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  1. I have only organized one M&G and it was this past December. I personally would not bring gift/prizes. My main reason being luggage space and cost. Check with NCL, they might donate a bottle of wine for a prize. IMHO, the key to a good M&G is getting people to mingle with the other attendees. I passed out the sheet below and was happy to see everyone mix & mingling to find correct matches. I thought it worked well! Good luck!
  2. Alright, I have one request in the hopes of settling an argument on my Roll Call. The topic is sail-away gathering. We have a traveler who would like us to meet at the Sugar Cane Mojito Bar claiming it is a great vantage point. It has been suggested that the Sugar Cane Bar is closed and only available to Haven/Suite guests upon sail-away. Attempts at calling NCL to find out have been unsuccessful. If you are in the area, could you please ask a staff member if the Sugar Cane is open to all starting at 4:00 pm on Saturday for our sail-away? Thank you!
  3. Mr. King, Thank you, thank you very much! 👍🏼 Your photos, answering of questions and general information have helped future NCL Gem cruisers tremendously! I will be passing you somewhere in the NYC Cruise Terminal on Saturday. But I am boarding the ship with a sense of calm unlike any of my previous cruises. I feel like I have already been on the ship and am doing a b2b! 🤣 Welcome home, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! Thanks again!
  4. Port for the City Skyline, starboard for the Statue of Liberty. After you pull away from pier, be on the port side as NYC passes by. After you pass the 1776 ft. tall Freedom Tower (former Twin Towers location)go to the other side of the ship as the S of L will be coming up on the right side. Watch for the iconic Staten Island Ferry’s passing by. Approx. 15 to 30 min after the Statue, be on a high deck as the ship passes under the Verrazano Bridge (connects Brooklyn & Staten Island). Longest suspension bridge in U.S.! Enjoy!
  5. Is the singer/piano player still next to Shakers Martini Bar on deck 6? Is he any good? Name?
  6. Thanks for the trivia question preview! 100,000! LOL! 😂🤣😂🤣
  7. Where was your M&G held? Next week we are in the Magenta Main Dining room.
  8. Be good to her! I will be boarding right after you disembark! Have a great time, looking forward to your reviews!
  9. Taken from POA in August 2016. CBC0728A-C1D3-46F9-8F7C-17E649A5E0A4.MP4
  10. Hi Jan! I am sailing the Gem on 12/21. If you care to share your thoughts/ review of your cruise, I would love to read it. Good, bad, tips would be appreciated! Thanks! This isn’t the venue for it, feel free to email me. Copper0044@gmail.com
  11. Haven suites on deck 9 &10 are also in the front corners of the ship. We love them! Nice layout and 2 balconies, one facing front and one on the side of the ship! Highly recommended!
  12. As NCL gets closer to a cruise departure date, do they reduce the price of cabins in the hope of filling the empty ones? If so, how far in advance should I check for the discounted prices? Thanks!
  13. Search the Roll Call page and find the cruise! I am also sailing on that Holiday Cruise and I am also organizing the Meet & Greet. So far the meet and greet is open to everyone, but most family’s don’t seem to be bringing their children. Sign-in and join the conversation! 🎄🌴
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