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  1. Give us three drinks per night but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't get rid of that glorious coffee machine! Don't cruise for any sort of status BS but sure do love that coffee machine in the DL.
  2. Go read post 14. Which was their first post in case you missed it. Might be edited now but I quoted the whole post.
  3. ***** are you talking about about? Go look at post 14 of this discussion. I quoted the WHOLE POST. DUH.
  4. 1. I don't need any validation of others. 2. My wife's and I is the suggested attire of the evening, not shorts and t-shirts. 3. Ever been to a formal event? You dress up for it, not down. 4. Never given a hard time. 5. Do you like dining with www.peopleofwalmart.com when you are finely dressed? 6. I think as the level of dress declines so does the service. 7. Being finely dressed should bring a bit of elegance to dinner. When you are in a tux and the guy sitting at your table is in his finest pair of short and non-stained t-shirt, how much of that elegance is lost? 8. Its okay if you have no idea what I'm talking about. 9. We don't dress formally anymore because the people around us, including at our tabel, ruin the expereince. you probably don't understand but that is fine. 10. People keep digging for the lowest standards of decorum. One day we'll find them. And we can all dress like the www.peopleofwalmart.com
  5. My point was insurance is much more need for the medivac portion. I miss my cruise, I'm out my sunk costs without insurance but anyone can slip/fall on the ship and now you are taking a $25K helicopter ride if you want to or not.
  6. cover the butts and boobs...nothing else matters and even this is subject. Sad but true.
  7. I might look into them. I know why formal nights have gone away. I live in a society that still respects rules.
  8. Until you slip on a wet deck or fall down the stairs and need a medivac. $25K to get you off the ship and you have no say in the matter. We always buy insurance just for these reasons. Glad the insurance helped, prayers for a speedy recovery.
  9. Go into the port and wander a bit and get back on the ship. Much better activities on the ship than the Bahamas IMHO. Bahamas to me is a place to stay on the ship and you are on one of the best at sea.
  10. June 16th came out last week. I'm all booked up for the shows.
  11. You are right about that. This will cause responses but: We loved getting dressed up for formal night. Me in my tux and my lovely wife in her gown. Having a pre-dinner cocktail as we dressed for dinner. Maybe a photo or two. Looking great and feeling splendid as we left our cabin for a night on the ship with most also formally dressed. A night to remember but not anymore. Now we would look out of place with all the shorts only cruisers. Now we go to dinner with the www.peopleofwalmart.com cruisers. Ruins it for us so we just dress nicely like we do the other nights.
  12. Cover your butt and boobs and no one cares. Sadly, Formal nights are history.
  13. If you are doing a 3-4 day cruise to the Bahamas, decide if you want to get off the ship. We've done numerous weekenders to the Bahamas. This is on older ships. You are going on one of the newest cruise ships sailing the world. Decide if you want to get off or not (we don't anymore as there is little to interest us) and have a blast. 3-4 days is nowhere near enough time to explore an Oasis class ship. You will have a great cruise! Ignore your friend. I will say the carriage ride was great for us as we had a great driver telling us about island and its history. Our cruise mates , both older females, had a driver more interested in female bottoms. Sure made for interesting dinner conversation.
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