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  1. If you zoom in on the satellite pic, there are sidewalks on 19th and Eller Dr. There are even some marked crosswalks too.
  2. Maybe mention the date and ship for other persons who might benefit from the price drop.
  3. Does this possibly mean changes are coming? Got this email today. Dear Crown & Anchor Society Member, After nearly ten years working for Royal Caribbean, I’ve decided to start anew adventure. My last day in the office will be January 30th.One of the things I’ve found most fulfilling during my time as the Member Directorhas been building relationships and getting to know many of you. I’ll be leaving withthe most incredible memories of our times together.Please know that we remain completely focused and committed to taking great careof our most loyal guests. In addition to our Crown & Anchor Society Desk, you can also reach Kelly Sanchez, who leads our Crown & Anchor program, at Crown_and_Anchor_Member_Director@rccl.com.Thank you for your loyalty, your friendship and the memories.Millie Quiles
  4. Yeah, the head is a big problem in the morning after drinking it.
  5. The new guy on Royal's social media staff making his mark.
  6. Marlon Perkins. He gained his fame at the Lincoln Park Zoo which is still the only free first class zoo in the US. Though Perkins started at and finished in St, Louis.
  7. This time my wife got the email and we are 2 weeks out. Started with Panoramic at $400. JS $600, GS $800, OS $1000, RS $1800.
  8. No, but you have have your preferences in your Crown and Anchor account set to receive promotional emails from Royal.
  9. Ok, 6 out of the 25 in the current fleet have shower curtains.
  10. I know for sure that Alamo has a free PE shuttle from Eller Dr. I doubt if Avis has one from Pier 66 because they have a PE location that their shuttle is based at.
  11. We really like Slow & Low Bar Be Que. It's on the South end of Cocoa but the food is great and the booze cheap.
  12. The Dragon's Breath takes longer than 1.5 hours. You have to watch a movie, then a run on the little zip line, then the ride up.
  13. I 'm getting in at FLL around 12 too. I rented a car using Costco and spent $37 total with Alamo dropping at Port Everglades. Then got the Sheraton Suites Sawgrass for $100 on a Priceline Express Deal. Everything closer is upper 200's. Pretty easy to figure hotels out using the Better BIdding tools.
  14. The shuttles are small and usually it's best to drop off anything more than a party of 2 at the terminal first.
  15. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/882680-casino-royal-quotplayers-clubquot/?page=5
  16. The only canned water I've ever seen is when Anheuser Busch does it for disaster relief.
  17. $4000 for 7 days in an inside is something I wouldn't pay to begin with.
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