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  1. Because they saw what happenned in NY. The first to do it. DAH! Florida (and the rest of the country) learned from NY's mistake of doing this NY only following CDC guidelines at the time. All has changed with learning what was going on
  2. You don't really think that that's good do you? NY is .85%. NY has learned. Other states not so much
  3. That link shows a very good day. No one has beat it. It could be a long time. What is a fact is that NYS has averaged around only 5 deaths per day, only 2 yesterday. Also a positivity of less than 1% for over a month. By far better than non mask mandated states with large populations
  4. I beg to differ = RUDE! I read wrong. I was thinking deaths. Under 500 cases? That will never happen anytime soon
  5. It could be less than 200 within a few weeks if all the states did what NY is doing
  6. After what everyone has been going through trying to get their money back, I see no reason to prepay anything
  7. dream on. Senarios that aren't realistic
  8. Extrememly unlikely this would be a problem for this example.
  9. It is 100% it's not needed. So for what?
  10. If the OP did that, then she'd have to change all of her air and cruise names. Why bother with all of this if it's not necessary?
  11. Exactly. She should do nothing until after cruise
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