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  1. Special Needs does have a kiosk in Ft. Lauderdale, but not available for Princess. I rented a scooter for my cruise in February and confirmed that with them, so unless something has changed in the ~two months since then..... I've rented from Special Needs 4-5 times and have been very happy with their service.
  2. So exciting - we are on the same cruise! Just ordered our Medallions last week though, so they haven't yet arrived. Thanks for sharing the pictures - we can't wait to get ours!
  3. We are doing this itinerary on the Crown next year, so I'm following along with great interest! Thank you for the review.
  4. Hi - I've cruised on Princess several times with a scooter. Contacting Princess - even their disability office will get you very little in terms of answers. They would not give me a 'yes' or 'no' about using a scooter on a tender in Hawaii, but I found out later that nobody ever uses a scooter on tenders on Maui. (I'm sure someone will interject that they've done it, but my experience over 4 cruises is that no scooters on tenders). As for excursions in general, we found out the hard way that even booking the wheelchair accessible excursions doesn't apply to scooters - on our last cruise in the Caribbean we were requested to visit the excursions desk, and then were informed that they could accomodate wheelchairs, but not scooters, so three of our excursions had to be canceled. I've made a point of every post-cruise survey to tell them that they need to update their excursion information, given the number of people who use scooters now. Our best bet so far has been to book third party excursions and confirm with them that they have transportation that has lifts that will accomodate scooters, not just wheelchairs. Many scooters break down, but many do not, and even when they do, the weight can be prohibitive. Scooting off the ship has not been an issue except for Grand Turk, which had a very steep V-shaped ramp to get off the ship - and the staff were willing to lift the scooter over the 'bump' if I got off it - but most times scooting off the ship has been very easy, and staff are very willing to help. Good luck and have fun!
  5. I always request it in the Personalizer, and the steward has always known about it when they introduce him/herself, but it's never been in the cabin. However, the water has always appeared well before bedtime, along with a (very!) long extension cord. The only time I needed more than one gallon of water was on a 15 night Hawaiian cruise. I suggest that anyone needing distilled water simply note it in the Personlizer, and confirm with the steward upon boarding.
  6. Completely agree that requiring documentation from a physician that I require a HC accessible cabin is excessive and burdensome. It's hard enough to secure one of these cabins - and as has already been stated, we already have to fill out paperwork with the cruise line that we meet the requirements for these cabins.
  7. On our last cruise, due to some last minute confusion, I didn't realize until after we had dropped our luggage off that I hadn't put any tags on my suitcase (although of course it had a tag with my name/phone, etc.) Yikes! Yet, it still showed up right outside the cabin (before my roommate's, in fact). Well done, Princess!
  8. We had a curtain in our handicapped accessible cabin on the Emerald a few years ago.
  9. I would probably be swayed towards Disney/Paris also, but as for the Crown....we were on her in February this year and had a wonderful time. We thought the ship was in great shape and are strongly considering a 2020 cruise on her. Congratulations!
  10. My cruise partner and I love to play cards. On our last cruise on the Star, we'd find a table near the 'windows' on the pool deck, and never had a problem with wind, or the cards blowing around. The Horizon Court is easily accessible from there, as are various bars from which we could get refills on soda, etc.
  11. We were on the Star, in C304 last year. When the balcony door was opened all the way, a metal piece flipped down to form a continuous ramp up/ramp down condition that allowed me to walk out to the balcony with my cane very easily. We didn't realize at first that you have to be sure the door is ALL the way open to allow the metal piece to flip over and cover the gap. Enjoy!
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