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  1. Renting a car from one of the big agencies Port Everglades location is usually cheaper because they are trying to move the cars to airport locations.
  2. Don't forget February 2nd, 2020 is Super Bowl Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium.
  3. Isn't final payment date, full refund date, 90 days out? April till September is 4 months out. Did you have a non-refundable deposit? The timeline would point to the non-refundable deposit. Pretty lucky they gave you what they did.
  4. We're on the same voyage, which is 109 days out. I've been unable to access the entertainment in the cruise planner since booking, so I'm assuming that they have closed off reserving show times until we get onboard. In that case a trip to the box office right after boarding is probably prudent.
  5. $50,000,000 sounds pretty cheap. Royal and Carny have it
  6. I would assume they are going to replace #2, most likely with one with a bigger capacity. Do they build them onsite, or float a new one in. Also I see a lot of posts on CC blaming the crane. I thought it was a structural collapse of the drydock that cause the crane to fall.
  7. Search Navigator VS Mariner on UTube. There's a good video comparing the two.
  8. Navigator doesn't have the Skypad bungee thing. Navigator has the new pool area. Basically the same ship, size.
  9. I did it on a booking last week. I had already booked online and called Club Royale and they knocked a few bucks off the fare. The shareholder obc was already on the reservation. Can't combine Club Royale with My Vegas OBC.
  10. The knock on Chicago was that it was too long besides the obvious Bob Fosse stuff.
  11. Are the free drinks well, or anything goes within reason? I would hate to be getting New Amsterdam.
  12. Keep in mind the Freedom Class are just stretched versions of the Voyager Class. I think Freedom Class are around 110 feet longer.
  13. Or the smell. I think there are bars up here that still smell of smoke and it's been 10 years at least, since the ban.
  14. I heard it takes a couple of days to get back the clean stuff. What would be the latest/safest day to submit the bag before you get off?
  15. They can always order a couple more lifeboats and put them in the vacant first position forward. They vacated that spot due to a lifeboat getting rouged up in the Bay of Biscay on the ride over from Turku.
  16. It gets worse late night, when they're racing their little sports cars like I 95 is a Formula 1 course.
  17. I learned to always take the express lanes. I only got burned once when a bike wiped out and they closed/blocked them with us in them.
  18. No, I was trying for a freebie, which they had done in the past. Probably doing Uber/Lyft.
  19. Ahh, the old AOL chat rooms. That's were I got my name. Been my name ever since.
  20. I would hate to be the guy working on the scaffolding hanging under the bridge wing.
  21. Interesting, I was told last week that they have no transportation between the ports by a pretty knowledgeable Royal agent.
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