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  1. Just because you cancelled the card used for whatever reason doesn't mean it can't still accept credit. Check would be then mailed by card company Call them
  2. I find it very odd that a TA would come on here and ask these questions. He's the TA for his own booking. He can certainly call the cruiseline regardless of retired or not
  3. If you go be eligible adults, it far greater than 50%, since 1/3 of the country are under 18
  4. And you also walk right by the sign on the door that says masks required. You must feel special
  5. Last March all those people stuck on ships weren't scared either https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/florida-governor-ron-desantis-cruise-ship-coronavirus-zaandam
  6. No one said any such thing So you'd rather wear a mask perminately instead of getting the vaccine? It's thinking like this that is, will prolong getting back to normal for everyone
  7. Actually not. The governor has never intituted a mask mandate, but most of the state's mayors have. There is still a mask mandate in Pinellas county as well as many others.
  8. Next time you have some sort of surgery, would you rather the surgeon wear a mask or you don't care?
  9. I'm sure it has for that poster too. He didn't mention that his well managed portfolio most likely tanked pretty badly before it went up last yr
  10. Mine took a week You sure post here a lot to be throwing the company under the bus
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