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  1. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions. I wound up taking a picture of both cards on my Ipad mini. They are safely stored there & i can attach them to the email when I get it. This works out great for me because I find the phone a bit small for me to do anything on.
  2. We got our tickets & luggage tags over a week ago for our Sept. 25th cruise.
  3. We booked a YC2 on the Divina twice before. I think these cabins are unique to that ship . Huge. 2 totally separated large rooms, walkin closet. Separate dressing area, etc. They were not located on the same deck as any of the other YC cabins. BUT.....I loved these cabins. I would book them again. The extra walk was worth it.
  4. This might seem very mundane to some but we are old and VERY technically challenged. I just spoke to MSC on another matter, after waiting on hold for an hour, and they also explained what happens closer to boarding date. Apparently they will email us 48 hours before sailing & we will have to upload (?) are covid vaccine cards then. We will also have to bring them to the port & take a rapid antigen test. I am worried about the test because I know you can have false positives but my husband is more worried about how we would upload the cards. We are going into
  5. Can't really follow you. Are you saying new bookings or old bookings have it easier ? Mine is an old booking.
  6. hmmm....I haven't had any trouble with them.. Did a real easy checkin with them earlier this week. Within minutes of finishing, my boarding pass & luggage tags were in my email.
  7. You would not have gotten your boarding passes if you were not checked in !
  8. We took a Caribbean cruise right before Covid. I had misplaced my passport & called MSC in a panic. They said they would accept a Birth Certificate but it MUST be certified. Luckily I had one & there was no problem. Of course as soon as I got home I found the passport :O)
  9. Interesting. My online account never showed a boarding time. There are still over 40 YC cabins available for my cruise. Not sure about the other categories so checkin should be quite easy :O)
  10. On some of the other threads, some YC people had later times.
  11. Some discussion going on about boarding times. How to get the time you want & can you change. Not sure about that but think the original assignment goes by when you print your ticket. We just got the email yesterday to finish the online checkin. When done, we immediately received another email with the download for our boarding pass & luggage tags. Sailing on Sept. 25th in the YC. Our boarding time is 11:am. I am sure this is the earliest time you can get. Perhaps that is how they are distributed. When the 11am is full they just go on to the next time slo
  12. We are on the cruise after you. Booked last week. Although only 4 night, I thought $800. for a Grand Suite quite reasonable
  13. 9/25 sailing & got my docs TODAY Got an email from MSC this morning saying to complete the web checkin. I did and later got another email with the download attachment for the docs & luggage tags. Printed everything off OK So much for 20 days before the cruise........
  14. I am sure there is one. Does anyone have it. If I just call MSC they tell me to email them. I would prefer to speak to someone instead. Apparently my account is screwed up because they split it in 2. One with just my first & last name and the other which includes my middle name.
  15. Just sad....I do not know how things will turn around, So out of control. I am old & live just down the coast from SF now. I just stay on the peninsula. Because of its location & natural beauty, I am sure someday it will again become a glorious city again.
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