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  1. Henry and Sue were our friends and neighbours in Broken Hill in the early 70's. Henry was a young detective back in those days.
  2. If it erupts I hope the Chateau Tongariro Hotel remains safe. My favourite place to stay in NZ.
  3. Congratulations Les on the pathology results that is great news. I have given up on visiting my son in Sydney and will now go to Bundanoon to stay with my daughter and her family for Christmas.
  4. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope next year will be better for all of us. Maybe some day we can cruise again.
  5. I'm in the exact same position as NSWP except mine was the NSW education scheme. When my wife died recently lost my part pension and Health Card. Such is life. Centrelink were kind enough to notify me of this less than 36 hours after her death. Fortunately my doctor does bulk bill. Oh, yes my wife and I used to cruise. We had no other income other than my pension. Thanks for your concern.
  6. Best of luck with the pathology results Les. I got the all clear on mine last month. We 48's are a tough lot.
  7. Just heard on ABC News, 1 death in every 40 seconds in US today. Bring on a new leader. Jan 20 will be too late.
  8. Good luck with the Hospital visit Les. Hope all goes well and you recover quickly.
  9. I did say presentation was not my go but I had no trouble pouring the shiraz.
  10. Local South Coast Butchers Pantry was the supplier. Buy pies with pastry uncooked and cook at home. They make Beef, Chicken and Leek, and Lamb and Vegetable pies as well as lots of other easy meals. My go to place.
  11. Back to pies. Last night I needed some comfort food so this lamb and vegetable pie made its way to the table. Serving is not my forte. Glass of shiraz to wash it down.
  12. I only seem to get recorded message ones and I have learnt that if you pick up and say nothing the call is terminated. It is your voice that activates the recording. They seem to eventually give up.
  13. The Sydney Rock Oysters with finger lime are delicious, but I would eat any of them and they are at a special price for regular locals.
  14. Local oyster collection from Jim Wilde's Oysters. Take your pick.
  15. Love my oysters raw and fresh from our local oyster growers. They do sell Kilpatricks and mornay to takeaway and cook at home.
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