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  1. Since when did that start? Back in the day (5 years ago), I was always sent my commission as soon as the booking was paid and the final date went by
  2. Depends where you live. A $250K house in FL can be $4K or more in tax
  3. No state income tax. The rest including real estate is same as NY
  4. You are not getting it or the previous one free. You pay extra every month to have it. If you brought your own phone with your same plan, it would be much less
  5. That's quite a ridiculous way to spend the money. The ones that are broke need it to pay bills, and if you are lucky enough not to need it, it should be spent on something to help with jobs
  6. TA's get their commission after final payment is paid and due date goes by
  7. Has to be a closed loop cruise. Not just ending in the US.
  8. Closed loop to most Caribbean countries it's not 6 months. You don't even need a passport 6 months is for flying to them
  9. The big hitters were saying this about all stocks. What's your point?
  10. When this is over in 2-3 months and the cruise industry starts chugging again, it will absolutely be 80 12-18 months out. None of them (the big ones) will go out of business. They will get loans and continue. Only the whack job president said Easter a few days ago and he's not saying it now
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