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  1. Actually you are more likely going to get a cabin that someone recently cancelled or upgraded from. Often a very good location
  2. No one knows to what post you are referring if you don't hit quote before replying
  3. You aren't going to miss shows that you might want to see on a trans
  4. You should ask them if they'd rather stay home than sleep in same bed. I'd sleep on the floor to go on a cruise
  5. Unsolicited advice by others? How about you? OP said nothing about brush being thown at anyone. Amazing!
  6. Hate to break the news to you, but the OP and everyone else knows this
  7. It was actually for 9 at first I think, then 10. Now ????
  8. I received $200 OBC for a couple cruise in 2010 and early 2011. One was 10 night and the other was 12. They changed the amount around then. You'll probably have a tough time getting the $200
  9. Show me any review that someone says that the food isn't good enough for them
  10. You said the whole deposit would be lost. Not why that would not be the case in any circumstance except for yours. Only a small fraction of deposits are made on the ship
  11. Did the OP say the deposit was made on the ship? Your circumstances are not likely the OP's
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