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  1. I understand that nobody knows for sure, but what are your thoughts? Will every ship in the fleet sail when they start cruising again? The cruise lines might have a hard time filling the ships and if that's the case do you think that some ships might still be out of service? If Royal starts sailing with fewer ships, which ships do you think still will be taken out of service? We have four cruises booked and I'm not sure that any of them will sail, even if they start cruising again. Freedom from San Juan in September. A port that Royal, even before the Corona virus, said that they would homeport fewer ships from. I think that Freedom still would sail, but maybe not from San Juan. Vision 11nts in late March 2021 from Ft. Lauderdale. A longer cruise on an older ship. Odyssey from Ft. Lauderdale in April 2021. Will she be completed by then? With Europe on lock down and the ship still being built, I'm not sure. Empress from Miami in April 2021. The oldest ship in the fleet, a ship that Royal took back into the fleet to be able to sail to Havanna. Since Cuba now days are a no go, the ship are more or less pointless.
  2. ^^^ This! Then add all other things that cruise passangers spend money on to be able to cruise. Flights, rental cars, hotels, food etc. I have been in the U.S several times and every time because of cruises. I don't think that I would go to the U.S if all cruise ships left from another country.
  3. Majesty is one of few Royal ships that I wouldn't sail again. But I have never sailed on Getaway.
  4. How many in this thread have cruised with a toddler? The "You won't be able to enjoy the cruise" - statement is just stupid! Sure it's different compared to cruise with adults, but different doesn't have to mean that it's bad. We would never have done 6 cruises (and one 2nts ferry cruise between Sweden and Estonia) if it would have been bad. Between December 2019 and April 2021 we have five more cruises booked and my guess is that we will book at least one more in this time period.
  5. If you are able to figure this out in everyday life, you will be able to figure it out on a cruise.
  6. We have have done six cruises with our daughter, we will board her 7th later this month. Just before she turns two years old. It's not the same as cruising without a toddler, her needs will always come first and we have left the MDR a couple of times when she was crying. The Windjammer often works a lot better. We did her first cruise when she was 3.5 months old, Genua to Hamburg 11nts on MSC Meraviglia in April 2018. We did her second cruise on Celebrity Equinox, 7nts in the Caribbean in August 2018. 3:rd on MSC Seaview 7nts, in the Med in September 2018. 4th on Harmony of the seas 7nts, in the Caribbean in January 2019. 5th on Independence of the seas 14nts, transatlantic in May 2019. 6th on Radiance of the seas 10nts, Vancouver to Hawaii, in September 2019. The 7th will be from Dubai.
  7. That's something that sometimes makes us feel bad when we are cruising with our daughter. You can tell that some crew members miss their kids when they see her.
  8. The price have gone up and down a lot. But I wouldn't say that it's very cheap for us in Sweden, the same goes for cruises in Europe and Asia. The Caribbean are usualy cheaper then any other destination for us. I think that since the Med, Dubai and Asia are common holiday destinations for swedes it likely that RC can get us to pay more.
  9. I'm Swedish and travel with my passport on all my cruises. I have been to the following islands/ports in the Caribbean and besides getting a stamp coming into the USA, no other country has stamped my passport. Aruba Antigua Barbados Bonaire British Virgin Islands Colombia Costa Rica Costa Maya (Mexico main land) Cozumel (Mexico) Curaçao Dominica Grand Bahama (Bahamas) Grand Cayman Grenada Haiti Jamaica Little Stirrup Cay (Bahamas) New Providence (Bahamas) Panama Puerto Rico (Usa) They won't stamp during a cruise stop if the cruise starts in the U.S. St. Kitts St. Maarten St. Thomas (USA) They won't stamp during a cruise stop if the cruise starts in the U.S. St. Lucia
  10. During our cruise on Harmony OTS in January, a teenager died in Labadee. I saw when they rolled him of the ship when we dis-embarked in Fort Lauderdale. A very sad story.
  11. She have two ports of call that I haven't seen on any other RC ship, Virgin Gorda and Puerto Plata. The other two are San Juan and St Thomas, we like St Thomas but San Juan feels like "been there, done that".
  12. Well, no. The longest cruise we have done was a 21nts B2B on Legend Of The Seas. By then I didn't mind getting off the ship, but if someone had asked me if I would like to do another cruise on a different ship, I would in a heartbeat. We spent a total of 25nts away from home during that trip. We sailed on Allure back in 2013 and wanted to try the Oasis class again, so we did in January this year. We sailed on Harmony. Not sure that I feel the need to sail on the Oasis class again, they are fantastic but too big for our taste. So far the Freedom class are my favourite. Didn't like the Navigator or the Majesty.
  13. Yes. They took her back into the fleet just because she can fit in the harbor in Havanna.
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