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  1. Sorry you had to endure all of this. Reading of your experience with Guest Relations agreeing with you but then directing you back to the Manager of Teppanyaki raised a HUGE red flag in my book. They should have taken ownership of the issue and dealt with the Manager themselves on your behalf. As a guest on vacation, you should never have to traipse all over the ship trying to resolve an issue once it's been reported to Guest Relations as you did. Hospitality training 101! Glad to hear you and your family made lemonade out of lemons. We were on Bliss a few weeks ago and just booked Joy yesterday for a spin on her in August. Time for some comparison shopping!
  2. We sailed the Bliss a couple weeks ago. Is the American Diner on Joy the equivalent (or similar) to Margaritaville on Bliss?
  3. Might as well special order some trash can doilies, too. Can’t hurt.....
  4. The ITA matrix is a wonderful tool. Have been using it for several years. Besides identifying fare codes, it’s also a great tool to see what airline(s) fly a particular route. https://matrix.itasoftware.com/
  5. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/airline-fare-classes/
  6. I wonder, then, if yours wasn’t a bulk consilodator fare? I don’t know, but what I do know is that are a host of expert, experienced all-things-airline/airfare gurus over on the Cruise Air forum!
  7. I very recently helped a friend book air via HAL Flight Ease. The ticket was on United. I looked up the booking on the UA website and saw where I could request the ticket receipt to be emailed to me. Upon receipt of the email, the fare breakdown said BULK instead of dollar amounts.
  8. It’s now $39 if you don’t use a SDP.
  9. We used our SDP in Cagney's, Ocean Blue and Teppanyaki. There was no mention of numbers of courses we could order in Cagney's, however, I didn't care to order more than a starter, entrée and dessert. In Ocean Blue, we were told we could order a soup/salad, appetizer, entrée and dessert (four courses). Two of the appetizers appealed to me, so I ordered accordingly but skipped soup/salad. We used our Platinum certificates in Le Bistro and La Cucina. In both venues we were told we could order starter, entrée and dessert. I'd heard there was a $35 entrée cap in Le Bistro, however I ordered the $39 Dover sole and wasn't charged anything additional.
  10. I should have hired on with NCL as a bean counter. Just think of the long-term employment opportunity...…………….
  11. We disembarked Bliss yesterday. None of the restaurants we visited (Cagney's, Le Bistro, La Cucina, Ocean Blue) had any upcharges of any type, be it on a SDP or Latitudes Platinum certificate. Apparently they have eliminated upcharges with the latest menus that have hefty price increases. A wise move, IMO, given the pricing changes.
  12. Call and find out what NCL shows you have booked. I freaked out a bit last week onboard Bliss when the app didn't display what reservations I'd booked at home pre-cruise. A visit to the Specialty Restaurant desk confirmed everything I'd booked was still intact, despite it not showing on the app. Good Luck.
  13. Patty, I had to go to Gary’s FB page to see what he had posted! A couple photos were from the Specialties, others from land based restaurants in Seattle and Alaskan ports. Gary had a filet in LeBistro last night that would win even the approval of the toughest of beef eaters in the great state of Texas! My Dover sole was heavenly, but confess I was jealous of his filet and stole a couple of bites. Of course no mass market line can rival Crystal in the long run, but there are a few hits here and there if you know how/where to look for them.
  14. As I write we are on the Norwegian Bliss in Alaska. I’m not familiar with the Escape, but the Bliss is truly a beautiful ship. I agree with all the other comments of those who responded. Purchase a dining package for evening meals. Our favorite restaurants are Le Bistro and Ocean Blue. We, too, skip the buffet. While hard to believe on a ship with 4000 people, we’ve been “adopted” by three different Filipino staff members in various venues who have gone out of their way to wait on us every time they see us. Sound familiar?! Our next cruise is on Symphony — can’t wait! I suggest you do the same. Go and have a good time on Norwegian with your family, but have a Crystal cruise waiting in the wings.
  15. Dined in LeBistro on Bliss last night on our Platinum certificate. I overheard the Hostess mention a $35 entree limit to one of the waiters. But at our table the waiter just said one starter, entree and dessert with no mention of price cap. I ordered the $39 Dover Sole without incident. IMO people will have different experiences on different ships. There’s obviously some degree of leeway. And I wouldn’t expect to have the same experience twice. I find that on other mass market lines as well. We just go with the flow!
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