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  1. When we encountered this situation back in 2002, we were notified 10 days prior to sailing our itinerary (SFO-YVR-SEA) was in violation. Holland America offered to pay the fine in our behalf, but CBP wasn’t having it. So our reservation was cancelled and refunded. Just one week ago there were media reports of a family who missed the ship in Ketchikan (a fault of the tour operator). They were on a 7-night round trip cruise from Seattle. CBP levied the fine for the PVSA violation. The family was reimbursed by Norwegian for the fine, plus expenses to get back to Seattle.
  2. No worries! 😉 I have a generator back-up wired directly to my brain for times like these. 😱🤦 ( @Texas Tillie got out of Dodge just in time!)
  3. After never-ending Covid testing for flights, cruises, governments that trip, the requirement to test to return to the US was dropped. It felt like hitting the lotto! 😉 One of our video-managed tests aboard ship fell to the stateroom floor. We were hopeful the inspector didn’t catch it. But like a kid getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar, we were dead meat. Now out of home test kits, we went to Guest Relations to purchase more. But they, too, were out of tests. Some nearby passengers overheard our plight and said they had extras they’d sell us. I’m now versed on how to accomplish dark alley drug deals! I do recall ordering a double 🥃 that night in the bar… We were fortunate to ace every Covid test, as well as stay healthy and avoid quarantine during the 5 weeks.
  4. July 16, 2022. Winding down a 21-day North Cape cruise aboard HAL. Yet another Covid test 🙏 to continue the next day aboard Silversea for a 10-day Baltic sailing.
  5. Yes, the Edge class ships on Celebrity. And because they’re solo staterooms (max 1 occupancy), there’s no supplemental charge for solo occupancy.
  6. Sometimes I sit in one of the chairs and read or listen to music while the machines do their thing. I’ve long been tempted to have room service deliver a glass of champagne 🥂 to the laundry room. Haven’t had the nerve to do it, but what a touch of luxury while performing a menial chore…
  7. Fabulous chefs, such as yourself, can be oblivious to physical beauty. They just can’t be skinny…
  8. As Pushpit posted, it’s completely normal. I’ve had it a number of times. Most recently a flight on United booked through the Air Canada website.
  9. From the “don’t let this happen to you” department…
  10. Here’s two more, including one from our neighbor a few doors away.
  11. We’re going to employ your same strategy for the sushi bar tonite! We were extremely lucky to score two seats with no wait around 8:00pm the second night. Meanwhile, here’s a shot off our balcony last night around 10:30.
  12. I personally think 6:30pm for restaurant openings is fine, especially for this particular itinerary. Sail time from Vancouver was 6pm, and 7pm from both Sitka and Skagway. Not to mention the long daylight hours where 6:30 feels like the middle of the afternoon. Sunset from Skagway, for example, is after 10:00pm….
  13. Thanks for starting this thread @360Guy. You put me to shame as I’m too lazy and unreliable to author/contribute to a thread for a full seven days in a row. 🤦 Here’s one contribution that will provide as a public service announcement that the beehive dessert in Waterside won’t “bee” a problem for folks who are allergic to bee 🐝 stings. It certainly stung my tastebuds…
  14. @John Cruise is correct. I read the same thing recently.
  15. And the name will be….. “CRYSTAL FINALLY” 🚢
  16. Besides Princess, I’ve recently seen reduced supplements on Silversea, Seabourn, Oceania and Ponant. They’re all for sailings within 90 days. It’s not an across-the-board policy. An example would be one sailing I saw was 0% supplement, while the next was a full 100%. So each individual sailing is its own “entity” from a sales and price perspective. There’s also a solo travelers forum here on Cruise Critic with one thread designated to posting reduced supplements as people spot them.
  17. https://thepointsguy.com/news/luxury-cruise-line-adding-casinos/ The casino news is making its way to the travel blogs…
  18. I’ve found that Princess, as well as other lines, often reduce hefty single supplements post-final payment date as they liquidate unsold inventory. If you’re able to go on short notice (T-60 days, etc) there’s often some decent rates for solos.
  19. Either Canada, or British Columbia, has a similar law. A few years ago we sailed Celebrity from SF to Vancouver. The first two stops were Victoria and Nanaimo. I arranged through Celebrity reservations to disembark in Victoria, spend the night there, then reboard the following day in Nanaimo. It wasn’t until the day after we sailed from SF that the ship’s immigration officer called our stateroom and told us although we could disembark in Victoria, we couldn’t reboard in Nanaimo. The violation? We couldn’t be “transported” from Nanaimo to Vancouver aboard a foreign flagged vessel. No doubt that law was to protect the BC ferry system from foreign ships doing the same thing. The fact the itinerary included several Alaskan ports between Nanaimo and Vancouver was immaterial. So this experience once again points to a general lack of knowledge of these laws on the part of call center and sales personnel, necessitating it be moved up the chain.
  20. P.S. I forgot to add, the “official” word we got back in 2002 was that the only way to sail SF-Vancouver-Seattle was an overnight “break” in Vancouver. But since our ship was on a same day turnaround, this wasn’t possible.
  21. Vince, I’ve reread your referenced link over and over, and my interpretation of the violation isn’t the part about reboarding the same ship in the same port, but rather the passenger disembarking somewhere OTHER than SF. ??? 🤔 (ie: the instant case boarding in NYC and disembarking in FLL) This would corroborate a lot of examples I’ve read over the years where disembarking the turnaround port is legal by embarking your second cruise on a different calendar day (hence overnight stay). This is what gives me a shred of hope spending an overnight off ship in Quebec might make it legit. ??? 🤔
  22. We were in a local Bay Area restaurant with friends last night and watched to TV coverage in the lounge. Keith, one of my friends brought up the winds at Candlestick and how it cost Willie home runs. A true US sports legend and gentleman. ⚾️ Can’t wait for the game and ceremony tomorrow night.
  23. Your comments about perception remind me of Churrascaria. Many were turned off at the thought of way too much meat. But as time went on, a good number of people grew to like/enjoy the other offerings. It was always somewhat controversial, and I suspect Beef Bar will be too. The Beef Bar menu looks appealing to me. Not for the typical “steak house” cuts of beef, but more the street food items. Ceviche, salmon and prawn salad to name a few!
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