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  1. We are on the 14 day cruise starting 1/4/2020.

    The cruise look to be pretty sold out.

    We snagged L105, front of ship, only 2 cabins left..  Do not mind being forward, wanted a mini suite.  However, from pictures I've seen of this cabin on the Royal and Regal, it is a little wider but not as long as a regular mini.  The couch seems pushed up so part of it is across from the bed.

    The room seems a little squished.

    Can anyone confirm from experience.  I would expect it to be the same on the SKY.


    I did look at the 1/4 and 1/11 cruises separately and found many more cabins available.  Found the same Emerald deck cabin, aft available for both cruises.  Could I speak to Princess and ask to be assigned this for the 14 day?

  2. 19 hours ago, skynight said:

    You have to wait until you are on board and visit the restaurant if you want an "off" time. There is normally someone there on boarding day afternoon. Since you are actually on two 7 day voyages b2b, you can speak with the restaurant during the first 7 days for a reservation during the 2nd 7 days. You may be able to book on line and just change the time once on board.

    On line pre-cruise there are only certain times. If you call the dining line once on board they also have set times. Just a few weeks ago on another Princess ship we went to Sabatini's and requested a 6:30 dining time. We were able to get it. Around 7:30 most of the restaurant was empty, kind of cleared out from the initial 5:30 dining times. One other note, 7 day cruises tend to have busy specialty restaurant usage. The second boarding day, January 11, might be a good choice. Full suite passengers get free dining on boarding days, the restaurant generally has tables and you will have already experienced the evening shows.


    This sounds like a good idea.  If we don't get something for the first week we will have a leg up on booking preferred times for the second week.

  3. We are booked on a 14 day sailing, Jan 4 on the Sky Princess.

    When trying to make advance dining reservations at the specialty restaurants, regardless of the day or restaurant chosen I am only offered times choices of 

    5:30, 7:30 or 9:30.

    Is this standard?  We'd actually prefer a time like 6:30 or 7.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  4. We have been in Venice for several days staying at the Hilton Molino Stuckry.

    this hotel is directly across from where the infamous collision happened.

    we could see the boat clearly and up close.

    Today, a tugboat came and finally towed her away, I imagine to finally be repaired.

  5. We are on the last full day of our cruise from Amsterdam to Basel.

    We are docked in Breisich and will not be going to Basel by boat.  They will take us by bus tomorrow.

    The water level is too high to make it safely under the low bridges.  

    The new boarding passengers will be bussing from Basel to board the boat to Amsterdam.

  6. 5 hours ago, bradpole said:

    Sunday was a busy, and wet, day for us.  Sunday morning we visited the glass museum on Murano.  Had a wonderful lunch at a small restaurant, and stopped off at the Catholic Cemetery on the way back to the main section of Venice. After getting off the water bus in the Cannarego section. we meandered the streets and stumbled upon the most beautiful grocery store.  Yes a beautiful grocery store!  The store’s name is “Despar” however the name on the building is, “Teatro Italia”. 


    We continued to wander the streets and alleys until we reached the grand canal and took our first water bus ride down the canal towards our hotel.  For those who have not yet had the experience of riding down the grand canal words can’t describe the experience.  Sadly it had yet to stop raining this entire day so many of our photos are a little dreary.  Thankfully before leaving we noticed the dreadful weather forecast of Rain, Rain, and more Rain and added pairs of good rain paints and rain jackets to our suitcase.  Had we not had these the day would have been miserable.  As most people were fighting the wind with their umbrellas we were good and dry.  Sunday evening was the one and only scheduled event we had.  We had booked through Viator an after-hours tour of the Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica.  WOW is all I can say.  The tour through the Doges palace was incredible informative and it was worth the price of the tour for the easy admission alone.  We visited all the main rooms and learned in detail their significance.  After a short break the highlight of the evening, the tour of St. Marks.  Photos weren’t allowed, I only managed to snap one or two before we were told no photographs.  The interior of the Basilica is simply amazing.  The tile works are breathtaking.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better we were brought into the main cathedral and asked to take a [much needed] seat.  That’s when the real treat began.  They turned on the lights!  WOW!  The gold mosaic tiles glowed!  The marble shined!  You could feel the history!  After sitting in awe for a few minutes were lead around the cathedral and shown up close many priceless works of art.  We also visited the crypt before ending the tour.  If you have the time BOOK THIS TOUR, you won’t be sorry!  We did not climb the Campanile of in St. Mark’s square instead opting to visit the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore instead the next day.  After this tour we made our way back to our hotel and collapsed in near exhaustion from our all our explorations around the city.  Below are a few pictures DH took inside the Basilica, even though he wasn’t supposed to! 





    Thank you for this advice.

    I did book this tour through Viator.  Looking forward to it.  Although our third time in Venice, we have never done this.

  7. We were on the trip

    immediately prior to yours.  We had a smaller group, only @ 44  persons.

    we also did the Jordon pre trip with just 6 people.  It was amazing!

    Everthing you say is so familiar and brings back such good memories..

    we were broken into 2 groups for the flight to Luxor, but all made it onto 1 plane to Abu Simbel.

    love your photos too!

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