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  1. She’s a classy lady with classy lines!
  2. You remain the uncontested King of trip and itinerary planners! And I highly doubt you’ll have to relinquish that title to anyone else!
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/09/29/cdc-no-cruising-until-oct-31-four-days-before-election/3508836001/
  4. This is NOT the case when the airline cancels and/or drastically alters the flight(s). Just today friends holding AA tickets for next month were given a refund due to schedule changes that dramatically altered the itinerary (added connection + excessively long layers). This is the DOT rules in action.
  5. Look forward to following your adventure. Is onboard wi-fi also inclusive in your fare, or do you have to pay additional? Have a wonderful cruise. And more importantly, taking us along.
  6. We’re in complete agreement. My intent was to let others reading know that the rate is 200% for solo occupancy. As opposed to less than 200% and folks wondering if they needed to book through any certain agency or travel consortium as is sometimes the case. Absolutely no offense intended. Let’s just hope the cruise sails as scheduled!
  7. That’s a good price, however it appears to be 200%, so it’s not a “deal” as far as solo occupancy is concerned. I arrived at basically the same rate when I priced first as a party of two, then next as a solo.
  8. I’ll bet you a bottle of hand sanitizer they were giving you the “eye” because of your Texas drawl, not because you *didn’t* have an accent! 🤣
  9. I was working in Amtrak Operations on the West Coast. We had a continuous conference call going with our National Operations in Wilmington, Delaware. Needless to say, a chaotic day operating (or attempting to) America’s passenger rail network. Fast forward to 9/11/2002, the one year anniversary, we were sailing aboard Millie in the Caribbean and attended a wonderful memorial service Celebrity hosted in the ship’s theater. Millie was supposed to be sailing Europe at that time, but in the Spring of 2002, Celebrity redeployed her to the Càribbean for summer due to the fallout of the travel industry following 9/11.
  10. I had that exact thought when I read the article! You do have cult status around these parts, you know, Roy......😉
  11. Perhaps an alternative to the typical Crystal World Cruise? https://thepointsguy.com/news/delhi-london-bus-service/?utm_source=TPG Daily Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1501149&utm_usr=41b0d06002828017ef709f5094a2872d0ae344a60d536ffa05222862f9d24a5a&utm_msg=964b019d4f7c4f82a5c6643a2872e001&utm_date=2020-09-05
  12. That, my friend, was left up to the wild imagination of the viewer. But I think good ‘ol Homer would have been most happy in the Missouri version. Even though the show’s creator bent toward the Oregon location. 😉
  13. ...and don't forget the two Springfields and Charlestons. A friend of mine used to work at Amtrak in Vancouver, WA (the "REAL" Vancouver, according to him). He loved it when people detrained there expecting to see the Lions Gate Bridge and Gastown.
  14. Yeah, I get that. “Connect” usually implies to same-day in most modes. But that’s why I love Roy’s unconventional use of the term! His genius mind still thought of it as a connection, even with 2 days of separation! And I’d bet my bottom dollar the two ships were only part of a longer and more involved itinerary, given his style of adventure! Living in Northern California, we decided to travel to a relative’s wedding in Southern California by way of Vancouver. It was in September when the majority of Pacific Coastal cruises migrate out of Alaska. Aside from the bride and groom, we achieved somewhat of a cult status at the reception when folks learned we’d arrived that morning via a cruise ship! Visions of the early days when people used ocean liners as “transportation”!
  15. Love your use of the term “connect”, Roy! Most people would simply call it a B2B, even if on different ships. But you take it to a much higher level with your ingenious itineraries that involve multiple modes of transportation. Having worked in the operation side of the transportation industry, we, too, used the word connect hundreds of times a day. Only the term was often met with stress and headaches as opposed to your use of the word!
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