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  1. Hi Kazu! Well, we fly to Seattle on the 6th, fly to Fairbanks on 7th. Land tours run from the 8th through 11th. We embark on the 12th and disembark on the 19th at Vancouver. Thanks, Bill
  2. Hi Kazu! It has been a long time since I have been on CC. We had cancelled or were cancelled by HAL for 3 cruises this year and early next year. However, we just booked a September 2021 Seattle Triple Denali cruise: flying from Seattle on 6 September to Fairbanks for the land tour, followed by a 12 September cruise from Whittier to Vancouver. The cruise portion will be on the Noordam. We have our fingers crossed that the COVID-19 era will be over by then. Thank you for keeping us HAL troops informed! Bill S
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