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  1. The Shingrix manufacturer has a page to find out which providers have been getting vaccine shipments. https://www.shingrix.com/shingles-vaccine-locator.html
  2. TripAdvisor reviews with pics of what the tour is like. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g652408-d1603032-Reviews-White_Island_Tours-Whakatane_Bay_of_Plenty_Region_North_Island.html
  3. Yes, you have to get gas at the WaWa, North of the two rip off stations. They been doing the gas scam for a very long time.
  4. Nothing posted on the NCL board. In regards to gridlock at the Pan Am Pier, I've been in it a few times.
  5. Yes, nine year anniversary of the first 7 day cruise out of PE. What a great cruise that was with Captain Zini.
  6. I though they are automatically giving you a Captains Club number when you get a C & A number. We have them and never asked for one.
  7. Is the tour that the Canadian who used to work at Paradise Beach, runs? Or does he run the competition ?
  8. So take a taxi or uber twice one way plus the train fare. What did that cost one way?
  9. How would he get to the train? I would not mess with a train to catch a noon flight at FLL from POM.
  10. Did they tell you ahead of time, or were you informed on board the Mariner.
  11. Having been lucky to see 2 launches in 2 day in August from the beach by Jetty Park a cruise ship in PC is ideal with all that height. Most launches are streamed live to give you an idea when it's going up. Keep in mind they push launches back, frequently.
  12. Probably a good time to get out of Blacksburg , after Friday's game.
  13. The bridge and tunnel both end up East of Terminal F. Either way you need to get to N Cruise Blvd. and you'll be okay.
  14. The signage is pretty good at the POM. I wouldn't trust any GPS nav. MSC uses the original Royal terminal at POM which is easily accessible from the tunnel.
  15. Alamo at PE is pretty easy and well staffed. Just get ready to say no to all the up-sell stuff. No need to call the shuttles make the rounds often.
  16. Phones have internal memory and micro sd cards for that. Sim's are for connectivity to the cell network.
  17. I gave up on Priceline/Hotwire this trip down. Between the excess fees and the tacked on resort charge it's almost easier to book direct for the same price. I ended up booking the Holiday Inn Express in Davie for $127 plus $15 a night tax. Easy and without the risk of getting a stinker like the Link.
  18. I called for a price drop and gained $50 OBC along with the price reduction due to the promotion Royal was running.
  19. The app is supposed to have some kind of expedited check in on it, or so Royal says it does when I'm in the cruise planner.
  20. I don't think Avis/Budget has a shuttle to MIA from the port. That would be good news if they have one now. Port Of Miami Shuttle For Cruise Ships 99 Southeast 2nd Street Miami, FL 33131, US
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