2. LOL - There's always something going on - That's for sure! Did you join the roll call in cruise critic for this cruise? A few people talking on that board
  3. joy4ron - Welcome to cruising! This will be my 10th cruise, of those, 7 on Carnival. I'm crashing my brother and his family's spring break trip. REALLY Looking forward to it!
  4. This one is just for fun as I am going on the Miracle next weekend and can't wait! A couple questions - I am also surfing the board for answers but this might be fun too :) - I know that the ship is lacking the upgraded food options. I will VERY MUCH miss Blue Iguana Cantina and Guy's Burgers... what are the hidden gems of the Miracle? - I can't wait to see the decor in the main dining room to see if it's as eclectic in real life as the pictures show. What area of the ship is your most favorite place to be? - How was the cruise director? I think I'll have Frank The Tank - I've been to most of the ports several times and know what I am going to do in each port - except for Roatan. Any ideas? - Any other tips and secrets? Again, this is just for fun! Thanks!
  5. What time do the FTTF cruisers get to board in Tampa?
  6. I searched the boards and can't find any recent posts regarding the advantages of FTTF in tendered ports. I know what the website says, which is vague... Does anyone have actual experience recently in Belize and Grand Cayman using FTTF "priority tender"? I know in the past, you'd walk up to the customer service desk and be escorted to the front of the line. Is that still the case?
  7. I went on the Dream last year the week after Thanksgiving - They had the lobby decorated with a tree and garland. They had a few events that I attended. They had a tree lighting ceremony, a Christmas carol sing along (that was poorly done... Hopefully you get a better entertainment crew) and they had a Christmas show with Santa (at the end you could get your picture taken with Santa). It was nice, but not overdone. Because I love Christmas, I packed battery operated lights for my room to kind of cheer it up a little...
  8. I surfed around... looks like it disbanded some time ago. I may have to start something like it in it's place... Like many of you have pointed out... we love the memories that our cocnunt monkey heads give us long after the smell of the drink of the day it held passed. Hmmm... how about "The Coconut Monkey Head Lover's Club"? For those of us that forget about complaining on our cruises and just have a great time!
  9. I remember... waaaaaay back... there used to be a Coconut Monkeyhead Club on the carnival forums (which are now gone) and I can't find on Cruise Critic any more... Anyone know anything?
  10. I've been to Cozumel several times on cruises. I always go to Chankanaab Park. I've pasted the link to their website below. They have an admission fee to get in. When there, you can snorkel, swim in a pool or on the beach, they have a nature path that has replicas of ruins, they have a couple bars, restaurant. The beach is huge and I have always find a thatched hut to relax under. Take a look. It may meet your needs... http://www.cozumelparks.com/
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