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  1. You are close to many things from the pier... Have any questions, just ask. I am a SF Native and city worker., retired.
  2. I found on the Grand that the plug was near the bed and did not need an additional chord.. It should cause you no concern Enjoy the cruise.
  3. Well if you are at sea, there is nothing you can do about anything at home until you arrive into the next port, where you get free wifi..
  4. there is a whole thread on this .....yes it seems that way.. just got off on the 27th of Jan.
  5. I.am amazed at how you just spent a week or more relaxing at sea and it's rush rush the minute the ship docks. Crazy
  6. It s like the cooky people who line up to board a flight with assigned seating, or standing up the minute it lands...
  7. Yes it was a great trip. We had a little spot in Mazatlan called El TUnel...great food lots of fun in town
  8. Just got off the Grand a few weeks back. There are some things that looked tired, but you had to look hard She is 20 years old but in fine shape.
  9. Hello, born and raised and still live in San Francisco and have taken this cruise twice.. The weather will be in the low sixties for two days..both times, once we hit the ocean, it was like glass, but you are at the hands of mother nature.. Once you near San Diego, you will notice the weather warm up
  10. Feel free to send me a message.. I can walk you through your flights or give you some info
  11. The coffee card is a great idea..The Grand had four places to get brewed coffee and specialty coffees.. You dont have to worry about keeping track. Whenever you order a specialty coffee, just ask and they will gladly tell you how many you have remaining..At the end of the day, you come out ahead.
  12. What people do not ruin my evening
  13. Just off the Grand.. Started off on a slow note due to high seas and then turned out to be the best cruise... Outstanding...
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