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  1. We booked the Meraviglia a month ago for the end of Sept. 2021 through an internet agent. Got free gratuities and generous OBC. Just checked & that is still available. The OBC varies on the category cabin booked.
  2. We use an Internet agency that shows the available cabins. There are several of these sites. Cannot name one here or I will get in trouble. Just try a couple. Just make a pretend booking, show the category you want & then they will show you deck by deck, which cabins are available. We always do this & pick our own. I usually continue to watch availability as sometimes a cabin in the same category pops up that I like the location better & just change. There is no fee for that. Another advantage is that usually booking with MSC direct gives you no perks. Our internet agency always throws in prepaid gratuities & generous OBC. the price for the cruise is usually the same with MSC.
  3. We sailed last September... Apparently not all perks are written down. Half way through the cruise, I asked our butler if there were any laundry specials. He said since we were in the RS we did not did one as we had UNLIMITED laundry. Although I felt a bit guilty I sent everything we had worn out before the end of the trip & we never received a charge. On our cruise for this September, I went online to MSC MY ACCOUNT. Under the reservation for the room it says... Included Beachfront Yacht Club Cabana (max 6 people) All Day Rental We cancelled that and rebooked for next September. They switched ships. When I check online now, it says NOTHING about the cabana :O( As far as laundry ??? I will whine & say we got it on the Seaside but they probably will not care ,
  4. The Seaside has much better Perks if you get the YC3 RS. You would think that that would be the same on all ships but it is not. Last year on the Seaside, in the YC3, we got free gelato & crepes, free unlimited laundry, and our cruise this year that was cancelled, we were also to get a complementary ocean cabana on their island...that is worth a lot. We pushed our September cruise this year to September next year and they had changed the ship to the Meraviglia. It is my understanding that none of those perks will be honored on that ship.
  5. We did not used a free certificate but did use the 30% off casino one. Our cruise was for this October. We changed that to October 2021. Loved they still honored that discount. We booked through an Internet agency while we were onboard our last cruise. Because we talked to the booking agent onboard, she added $200. OBC to the next cruise. I was really amazed that OBC was also pulled forward to the 2021 cruise. Their casino club is DEFINITELY the best at sea. They honor their discount on ANY cruise, booked with ANY agency of your choice. Our agent threw in another $500. OBC and prepaid gratuities.
  6. On the Seaside, the gelato and crepes were included. It is my understanding that they are NOT included on the Meraviglia
  7. When we were in the YC on the Seaside, gelato & crepes were included in the chocolate area. Just watched a youtube of the Meraveglia. They also have gelato & crepes, It looks like a different company. Is that a YC perk on that ship ,also ? thanks
  8. Can you please give me some info on the balcony. Since it is on the front of the ship, how usable is it because of the wind ? Is the balcony very big ? Thanks
  9. We also have an Oct. 2020 cruise. I was told by MSC today that if I cancel before the end of this month, I get my full deposit back & no other charges, We are then going to rebook for next year. I understand the OPs dilemma. To just change the date they want $100. He probably needs to do that to save the $200. OBC for booking onboard.
  10. Our June cruise was cancelled. We opted for the cash refund. A week later we got an email from Regent trying to talk us out of it. They did a cruise cabin match. Find a comparable cruise & same category and they will not charge you anymore if the next cruise is more expensive. They would then take 100% of your 125% FCC as payment in full no matter the real cost. The extra 25% of your FCC is good for 2 years. Seemed like a good deal for us so we took it. We found a comparable cruise for next year on a different ship that was more expensive. The original ship only had one F category & the new ship an F1 & F2. They gave us the better, F1. I started a thread the other day as our cruise appeared to be 'lost'. Regent had 'technical' problems & all seems OK again. That extra 25% of FCC is quite a chunk for us. Sounds like this might work for your situation. Now, if only they do not go bankrupt :O)
  11. yep our cabin still available The actual cruise sites, not just Regent, make it hard to see all available cabins. We have (?) a category F. Checking on another internet site, there are 32 category F cabins available for that cruise.
  12. I got more than a slap...2011 and still on my account. One point against me from cruisecritic and another point against me from the yahoo that complained about me breaking the rules. There's one in every crowd :O)
  13. google internet cruise agents. might take you awhile but just keep trying them one at a time. There are quite a few that will give you the actual cabin numbers still available. You make a 'pretend' booking to where it lets you select your cabin. I cannot say any of the ones I use. I did that once years ago and was given a warning by cruise critic.
  14. Our June cruise was cancelled so we took the FCC cabin match deal for a cruise next May. Just out of curiosity I was wondering about the occupancy so I went on an internet site that lets you see that. I was quite amazed to see MY CABIN WAS AVAILABLE ! I have the paperwork confirming the cabin we booked. Needless to say I have a call into my agent to find out what is going on.
  15. We are basically in the same boat as you :O) We have a cruise booked on another cruiseline for the end of September out of Miami....to pay or not to pay.... got a great deal on a great cabin with lots of OBC, prepaid gratuities , etc.
  16. Loved the YC2 cabins on Divina...those are not available on the Seaside. youtube to see them.
  17. I thought we were slick waiting...we took the cash refund option. 2 days later they offered us the 'cabin match' with no extra money to be paid if the next cruise was higher priced plus an additional 25% FCC towards another cruise. We took the cabin match deal. Now I am worried the company will go bankrupt & we will lose it all. We should have kept the $$$
  18. I am sorry to impose on all of you.... I know this discussion is very important but sadly over my head. Simply put..... we have a cruise on Regent booked for May 2021 No chance of a refund as we booked with FCC I do not care if the cruise is cancelled because our credit just goes forward but... do you think there is a chance of the company going bankrupt meaning we would lose it all.... thank you all for your opinions
  19. We live down the coast from San Francisco. We have been on lockdown for almost 2 months. Grocery stores open. Some restaurants for take out only. Have been ordering food from Amazon Fresh. No schools or daycare. Senior center is closed.. I am a bit of a hoarder and have made a lot of progress going through things but there is NO WHERE to donate anything! Have the Seaside booked for the end of September but I am sure it will be cancelled. We will wait for them to cancel as I am sure that way we get $$ back not FCC.
  20. I know this is quite confusing... It is the 125% FCC The catch was if we found another cruise WITHIN 10 days...they would take 100% of our FCC but not really care what the amount was....if you could find what they considered comparable...you could automatically use that for the same category on the next booking without having to pay any difference. In other words..... say we paid $5000. for our last cruise. The next one was $6,000 for the same category...we got that cabin with NO additional payment. We then got to keep the entire 25% of what left from the additional booking for another cruise in the future. In my example, that would be $1250. So, the next cruise we book after the one next year will be in 2022...that extra FCC will really help towards that cruise but there will be no $$ left over.
  21. We like to take the first Alaska cruise of the year which next year is Vancouver round trip. We were in an F ( they only have one category F and the cabins are TINY ) on the Mariner which is not a lot to my liking but we really wanted the cruise. Now an F1 on the Explorer. Night & day difference in an F on that ship. Cabins are incredible.Love it ! If I had just booked that cruise on my own, we would have been paying A LOT MORE ! I asked about if they were still not cruising by then or drastically changed the itinerary. They said that would count as a cancellation on their part and all our original money would be returned. I think we could have picked any cruise up to 13 days. The rules just say a comparable cruise. Now we also have thousands in FCC. I am looking at the Splendor in the Caribbean in 2022 ! We have 1 year to make the booking. Great marketing strategy for whomever thought it up. So easy. At first we thought the extra FCC was going to be onboard credit. We were not going to book because you do not need to spend anything on a regent cruise.
  22. Hope it works out OK. They canceled our June 4th cruise. I received an email about the cabin match on a comparable cruise next year for the same price. So we booked a cruise for next May in the same category. The cruise is 2 days less but a more expensive ship. We pay nothing more. Then we get the 25% FCC. That gets connected to our Regent cruise number so we can book a future cruise through anyone & the credit will be applied. We have 1 year to book another cruise and that can be any date up until the end of 2022. Very easy...and for those of you that are curious....we are very old and they did NOT require any health letter !
  23. Shippy

    November cruise

    Our Seaside cruise is the first week of October. I would still like to go but feel they will cancel. Once this is over I think it will take them a long time to get things up & running again. We are in our 70's.
  24. Shippy

    Refund or FCC

    Not sure of any of your answers and the rules seem to be changing all the time now. I am especially interested in peoples opinions on your 3rd question because... it is my understanding that that the FCC must be used ALL AT ONCE AND CANNOT BE APPLIED FOR THE DOWN PAYMENT. In other words, unless you pay in full at time of booking, you would have to pay cash for the down payment and then the FCC for the rest. I have also heard that would be the end of your FCC. You cannot carry over any balance for anything else like OBC or another cruise. I have a cruise in June that I know will be cancelled. We are now leaning on just getting the cash back because I think there are going to be to many complications with the FCC.
  25. I hope you are right ! We have a cruise in the beginning of June which I know will be cancelled But, we have another at the end of September. What a celebration that will be if we can go on that !
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