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  1. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) clamped down this week on airlines giving vouchers in lieu of cash refunds to passengers with non-refundable tickets where the airline has cancelled the flight. This includes non-U.S. airlines who operate in/out of the U.S. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/03/coronavirus-travel-airlines-must-give-refunds-not-vouchers-when-flights-are-axed.html If you're holding an Air Canada non-refundable ticket for a flight that operates to/from the U.S.: 1. Go to the AC website as if you're booking a new ticket for the first time. 2. Enter the origin/destination and date of your ticketed flight. If the flight you were booked on no longer displays, chances are it's been cancelled. With airlines cancelling more than 50% of their normal schedules, the odds are in your favor your flight has been cancelled. 3. If you can reasonably determine your flight has been cancelled, call Flights by Celebrity. This is what folks on our Roll Call are doing and they report Flights by Celebrity are taking their info with a follow-up expected in 7-10 days. My assumption is Celebrity will need to verify with Air Canada your flight has been cancelled before they can begin the process of issuing a refund. 4. Air Canada won't be able to give you the refund because they don't have your credit card information. If you booked with Flights by Celebrity you'll notice on your credit card statement the charge was by them, not Air Canada. The refund will have to come from Celebrity. Although I had a refundable fare with Flights by Celebrity, my refund will be by them, not the airline. When you call Flights by Celebrity, stress to the Agent the airline has cancelled your flight. That's your "ticket" (pardon the pun) to a refund. If you've already been issued a voucher, and the airline has cancelled your flight, there's hope it can be changed into a refund. Several U.S. Senators are pushing for this and have asked airlines to reply by April 7. No guarantee, but there's hope. https://www.sfgate.com/travel/article/Senators-warn-airlines-refunds-15169687.php This past week my Sister was able to obtain a cash refund on a non-refundable ticket w/United after they cancelled her flight. Previous to that, they were only giving vouchers. But she pressed for a refund, knowing her rights under the DOT rules, and United was forced to comply. The airlines are banking on the consumer not knowing what they're entitled to.
  2. I don’t believe it’s possible to do on line. I’ve had some 24-hr holds that I wanted to cancel on line, but just had to let them expire (or call in).
  3. Oh, man, don’t get me worked up this late at night! This is a worldwide pandemic and needs to be handled on a global humanitarian basis. Working together to save the planet. The virus recognizes no borders, why should we? Stepping down off my soapbox and running for a second glass of 🍷!
  4. ...and I fall into that category. After all, I drank the cruising Kool-Aid at a young age. And I’m not seeking to enroll in a 12-step program to cure my addiction!
  5. ...and don't forget Zaandam and Rotterdam. They're just a continuation of Diamond & Grand Princess IMO.
  6. I agree completely. I just had a non-cruise related merchant issue 2 credit card refunds on the same day. But they posted to my account over 2 days.
  7. My fear would be the FCC expiring before I’m ready to sail and/or locating an itinerary I’m interested in.
  8. Live reports from the ship conveyed a party atmosphere with a seemingly false understanding they were aboard a virus-free ship.
  9. Markpc17, Thanks for your report. It sounds to me like you’ve got a realistic grasp on your first-hand experience, and the situation in general. It’s great to hear from those who were actually on board to balance things out from those of us watching/speculating from the bleachers. Your personal observation about the on board hero mentality atmosphere is understandable IMO. I’d think it would be easy to fall into that trap and feel the pride of being a “clean ship” after the stories of Diamond/Grand Princess, Zaandam/Rotterdam, etc. Yes, please keep us posted on the results of your two other tests. And your condition, in general. Praying your temperature comes down along with a decline in symptoms. I hope your wife remains symptom free.
  10. What Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, etc has done is extend their “Cruise with Confidence” program as far as Sept. 1. It previously had set July 31 as the end of that program, but has been extended another month. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/90/royal-caribbean-group-extendsnbspcruise-with-confidencenbsppolicy-through-september-1-nbsp/
  11. Suggest you post your question on the Roll Call thread for that specific sailing.
  12. As to my April 24 sailing, this was a cruise that Celebrity cancelled as opposed to my voluntarily cancelling what was still a live sailing. I can understand a booking disappearing from view/access within 24 hours of a voluntary cancellation. But in my particular case, Celebrity cancelled the voyage 6 days ago, yet I can still access the booking. So is it a safe assumption Celebrity simply hasn’t yet got around to processing refunds for that cruise?
  13. I’d suspect they’re processing ship by ship, sail date by sail date? My sail date was April 24, and I can still bring up my booking. So I won’t expect a refund before its purged from their system.
  14. If folks passed over post #7 that I copied and pasted from another cruise line board because it was too long, I’d encourage anyone to read it. On the board it was originally posted, the responses that followed were in stark contrast to the comments on this board. This despite the subject of “where’s my refund?” being the same on both boards. For the record, I’m waiting on a refund from Celebrity, too. So I also have a pony in this race like everyone else.
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