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  1. Do you know who chartered the ship the week of February 2nd ?
  2. Did anybody ever figure out who chartered them ? Nothing on the web.
  3. No outside area off of Studio B, which is deck 3 and 2. You are correct about the Star lounge having access to the outside area on the way to the helipad.
  4. Just use crazy math and put on endless sales where the end price is always the same or more.
  5. Here's a spreadsheet with the ships and features: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kZ1gCFtt1eiX1OWw9q-8tnEU5uQCWIjBwQt-w3t040s/edit#gid=1881900306 And a long thread about the app:
  6. But this is still Royal's IT, so nothing's guaranteed. I still print up a paper boarding pass as a backup. The door key supposed to work on Quantum Class, and Oasis Class, except the Allure, for now.
  7. The set sail pass on the app is for checking in at the pier and for use on board until you pick up the plastic seapass cards that are now left in the cabins.
  8. No direct flights from ORD to Hou. Southwest is out of MDW and not worth the trouble. IAH would be good if you could get a reasonable rental that could be dropped at Galveston.
  9. Are they still swiping cards in some DL's when getting a drink for "inventory" purposes?
  10. I use the tag app to print 4 on a sheet and then laminate them. One of these days I'll get the holders.
  11. Saw this posted. If you’re going out on Majesty of the Seas in the morning, you may be boarding late. We’re limping back to Ft. Lauderdale now with damaged engines. And this: They first told us that we wouldn’t be back until 10:30am but then they were able to make some repairs. They are now saying 9:30. They said to come to guest relations if anyone needed help with changing plans.
  12. The Mariner left in 2011. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2011-jan-14-la-fi-1014-mexico-cruise-ships-20110114-story.html
  13. I thought they did this a few weeks ago and left T 18 after midnight.
  14. We were on the Freedom too that day. It was happy hour up in the DL when the news flashed on the tv.
  15. You would hope that they would now have to improve things for fly in cruisers.
  16. The Ovation does not have tenders on board. I guess it does. They ride pretty low in the water.
  17. I did not see any cruise ship tenders in the footage, just zodiacs and tour boats. I did see an abandoned helicopter sitting near the area the zodiacs were loading survivors up.
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