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  1. Cruising in May and our South Beach bed rental was changed to Breezy Bay at Chill Island. We're cancelling and considering Coco Beach Club.
  2. Bob, I read your posts and you are a true blessing to this forum but you are missing my point. I'm really just curious why these three restaurants are not listed as available for booking. If no one knows, then no one knows. I just found it strange.
  3. I know that. Really just wanted to make sure RCCL didn't have some radical plan to change out these restaurants.
  4. Very true and I guess I was not clear. those three restaurants are not available for me to make an individual reservation. I have not bought a dining package, just considering it. Why are they not showing as available to book?
  5. Cruising on Harmony OTS May 31. Dining and entertainment reservations open but Jamie's, 150CP, and Sabor not listed. I'm considering the UDP and really want these included. Any ideas why they are missing to reserve?
  6. 25+ cruises and don't ever remember winning anything than on our last cruise last summer we both won t-shirts. Crazy odds!
  7. We are doing better than expected! Booked Harmony yesterday for May 31st, check cruise planner today, and got it for $55 PP/PD. Probably not going to get much better as this is the leading edge of summer cruising.
  8. Give us three drinks per night but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't get rid of that glorious coffee machine! Don't cruise for any sort of status BS but sure do love that coffee machine in the DL.
  9. Go read post 14. Which was their first post in case you missed it. Might be edited now but I quoted the whole post.
  10. ***** are you talking about about? Go look at post 14 of this discussion. I quoted the WHOLE POST. DUH.
  11. 1. I don't need any validation of others. 2. My wife's and I is the suggested attire of the evening, not shorts and t-shirts. 3. Ever been to a formal event? You dress up for it, not down. 4. Never given a hard time. 5. Do you like dining with www.peopleofwalmart.com when you are finely dressed? 6. I think as the level of dress declines so does the service. 7. Being finely dressed should bring a bit of elegance to dinner. When you are in a tux and the guy sitting at your table is in his finest pair of short and non-stained t-shirt, how much of that elegance is lost? 8. Its okay if you have no idea what I'm talking about. 9. We don't dress formally anymore because the people around us, including at our tabel, ruin the expereince. you probably don't understand but that is fine. 10. People keep digging for the lowest standards of decorum. One day we'll find them. And we can all dress like the www.peopleofwalmart.com
  12. My point was insurance is much more need for the medivac portion. I miss my cruise, I'm out my sunk costs without insurance but anyone can slip/fall on the ship and now you are taking a $25K helicopter ride if you want to or not.
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