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  1. Maybe watching all that video of the construction of the Voyager Class, the big Sovereign refurb, etc. too many times has scrambled my brain a little bit. The Nav was Captain Bang's ship who I always liked better than the flashy bike riding Johnny who had the Mariner.
  2. They crammed a lot of new cabins into the Freedom/Voyager Classes and it really shows on the Voyager Class. I guess the 110 extra feet makes a difference on the Freedom Class.
  3. Number 30 in the world in size out of 314 ocean going cruise ships.. Vision Class is small-ish. Voyager Class were the trend setters and with the latest additions, (minus the added cabins), they still pack a good punch. Otherwise a good review.
  4. One of the casualties of the Amped program was the really nice fitness centers on the Freedom/Voyager Class.
  5. Nightclub didn’t open until 11pm or later each night. Royal used to have the Dungeon, a two story dance club/disco on the Freedom and Voyager Class. They got rid of it, replacing it with a specialty restaurant and cabins. They now have moved the dancing into the Viking Crown Lounge and start it late at night. Surprised there was no parties up by the pool or solarium.
  6. Oh for the days of Verizon and the Universal Plan that also covered unlimited data on Royal for 25 bucks a month.
  7. Radiance and Sovereign Class dock there too, when available.
  8. Yeah, been using an internet agency, but price drops and getting obc are a pain. Booked with Royal, when I got a decent agent on the phone.
  9. How come nobody misses the Dungeon as much as Portofino. 😃
  10. I'm sure the casino host will throw that seapass card holder into the brig.
  11. I have smelled the sulfur like odor from time to time on ships, but never in a cabin. It comes and goes and is part of life on ship with a sensitive vacuum waste system. I wouldn't worry about it on Empress. I booked her for 3 in a row.
  12. There's probably a more technical and thorough explanation for the smell. I sure Cruise Critic's resident ships engineer, Chengkp75, could explain it a lot better that me.
  13. One person posted last week from the Empress that he was informed there would be a short dry dock to fix the stabilizers. Anybody have anything further on this ? I remember when the Navigator was having a stabilizer problem that became bad enough that they cut it off while docked.
  14. Key West doesn't really have any good beaches, but on the way down there are a lot of good ones .
  15. If they had badge like name tags they were pinacles.. Diamonds have a little, round,RC pin. Most ships have that sulfur smell from time to time. It comes with a vacuum sewage system into which certain idiots flush something besides toilet paper and poop
  16. Sanjay is a Hotel Director. Good guy, always around the ship chatting.
  17. The Adventure is good and the service is great. especially when Sanjay is onboard.
  18. Anything but NA. Usually a Jack and Coke or a Jamo and Ginger.
  19. Yeah, I was going to add: when the line is down... I'm pretty sure that the Hotel Director would be the person responsible for closing the Diamond Lounge.
  20. Something doesn't seem right. I would be posting/messaging on the Royal website and calling the Diamond Desk tomorrow morning and stopping at Guest Relations tonight to see what the problem was.
  21. If you look at the schedule they have some ships doing that next year.
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