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  1. Try calling Royal back and explaining what the problem is, especially with them selling a guarantee obstructed for less. Maybe you'll get a more knowledgeable agent.
  2. Yes, they use the chute down into the inflatables. I had a video posted, but they deleted it.
  3. I also liked O'Sheas when it was on the first floor of the parking garage. Always did pretty good in those type of places. It appears that Slots is till there, but has lost that funky vibe as well as table games. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g45963-d271361-Reviews-Slots_A_Fun_Casino-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html
  4. Not that early, around Noon. The Caribe Hilton is also only a few blocks from the pier road, so airport runs are more money with less hassle.
  5. Yes, so were we, without it they wouldn't take us. The one poster cruises out of the Pan Am once and thinks he's an expert.
  6. The used to have an emergency passport service that takes a day or two at all the big offices. I went down in the morning and went to pick it up in the afternoon. This was in 2004 and cost a couple bucks more, but it was well worth it. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/requirements/where-to-apply/passport-agencies/chicago.html
  7. Does somebody still publish the public space to passenger ratio on ships? Royal used to lead the major lines.
  8. I imagine the Link as a step up from the I/P, though I've never been to the Linq. Haven't been to Vegas since they started charging for parking. I think Royal is probably cleaner than the North end of the strip.
  9. Wow, they are really piling on new cabins.
  10. Hit or miss. Usually greasy towards the bottom. Depends how long its been out.
  11. I think we all the cameras and facial recognition they can pretty well tell who it is if they steal a bag onboard.
  12. The reviews I have read say the beach chairs are free.
  13. Sometimes does not mean all the time, but it does happen. I'm glad it was good for your cruise.
  14. Yes, slip the porter a $20 and he'll send you to the "guy" to cut the line. We do it all the time.
  15. The road into the Pan Am pier is one lane in each direction with no sidewalk and is sometimes clogged with traffic in both directions. We've had taxis refuse to take us from the Caribe Hilton to the pier because of traffic. Most hotels in San Juan are under a 1/2 drive to the pier.
  16. Budget used to have the PE location on 17th. St. in the strip mall West of the Renaissance. Been gone a awhile.
  17. When got off a earlier in the year at PE they lady laughed at me for having my phone out with the App on. We don't use that here. One line for everybody, but that was crappy Pier 29.
  18. It's posted right above your post. Here's the link. Post#15
  19. The problem with refrigerators/coolers is that the coils have to be cleaned once in awhile to dissipate heat. I doubt the room stewards ever pull them out and clean the coils.
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