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  1. This may have been posted before, but, I could not locate it, sorry. A couple years ago we purchased the Unlimited Photo Package, I don't recall how much we paid for it. It included all printed photos and access to online digital, we purchased a separate dvd of highlights of the cruise. I attempted to purchase the same package again but I see it has changed to digital online only for $200, according to X website. Does anyone have any experience with this photo package ? I would love any information before I purchase, thanx.
  2. Paper straws are HORRIBLE !!! Remember those disgusting things in grade school trying to enjoy your graham crackers and milk, for those of us old enough, lol. Suggestion: Go to eBay or Amazon and purchase a set of silicone straws with holder and brush, I got a set of two for $4.99, problem solved !
  3. We are on a Celebrity cruise in December 2019 and would love to know what terminal they will dock at in Miami !
  4. Is there a way you can view what bids and cabins previous people have gotten ?
  5. Just to weigh in on this subject, again, of tipping, as I have commented on this subject on a previous post. I was accused by others of wanting more than I was entitled to and taking away from other guests by tipping practices, mainly from people from countries that do not practice the tipping habits of Americans. I will defend my tipping practice of tipping my cabin attendant prior embarkation and at debarkation. I also tip our server, his or her's assistant, the sommelier and the maitre d at debarkation. I have always had excellent, I repeat, excellent attention and will continue to tip as I wish. In closing, it's your money, do as you please, I will never, ever, comment about what someone does with THEIR money.
  6. Thank you ! I will also be on the December 1st sailing !
  7. Anyone know who will be the CD on the Silhouette in December 2019 ?
  8. I kow that I had the Classic Package on a 10 day cruise. On embarkation they offered to upgrade to Premium all 10 days for the price of 8 days. From what I have been told you may be able to bargain with staff who are offering the upgrades for a better price. CAUTION: If you don't absolutely need the upgrade, don't do it, it depends on if you desire top shelf alcohol or not.
  9. Loved your review, best I have ever seen ! But I could not locate your dailies.
  10. Thanx, but I was looking for the brand name of the television set.
  11. This may sound trivial, I'm just curious. Anybody know what brand televisions are used on the Silhouette ? Thanx
  12. I'm not a "gourmet" nor do I claim to be one, far from it. I have not been on as many cruises as most,. but, I have been on X several times and in my opinion I thought the food was quite good. I am sure you could get "better" food if you went to a land based quality dining establishment but I think the food is very good being on a cruise ship ! I am sure I will get plenty of feedback, lol.
  13. On the night that they serve the Scallops Rockefeller appetizer I would highly recommend it !!!
  14. Try Jim Beam with Ginger Ale, not Canada Dry Ginger Ale or fountain Ginger Ale.
  15. Despite the previous answers to my post, perhaps I should have put this on a different board, did not intend to offend others, my bad. As far as to "ghstudio", my recommendation for a very good bourbon that is not expensive but very, very good is Buffalo Trace, it can be difficult to find but if you do find it purchase several bottles !
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