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  1. Now that we are packing for our 7 day cruise on the Seaside...I find myself a bit confused about 'formal' nights. That type of thing has changed so much on different cruiselines over the last few years. Will we have formal nights ? 1 or 2 ? thanks so much !
  2. Sorry you must have missed my second posting where I clarified this was about their special services department ONLY and want to be clear not the cruise line as a whole. MSC is a nice line and we are black card and have been sailing with them since way before the yacht club started. I totally agree there are many expectations...perhaps to many. It is only that this request was never questioned on other lines...that is why I was a bit taken back by their reply.
  3. Thanks but these posts have nothing to do with 'drinking' water.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. For sure I will not take something like for granted again. It will not stop me from booking...I will just be more prepared.
  5. To Those I Upset With My Original Posting..... I would like to clear a few issues... I included the fact that we would be in a YC Royal Suite and then added...that should not matter, because many times people on the MSC board assume Yacht Club guests should be entitled to more & I do not believe that should matter when asking for any type of special services. I was shocked......although I guess I should have just been 'surprised' by their reply as we have been on 4 other cruiselines that provided it without question. This is not a slight as such against MSC, merely their special service department as they admit they provide that to 'some people' & then run out. We have sailed MSC since way before the Yacht Club experience came to be and always spoke highly to our friends about them. To those of you who over reacted and replied with such disdain to my posting...I apologize...sounds like you need a relaxing cruise....hopefully in the Yacht Club :O)
  6. Love your reply. We are older and it is awkward for us to carry water along with our other things when we board. I would gladly buy it from them if available. Only reason I originally brought this up was my surprise at their answer. NEVER had it questioned by any other cruiseline, that is why I just assumed there would be no problem if you went through their special service department.
  7. Will be on the Seaside in 2 weeks. We are staying in the Yacht Club Royal Suite.....not that it should matter. i emailed their special services department...just as I do on other cruiselines....explaining that my husband has had significant sinus surgeries and must use a medicated rinse daily. He has the medication but needs distilled water to mix it with. Normally by doing this kind of email, A gallon jug will be waiting in our cabin when we arrive. I was shocked to read their reply that said they do not have enough of that for everyone who asks and that we should bring our own. They also said to be sure the cap has not been opened before so they will not take it away when boarding ! Do they also do that for CPAP users ! I am willing to PAY for it just to not have to lug it onboard !
  8. I really miss the YC2 category on Seaside. We always got that cabin on Divina. Giant with large living room and separate bedroom. I did not mind it was on a separate floor. I think that cabin is on the Seaside but with a different category that has no yacht club access. Now your only hope for a large cabin is a YC3.
  9. We were on the Seaside last summer and each received 2 meals for our black card status.
  10. I really do not know. I tend to go in there a lot. My husband hardly at all because he cannot stand any kind of smoke yet he also got the offer. I have heard that it takes a lot more play if you do the tables. The one advice I would give is put your card in the machine EVERYTIME you walk into the casino.....sometimes you get a wristband you can tap on the machine instead. It is not about how much you win or lose, just how much money is run through the machine.. EXAMPLE....I have only $20. I want to play. I put it in the machine and lose it in a few minutes....I have NO points. I put in $20., wind up getting lucky and play for an hour on that $20.... I have lots of points with just the same amount of money out of my pocket. So I ALWAYS put the card in because sometimes I think I will only be in there a minute but wind up playing for a while. I want EVERY point to count.
  11. 1. It seems to take a long time for MSC to complete the match and give you credit. 2. They have already downgraded the program. We did it in the beginning with our Royal Caribbean status & got black. If we did it now, we would only get gold. 3. They can CANCEL this program at ant time !
  12. AND IF YOU PLAY IN THE CASINO>>>>>>> you will know that every cruiseline sends you offers. They are usually a percentage off of of specific cruises and specific cabin categories. And you must book through their casino club. We are penny slot players, although you know those machines take a lot of pennies ! My personal max is $2.00 a pull. The offers we got from MSC are spectacular. The main reason is we can book through ANYONE we want for ANY cruise in ANY cabin. We are going on the Seaside next month. They told us to book through any agent we wanted and then they would discount the price by our offer of 30% plus an additional 5% because we are black card members which we attained through our Royal Caribbean status match. We used an internet agency which through in gratuities and $250.00 on board credit. Called MSC and gave them the booking number and they immediately discounted our price and reminded me they are also throwing in $250. for each of us at the casino window when we sail. Of course we are in the Yacht Club and of course will play in their casino again !
  13. After reading some of these threads it looks like you need to reserve seats for some or all of the shows. We were on the Seaside last year and did not have to do this. We will be sailing on her again next month. Will I have to reserve the shows ? We will be staying in the Yacht Club if that makes any difference. Thank you
  14. CarolNLarry.... We also got that incredible casino deal. Most cruise lines limit the date,cabin category,etc. I could not believe we could pick any cruise so next month we will be on the Seaside in the ROYAL SUITE yc3. So excited. I am looking forward to the RS cabin and the private cabanas. Could never have done that without the discount. The internet TA we used through in gratuities and OBC. One of the things I like about the Butler......Although we are old, we like to get off the ship fairly early at the end of the cruise and take off all our own luggage. They escort you into an empty elevator and around all the lines of the masses to get off the ship. Makes this process doable for us.
  15. Thanks...still a bit confused...the angled ones...are they basically the same size as most of the other balconys but have a bit of additional space where angled ?
  16. On the description for the F1 category balconies, it says they vary from 83 to 132 sq feet. I know the diagrams can be deceiving but 8 cabins show what looks like a slant that might add the extra room. Cabins 748/749,846/847,946/947,1020/1023 Is anyone familiar with these cabins or know if their balconies really are the larger ones. thanks
  17. Just held a PS cabin. Price was great & it has that wonderful wraparound balcony on the back of the ship. This is for a Caribbean cruise. Then I started to read the reviews. Seems almost everyone complains about the food. Is it true there is no where you can get pizza without paying ? Do you have to pay for internet if you are in a suite ? Your other thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. We booked with a large internet TA and got free gratuities and $300. onboard credit.
  19. Agrees with others about the YC pool area. Upgraded lounge chairs and never crowded. Great buffet lunch there and of coarse, free cocktails. The start to the cruise is the best. You do NOT go into the port. Have your cab leave you at the YC tent. Butlers take your luggage and you are escorted to a private room for checkin with champagne & cookies. My husband likes the private restaurant & lounge the best. Too bad you cannot talk you friends into the YC cabins
  20. We knew our TSA precheck was no good there. But, we did get priority to pass 2 of the very long lines because we had first class tickets. The one were you go to get the tags for your bags. Probably 20 people ahead of us. The coach line was actually out the door on the sidewalk ! Then the REALLY long line to where you take your luggage to the conveyor belt. Must have been a hundred people in that line & they let us pass right to the front.
  21. OMG......Vancouver airport... It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get though security.....and we had first class tickets !
  22. Currently on the Mariner. We left Anchorage on July 3rd. Luckily, we read about the weather....hottest summer ever. Our first 3 ports...Juneau, Icy Point & Skagway were very hot, over 80 degrees. Most people knew to bring shorts and tank tops. Beautiful but sad as we have been here before when warm but this is a bit much, combined with the smoke from the current fires. One tour operator of a bear watching tour told me she cut her tour short because she did not like the ‘look’ a bear was giving her. Seems the combination of heat and smoke has some of the animals acting strangely. We had been to Icy Point before and never had to deal with bugs. This time we were on a tour in an open air vehicle and were constantly fighting of large horse flys that bit. The tour lady said it was because of the heat they were having this problem. As we have been coming south, you no longer notice any smoke and it is cooler. Otherwise...has been a fabulous cruise. We are in Victoria tomorrow for our last port.
  23. I had requested this several times in the past from different cruise lines. Answer was always the same....you pay the full price of the cruise AND you cannot disembark the port you want unless they already have a customs setup for that....which they never did.
  24. We live by San Francisco. Used to think about moving but now to old :O) Just enough energy left for cruising !
  25. We love Alaska. We live in California so it is one of the easier cruises for us to take. We have been going every year for decades..
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