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  1. Did you read what I wrote? "This is a copy and paste of old post I have done before, keep that in mind when you read them." Our daughter was 3.5 months old when she boarded her first cruise.
  2. This is a copy and paste of old post I have done before, keep that in mind when you read them. We have since then done two more cruises, in May we will board our daughter's fifth cruise. She will be 16 months by then. This is my experience, your baby will be in the center of attention. You might not want to let a lot of people thouching your babys hands since they put them in the mouth all the time. Before you go on the cruise, get your baby used to noisy environments like resturants and shopping malls. This will help the baby to get used to a lot of people. Breastfeed your baby, then you always have the food ready and your baby have a protection from the milk and aren't affected by germs from food. Bring a lot of nappies, we had 330 with us for our cruise. We keept score of how many nappies we used the weeks before the cruise, 15 - 21 each day... We did have 100 + nappies when the cruise was over, but better safe then sorry. Meraviglia have very nice public restrooms with changing tables for babies but when you are in your cabin you will need something to put your baby on when it's time to change the nappy. We bought a blow up thing from IKEA and it worked very vell. Ikea Skötsam. And for public places we used Libero Mats to put on the changing tables. MSC did a wonderful job making it easier for us. Priority boarding, opened up a office for my wife to breast feed our baby on embarktion day when our cabin wasn't ready. Helped us with the stroller when we got on the ship or when we got off. Bring a smaller stroller that can have the seat folded down completly. We used a Baby Throne / Yo-yo stroller. Don't have a lot of plans for the ports of call, traveling with a baby is VERY time consuming. Bring a pair of Peltor Kid hearing protection with you and keep it in the stroller, now and then your baby will need it. After the first cruise we bought a Graco stroller that can fit a baby seat and a Stokke PramPack, both are great! We have a very similar stroller as this one, but not exactly the same: Stokke PramPack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB6QACpqU9w
  3. If you need a data connection to use your "GPS" you don't have a true GPS.
  4. Tell them that you are Russian, that solves a lot 😉
  5. If you dock in Ponta Delgada you NEED to get out of town to see the fantastic nature. We spent a week there in 2017 and ALL rental cars was booked for the whole week. We ended up booking a Jeep tour with Green Zone, it was FANTASTIC. They know the island very well and can use private roads that you can't use if you rent a car. Ponta Delgada doesn't offer much to see and you will miss out if you stay there during your port of call
  6. It is. The locals can't go outside the straw market and there's only locals approved by Royal that can get into the straw market.
  7. You won't be able to pay with cash on a Swedish bus.
  8. I hardly never use cash in Sweden (I live here). In Finland, Denmark and Estonia we have used my Visa debit card and my wife's Master card. Depending on what you are planing to do, you might not need cash in these four countries, Russia might be the exception. As long as you have a Visa/Master card with a pin code.
  9. They move the ship between the ABC - islands. But it's often docked in Aruba.
  10. If we can add ports outside the Caribbean, Marmaris, Side and Alanya in Turkey will be on my list.
  11. I would say: Most - Jamaica and Nassau. Least - Aruba, One Happy Island 😉 St Thomas St Maarten
  12. I have never been asked to show a paper copy of my Electronic System for Travel Authorization. I have entered the USA, 18 times, if you count San Juan and St Thomas during cruises then it's 22 times, between 2012 and 2019. I have had four different Esta's.
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