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  1. I would have a look on Youtube, I know of at least one couple that used to do travel videos that had Reunion as a port of call on one of their cruises.
  2. Yes, but still it doesn't make sense. What can you do with only a name and knowing that e-mail they have? I work for my municipality. I and everyone else have an e-mail with their name and the town name "John.doe@kalmar.se". With other words, you could go to the homepage, find a name of anyone that works there and then figure out their e-mail. Giving out your e-mail might result in a lot of spam mails, but that's pretty much it. An if someone would like to add your e-mail to a spam list, they don't do that manualy by collecting e-mails from luggage tags...
  3. Doesn't make sense, how would an e-mail even make that possible? I mean you share that every time you send an e-mail...
  4. Yes. If yo pick a NCL cruise and say no to the "Free at sea", the cruise will be A LOT cheaper. I have only sailed on NCL one time back in 2011, but we found a cruise that would sail from Singapore to Dubai and thought that it would be something different. Started to look at prices and soon found out that the difference between the price with or without the "Free at sea" was between $1500 - 2000.
  5. Spotify Premium, easy and you have millions of songs to choose from.
  6. It's even worse when people don't know the name for it.. 😜 It's BASS.
  7. We flew from Stockholm on the Sept 9th, but we had already checked our bags in Kalmar. So it wasn't us 😉
  8. I use Spotify Premium on my phone. You can download music an play it off line for a month. After that you need to go online and you have another month of off line use.
  9. Why would a criminal go to the airport, look at nametags for hours to find one that lives close enough to the airport and then go and break in to the house? There's easier ways to find out if someone is away, internet is one of them... If I would put my phone number (which I do) on my bags, one internet search would give them my name, address, my apartment number, my wifes name, what car I have... Even if I only would put my name on the bag, they would get the same info since I'm the only one with that name.
  10. Because people wants to see the Panama canal locks.. Without the canal all cruise ships would just sail by in a distance from Colon.
  11. We have had that on 5 cruises, two 7nts in the Caribbean, one 7nts in the Med, one Transatlantic 14nts and on the last one 10nts to Hawaii. We live in Sweden and have had long flights to all cruises except the one in the Med. I think that it's fantastic and we have been to beaches on all cruises. Only negative thing is that the baby seat have a hight and weight limit (13 kg), our daughter is 21 months old and so far she's under the limit but she is small. I hope that we still will be able to use it on our Dubai cruise in December. We use a Stokke Prampack during the flights to protect it.
  12. We have used this on our last five cruises. If the taxi don't have seat belts, take the next one.
  13. We went to the Gatun-looks and then got back to the port. We did walk for a little bit before we got back on the ship. We might do a cruise in 2021 that stops in Colon, not sure if we will get off the ship.
  14. This topic comes up all the time and it's always the same. Some say do it and some say you don't have to. Some say it's expensive, some say it's only $10/year. I just don't get the fuss about it, just get a passport and be done with it.
  15. I don't get why this is a big deal. My daughter got her passport two days before she turned one month old. She didn't need it until 2.5 months later, but I have always had a valid passport the last 20+ years and why shouldn't she? It will only be valid for 3 years, but so what? An adult passport is only vaild for 5 years in Sweden, doesn't matter much to me. I just get a new one when the old expire. 3 years ago I had to get a new passport, ESTA, drivers licens and Visa Card because I took my wifes surrname when we got married. All of the above was less then one year old, nothing to cry about.
  16. Why does someone need to be jealous, only because they don't enjoy the same things as you do? "The nicer things" well that's in the eye of the beholder. We normaly sail on Royal, but as a Swede the American "in your face-service" took us a long time to get used to. I still can't say that I enjoy it. Last year we "had to" book MSC since Royal wouldn't let my family sail (due to age restrictions). Started to read a lot about MSC before we sailed and a lot of passangers that normaly sail on Royal said that they hated the lack of service. We sailed two times on MSC last year for a total of 18nts. Even if I prefer Royal compared to MSC, I think that the "we are here if you need us-service" are a lot more appeling and one of the best things about MSC. My point is that what someone call "the nicer things" isn't the same for everyone.
  17. A voyage taken only for pleasure, not for transport of cargo or passangers.
  18. Might be, but it's not what I'm looking for. But I have found out that what I'm looking for change as time goes by. One day maybe, but then I won't be able to afford it 😂
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