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  1. When I lived in South Florida, I parked at Port Everglades many times. I have never used the Park ‘N Go, but I know some that have and love it. I just liked the convenience of getting in my car and leaving. Now that I fly in no matter which Port I am sailing from, I drop my checked luggage at the Port, return my rental car, and then take the shuttle or a taxi back to the Port. That way, I have less loading and unloading and I get off the shuttle and go straight to the ship.
  2. The first case of reported COVID came from the cruise ship passenger. I am sure that COVID was here well before then, but they associate COVID with cruise ships. Thank goodness that we have not had community transmission in quite some time. All our recent cases are from people returning to the Island. Fingers crossed they open the airport to tourism in March as the Premier stated.
  3. Agreed. Case in point, cruise lines still offer cruise itineraries with Grand Cayman as a stop. Government here has stated cruises will not be returning in 2021.
  4. Not sure if the cruise lines will, but many of the countries they visit may. The government is finally considering opening the borders here for tourism in March — after being closed for a year — and one of the conditions to travel here will be you must have the vaccine.
  5. It could be that someone you are traveling with has the reservation open. Happens to my sister and me all the time. Only one of us can access the reservation at a time. Kind of a pain especially when we both want to look at something, it has also happened to me when using my iPad. I don’t log-out but close the tab. When I try to go back in, it won’t let me. I have to close the internet app (double click and swipe up) and log back in.
  6. Love the Victory! I sailed solo on her last weekend in January. The casino was very good to me. Can’t wait to be on a cruise ship once again!
  7. The Conquest. Definitely looking forward to being out to sea, drink in my hand, no cell phone.....
  8. Okay, I am beyond excited! I booked a B2B for April. What makes it even better is that I will be turning platinum! I am sure cruising will return before then. Now, if only the government here would open the airport by then and I can fly out.......
  9. They should be able to program one card to open both rooms. I have heard of anyone asking for this, but I know the lock system very well, and it can be done.
  10. So, some have speculated about a Royal/NCL merger. I am going to add some fuel to that speculation. MyVEGAS used to show Royal and MSC cruises; they are now showing NCL. Also, they have re-added their cruises to the rewards, so could that be a sign cruising will return soon? I have not seen cruises on there for a while. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part that we will be cruising again soon.
  11. Ah, yes, contact-less menus. Have been using them for months here on Cayman; the government required this or single-use menus. Guests seem to like them better than using menus that hundreds of others have touched.
  12. I have always enjoyed getting up early and walking around the ship while everyone is still asleep. It is so peaceful and you can take in all her beauty. Also have the opportunity to get some really great pics of the ship.
  13. Laughed so hard I almost spit out my wine.....
  14. In Cayman, if you test positive, you go in to quarantine for 14 days. You then have a second test to confirm you are COVID free. If you don’t test negative a second time, another 14 days quarantine. This continues until you get a negative test.
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