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  1. I'm sorry, I may have stated that the wrong way, lol. I was speaking of the weather on the east coast, mid-atlantic and possibly the Carolina coast, and especially those who are arriving thru airlines.
  2. The weather on east coast will be bad the next few days. A lot of folks will be traveling after Thanksgiving and people traveling to Miami from all over the world. Please be careful and safe and I hope nobody has any hiccups with their travel plans and make it to Miami safely ! Happy Thanksgiving To All !!!
  3. The wine that is included in your Classic is just average wine, not really great. If you are Elite you may have a different option for wine. I would definitely confer with your sommelier if you have a preferred wine. I had the Classic last year and asked for recommendations and our sommelier presented us with some pretty good wines, like I said they were average but not really bad. I hope this will help !
  4. I just had to weigh in ont his subject. Even tough it is clearly spelled out on the X website, its basically whatever you want to wear that is comfortable for you, as long as its not t-shirts, shorts and flip flops, I have seen all kinds of dress. As for myself, I like to dress a little better than casual, my preference. On Chic night I usually wear a suit and tie and wife wears an evening dress, I have seen everything from tuxedos to jeans. On normal nights in the MDR I wear slacks and a collared shirt, normally an "Aloha shirt" or Polo shirt. On my last cruise I was pointed out by another guest to the staff that in their opinion my "Aloha shirt" should not be allowed, lol. Relax folks, you're on vacation, there are more relevant and important things going on in the world than to get upset about what someone is wearing.
  5. After our last cruise on the Celebrity Reflection, a couple weeks before Christmas, we saw many doors decorated with Christmas themes and decided we wanted to do it our next cruise, next month. We did not know that there was a rule stating no decorations on cabin doors until very recently. I am curious as to when that rule was initiated and if it is actually was enforced. After purchasing items to decorate cabin door I have now decided not to decorate our cabin door, I will be looking forward to see if anyone actually does decorate their cabin door and will staff remove it or have the occupants remove it. I assume it may be like enforcing the "chair hog" rule, lol.
  6. We have celebrated 3 events on Celebrity, a birthday and 2 anniversaries, on the two anniversaries we purchased a Premium Celebration Package which included a mimosa in room breakfast, decorated cabin door, a towel animal on the bed with rose petals, a bottle of Dom Perignon, a large cake presented to us at dinner in the Tuscan Grille, which we shared with others nearby us at the restaurant, all for $249.00, which in my opinion was very reasonable if you want to make sure you celebrate your special occasion in high style I would highly reccommend this package.
  7. Maybe my expectations are low or others expect too much, but, we have had 3 wonderful experiences at the Tuscan Grille. The food was fantastic, the staff and the service was outstanding ! On our upcoming trip on the Silhouette we have 3 visits to Tuscan, looking forward to each visit !
  8. Thank you everyone for the great info !
  9. We have been on several cruises but never actually used the stateroom safe. I attempted to locate how to use it on the internet and YouTube without success. I have read that on some cruise lines that safe is used in conjunction with your sea pass and some are operated manually. We will be on the Silhouette. I would appreciate any guidance on how to use them, thanx.
  10. You can get most cocktails with the Classic Package, there is a listing on the X website, the only thing is they will use well alcohol in the drink unless you specify a certain type of premium alcohol. If you are particular to high end brands you may want to get the Premium Package. But, you have to watch what they pour, I have experienced on a few occasions that the bartender my try to use a lower brand alcohol instead of the higher brand.
  11. So what is the question ? I have ordered flowers several times, you will be charged immediately unless you order by mail. Yes, the confirmation is generic, if you are not charged I would make a call to X to confirm.
  12. I'm on this cruise also, would love to know info on crew especially the CD, thanx !
  13. I recently saw a "Martini Flight" offered and I purchased it. It appears that 6 mini Martinis are offered. Anyone ever gotten this and what Martinis are prepared, is it set or do you have a choice ? Thank you !
  14. Lol, what if we start a campaign to restrict non-smokers to the forward part of the ship so we don't have to hear from them.
  15. It's a big big ship, if you don't like smoke don't go near it, problem solved !
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