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  1. The YC2 cabins on Divina are amazing. YouTube them... i was shocked to see on the Seaside they reclassified them and now have no yacht club access. We had booked those many times. Wanted to try seaside so booked a YC1. Thought them very small. The 2 so-called closets looked like an after thought. They were very small. One had the 2 robes in it and there was only room for about 2 other items. but.....we did have the full yacht club experience which is what it is all about. We were lucky enough to find a YC3 on the Seaside available this October so we snagged it. Can’t wait !
  3. We have one booked in Oct for $3100.pp
  4. We are much older than you but also on an Alaska cruise this July. We do an Alaska cruise every year. I do not recall seeing many children which means either there are not many or they have a good kids program that keeps them busy. I do not think they have a dedicated kids space/area like other cruiselines so not sure what they would do.
  5. Thanks but we are only interested in the bus.
  6. We will be on the Mariner this July. We are NOT staying at the Hilton where the Regent bus picks up but can be there at any designated time. This transportation is NOT included in our booking. I have conflicting info on if we can still sign up for it. I hear it is $129.pp Does anyone know the time it leaves ? thank you
  7. have no voucher & it does not show as OBC was told it was part of the package that gave us the 30% disc. I am not worried about it because that is what Royal C. had done in the past. When we went onboard, we just went to the casino and they had a record of it and actually gave us the full cash amount. I do not care if they give it to us that way or as machine credit..
  8. It has been my experience on all cruiselines to hear that the easiest way to get points is through the regular slots. I do not know MSCs criteria. I know on Royal Caribbean you need 2100 points on a 7 day cruise to qualify for their club or about 300 a day. Some days I do not play, others I play more to even things out. The most important thing to do is ALWAYS put your sea card in. Remember it is NOT what you win or lose...it is the amount that goes through the machine, So even if I think I am only going to put in $20. and move on....I put the card in. If I have no luck, probably only a point. But if I have luck and wind up playing for an hour, I get lots of points on just that $20. Unfortunately that also goes for $100 :O) I play the penny slots but of course you know they take a lot of pennys. I max at 200 ($2.) I played most every day for awhile on our 7 day Seaside cruise last year. I got an email from them with the 30% off AND $500. in casino cash. My husband did not start playing until Thursday. He also only does slots. He got an email for the 30% off and $200. in casino cash. Of course when I booked you only get 1 30% off but it is for the total of the entire cruise. I was told that we will both get our casino cash offers.
  9. call 1-844-672-7529 I would really be amazed if they would extend it. We could just not pass it by. We would never pay the full amount for a YC3 even though it is worth it. I think you basically have 4 days left. I am sure when this expires they will come out with another off although i cannot believe it would be as generous. let us know what they say !
  10. We are slot players on every cruise we go on. I would say moderate in the fact I do not play high machines but frequent the casino a lot. We get offers from all the casino clubs but they are usually ones we cannot/or choose not to use. Limited to certain ships/certain sailings and certain category cabins. We got an email offer from the MSC casino club last month for 30% off a cruise and some casino cash. Only catch was it had to be booked by the end off this month. Time was running out so I called the casino club a few days ago. I was really quite shocked when I was told ANY cruise ANY category cabin and I could use ANY travel agent I wanted and then they would adjust the price. That was definitely worth some research. So I had a YC3 cabin held for an October cruise with an internet agency we had used many times before. They were offering prepaid gratuities and $500. OBC. I called MSC & gave them the booking number. They not only took off the 30% but also another %5 percent for our black card status...we got that with their status match promotion with our Royal Caribbean card. Since the price was lowered so much, the agency readjusted their OBC to $300. because it is based on the final price of the cruise. They still included their tips. Needless to say, I just put the down payment on to firm up the booking.
  11. I think you are a bit confused with your 'obvious' remarks.... I personally cannot stand the YC1 cabins on Seaside. I think a minisuite on Royal is bigger. BUT......the yacht club experience...nothing else like lt. Starts at the beginning at the port.....you do not go in. You go to the tent outside where a butler takes your luggage and escorts you to a room where you have champagne and cookies until you board....escorted of course by your butler. and it just goes on from there. The Divina has spacious YC2 cabins that are 2 rooms. I have no idea why, but I think they are the grand area suites on the Seaside and not eligible for yacht club entry.
  12. It was a great perk before because you could get it anytime of day 1
  13. Thank you so much for all the info.... We will be on the Star. Guess our embarkation lunch will be at Cagneys if I understood the replies correct.
  14. We will be on the Mariner this July from Seward to Vancouver. We have been on other cruiselines that in certain ports offer a service called Luggage Valet. You put your luggage outside your door on the last night. It is then picked up, taken to the airport & checked in. You do not see it again until you reach your final airport destination. Does anyone know if Regent offers this service ?
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