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  1. I haven't read about drinks at breakfast but there is Champagne and Mimosas at the brunch if you ask for them
  2. Maybe edit the question to Royal Terminals.
  3. I wish they would have kept this on the main Royal board so there would be Royal specific answers.
  4. One minor thing Freedom/Voyager Class has that is negative is the Deck 3 roadblock because of Studio B, but that was unavoidable due to space limitations. The running tracks are better on the Oasis Class in regard to not having to dodge loungers and gawking people along with length.
  5. I have the Allure lined up as a backup if a charter happens.
  6. Nothing popping up and it's back on the Royal website.
  7. Alamo at PE doesn't let you pick the car. You get what they give. They also have the hard sell going in regards to upgrade and insurance.
  8. Actually confirmed Royal used to do it but they stopped around the time Goldstein got axed. They did send a car once to take us from the Hilton to Terminal 18.
  9. Had a chat with a social media person. This was their reply about a charter : Not for this sailing at this time.
  10. January 19, 2020 on the Empress. Ship had a lot of cabins a couple days ago.
  11. I called Royal about a price change on a fresh booking and was told by the agent that he could not access my reservation due to it being reviewed by the Inventory Control Department. Now that voyage is gone off the Royal website. Is it sold out ?
  12. Powerade/Powerade Zero is in the freestyle machines.
  13. Any suggestions for the best/cheapest way to get from the Port of Miami to Port Everglades. There is conflicting information out there whether Royal provides transportation when transferring to another ship.
  14. Port Everglades needs to update their information to indicate there are not any shuttle buses from the FLL Rental Car Center to PE.
  15. If you’re a shareholder, that’s great. The company has raised its dividend from $1.10 per share to $2.60 per share (136%) during the last five years. Last time I checked it was .70 a share.
  16. The original poster talked about going both ways.
  17. We got to at use the suite line/lounge when boarding the AD in February, but I think that had more to do with being Terminal #25 and not #29.
  18. Yes, but you have to pick up on Eller post cruise unless you pay for transportation to FLL.
  19. Just a warning about picking a car up at Alamo on Eller. They are very pushy when it comes to insurance and upgrading. They have selective hearing concerning the word no.
  20. Has anybody figured out how many cabins have actually been added since the Nav left Turku in 2002 ? Also, how much the passenger capacity has gone up ?
  21. There is a dollar off coupon for the ferry ride fare at the port shopping desk. If you have a crew ID it's $3.
  22. Captain McDuff stated the less senior captain sounds the horn first as a salute to the more senior captain.
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