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  1. No, they can't. There are much better seats to be had anyway than the ones set aside
  2. Wrong. Always brought ours too. Had to go down because one bag didn't show. The security person asked us to take the steamer out of the right corner of the suitcase. It is all plastic on the outside. Your theory is wrong
  3. I don't think 6 days without your money is a very good thing. With a credit card, it's instant when you report it
  4. Maybe if you actually booked the mistake, but you didn't
  5. I think it's ridiculous to not lock your cases with real TSA locks. Using zip ties is same as having nothing. Pros can be in your case is 10 seconds regardless of having a lock or not!!!! At least a real lock may dissuade amatures
  6. Your TA certainly knew of the itinerary change. They just didn't pass along. You only lose money if you don't go. Why are you throwing away the money you spent by not going?
  7. Probably 9:30. You don't need to take your own luggage off
  8. My sister had planned on pushing my mother on the ship in her transport wheel chair. Those things aren't very good going over thresholds and she almost got flipped out by her inexperienced (my sister) pusher. An employee immediatly put her into a cruise wheelchair and took over the whole rest of the way. I don't think you need to call anyone. Just ask for assistance at the pier
  9. Your TA is absolutely wrong. Have them call One problem you may run into though is this cruise is listed in the going, going, gone sale
  10. So it would be better to book directly and get the same (often) incorrect information?
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