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  1. Do you KNOW or do you THINK? What someone think doesn't matter. There's several places that accept Euro or U.S $ that normaly doesn't use them. When I was in Egypt the advise was to bring U.S $ and not Egyptian Pound... Guess why I asked in advance.. 😉
  2. We are doing a cruise from Dubai in December visiting Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas and Muscat (Oman). Do we need local cash or will Visa Card and U.S $ or Euro work? We have never been to this part of the world.
  3. In Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia we have only used our Visa or Mastercard. In Poland we needed cash to pay a cab, but he drove us to a ATM.
  4. I had a goal to visit 50 countries before I turned 50. I later changed that to 50 countries before I turn 40. Since I started cruising in the Caribbean this turned into 50 countries or Islands. Now that I have reached that goal I might change it back to countries. Before 2018 my wife and I had only cruised togheter in the Caribbean (I had done one cruise in the west Med on my own & one Caribbean cruise before we meet) and several cruise ferries in the Baltic sea. But since we became parents in December 2017 we have cruised and booked cruises, that to us, is "different". April 2018: Genoa to Hamburg. September 2018: West Med. May 2019: Transatlantic, Fort Lauderdale to Southampton. (In this time period we also cruised two times in the Caribbean.) Booked: September 2019: Vancouver to Honolulu. December 2019: Persian Gulf from Dubai. It's different to cruise with a baby, but even with that in mind I still prefer the Caribbean so far. Since we turned Emerald in January our goal became to turn Diamond this year, not that it really matters, and we will be in September. Might be "fun" to have done all ship classes on Royal, we only have the Quantum class left (not counting Empress and the Icon class). Still have some places on my bucket list, not sure if I want to do all of them on cruises: Seychelles Maldives Australia New Zealand The Pacific Iceland Norweigan fjords The WW II beaches in Normandie Southeast Asia (I have been to Thailand)
  5. Have you all forgotten the MSC ORCHESTRA and MSC POESIA incident? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XEtcnLEX45c
  6. We have sailed on Freedom and on her sister ship Independence for a total of 20nts and I have spent 7nts on NCL Epic. We have only sailed on the Solstice class on Celebrity (Equinox) for a total of 18nts. We have another cruise booked on Freedom, the ABC-Islands and St Maarten. From the info you have provided, I would say that Freedom is your pick. Freedom will be more similar to the Epic then Celebrity will be.
  7. If I took a tour in Sweden (I live here), I wouldn't tip the guide or driver.
  8. Be sure NOT to connect to the the ships satelite network, it's VERY expensive to use.
  9. We have done several trips on cruise ferries in the Baltic. You can get some signal now and then near Sweden, Åland, Finland, Estonia, Germany and Poland but not at open sea.
  10. Royal / Celebrity are HORRIBLE when this happens. It took us three MONTHS until we got our compensation when they lost our bag. You can get compensation for delayed bags from your travel insurance, but they won't pay any compensation for the whole bag until Royal have made their decision about compensation.
  11. VISA and Master Card works almost everywhere, but American Express and Diners does not! Very few accept American Express or Diners.
  12. Did you read what I wrote? "This is a copy and paste of old post I have done before, keep that in mind when you read them." Our daughter was 3.5 months old when she boarded her first cruise.
  13. This is a copy and paste of old post I have done before, keep that in mind when you read them. We have since then done two more cruises, in May we will board our daughter's fifth cruise. She will be 16 months by then. This is my experience, your baby will be in the center of attention. You might not want to let a lot of people thouching your babys hands since they put them in the mouth all the time. Before you go on the cruise, get your baby used to noisy environments like resturants and shopping malls. This will help the baby to get used to a lot of people. Breastfeed your baby, then you always have the food ready and your baby have a protection from the milk and aren't affected by germs from food. Bring a lot of nappies, we had 330 with us for our cruise. We keept score of how many nappies we used the weeks before the cruise, 15 - 21 each day... We did have 100 + nappies when the cruise was over, but better safe then sorry. Meraviglia have very nice public restrooms with changing tables for babies but when you are in your cabin you will need something to put your baby on when it's time to change the nappy. We bought a blow up thing from IKEA and it worked very vell. Ikea Skötsam. And for public places we used Libero Mats to put on the changing tables. MSC did a wonderful job making it easier for us. Priority boarding, opened up a office for my wife to breast feed our baby on embarktion day when our cabin wasn't ready. Helped us with the stroller when we got on the ship or when we got off. Bring a smaller stroller that can have the seat folded down completly. We used a Baby Throne / Yo-yo stroller. Don't have a lot of plans for the ports of call, traveling with a baby is VERY time consuming. Bring a pair of Peltor Kid hearing protection with you and keep it in the stroller, now and then your baby will need it. After the first cruise we bought a Graco stroller that can fit a baby seat and a Stokke PramPack, both are great! We have a very similar stroller as this one, but not exactly the same: Stokke PramPack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB6QACpqU9w
  14. If you need a data connection to use your "GPS" you don't have a true GPS.
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