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  1. Thanks everyone for posting replies. Another reason I want to try Carnival again for Alaska is because of the excursions being so expensive. The money we save on cruise fare we can put towards excursions.
  2. Thanks silvercrikhix! I appreciate your response. I am hoping to change my hubby’s mind on this Carnival cruise!
  3. We have cruised on Carnival several times and enjoyed our cruise. The last time we sailed on the Dream (7 day) we had a terrible experience. We were trying to let our kids (Ages 7 & 10) swim in the pool and a drunk guy started yelling at our kids and swearing at them. It was not an adults only area so our kids had a right to be in the pool. He really upset our 7 year old to the point of tears and she would not get in the pools after that. We told the security team, that was walking by, what happened and they did nothing. That left a bad taste in our mouth with Carnival. We haven't sailed with them since. My husband does not want to be on a party boat. That particular cruise seemed to be a drunken party the whole time. I want to book the June 2021 Alaska cruise out of San Francisco. We definitely want a balcony room. Is the atmosphere different on an Alaskan cruise versus a Caribbean cruise? What are some of the biggest differences in things to do since being in a pool probably won't happen since the temperature of the water might be too cool? Any advise bout Alaskan cruise? Also I have heard Aft balconies are bigger and better. Are they better? We have only sailed mid ship so I don't know about the ocean and feeling the waves more. Thanks in advice for your help!
  4. We just booked June 2021 Alaska cruise yesterday. I asked about the drink package. The price you pay is $138 per person for bartender gratuity. Our 16-year-old son cannot use the drink package but we can buy an $8 plus 20% gratuity a day drink package for him. ($67.20).
  5. We arrive in Grand Cayman on April 2 via the Disney Fantasy. We have scheduled a tour at 1:00 (meeting at Hard Rock Cafe) with Fat Fish Adventures Jet Skis. We would like to do something near Hard Rock that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Any recommendations? Also, does anyone know how many ships will be in the Grand Cayman port that day?
  6. I was so excited! We didn’t tell our husbands we were upgraded until we went to our rooms!!!!!! They were blown away!!!!! It was the best vacation we have ever taken! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I'm confused. You booked a spring break cruise, posted today, and booked an IGT which got upgraded to a balcony? There are no *GT bookings available for next March at this time. Is this a hoax?[/ Moki’smommy I was referring to our first Disney Fantasy Cruise in 2012 where we were upgraded to balcony room from an guaranteed inside stateroom. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. This will be our 2nd Disney Cruise on the Fantasy. We are staying at a hotel (with points) and driving to the port. Should I book parking at the port before we get there or are there plenty of spaces available during spring break? Also what is the earliest time we can get inside the terminal? I read somewhere that when we do our check in we will select a port arrival time. Is that true and will that determine our boarding time? So excited to be cruising DCL again. Would love the same fairy dust we had last time. Booked guaranteed inside state room but was given a balcony room next door to our BFF's!!!:hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes:
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