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  1. And yet the ships are full, even with smoking casinos. You have to vote with your pocketbook. Catch 22, would like cheaper cruises, but own stock and would like to make money. Hmmmmmmmmmm, what a conundrum.
  2. Since when is it the cruise company’s responsibility to look out after the health of their customers. Their responsibility is to make money and increase my stock price. I am not a smoker and would love smoke free cruises, but it’s silly to think that a cruise company should do something if it costs them money and I bet they have done a cost benefit analysis of the smoking areas and have decided the policy that way
  3. I hope this doesn’t change, I always like to second hand smoke when I gamble!
  4. Knew I could count on cruise critic to get the right advice.
  5. Sailing on Harmony in a few weeks and booked late. All reservations for my time dining are taken for the first few nights. What do we do? Literally nothing is available except late at night. Any ideas from the huge ship veterans? First time on this class of ship and wondering if it was a mistake. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Tewkewl, you can relax. If you really want to see a show you will be able to find a way. Don’t be afraid to ask and just enjoy the trip. If you don’t see something you thought you wanted, the great thing about a ship this size is that there are dozens of other things to do. Relax and have a great time. We booked late and can’t even get reservations for my time dining, but something tells me that if we are patient we will be fed. We may have to have a beverage or two while waiting, but I am pretty sure it won’t effect our cruise.
  7. I almost came out of my bubble to live finally. I am now going to stay. Tough to get the bubble on the ship though.
  8. If you like the current price, pay it. If not don’t. I hate when people complain about price, it is what it is and they are in the business of maximizing profit.
  9. Haven’t seen planes with that much room since the 60’s. I would wear a suit if I could get that much room, but I refuse to pay anymore than coach? Yes, sarcasm.
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