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  1. We have previously purchased the "All Inclusive Printed and Digital Package". We have been very happy with it until our last cruise. We did get all of our printed pictures before debarkation but had a very bad time with trying to retrieve the pictures online, it took almost 2 months constantly calling X and trying to work with their third party vendor. Since they no longer do the printed picture package we will never ever do the online option. If you can purchase printed per picture at a reasonable price that may be an option.
  2. In the past we have ordered the Photo Package which included digital and prints. The print portion is no longer available, according to X, it's now just digital only. Due to a bad experience with the digital photos on our last cruise we will not purchase that package again. My question is I know you can purchase the prints on board but what is the price per print ?
  3. I apologize in advance if this has been posted previously. We will be on the Constellation this November 2020. We were wondering who the cruise director will be after the Revolution has been completed since it will be cruising out of Florida for dates. Who is the present cruise director and will it remain the same ?
  4. They are all very good ! The only island that was not very good was St.Marteen, we are there on a French holiday and everything was closed.
  5. The Moroccan Braised Short Ribs are excellent !!! It's nice to be able sit at a table, waited on and served, no crowds, no hurry. The only drawback is the limited menu, avoid the chicken, it's DRY !!!
  6. We always have the cooler, I call it a cooler because it never, ever gets really cold, cleared out as soon as we arrive I cabin after meeting our cabin attendant. We fill it full of bottled water and soda. CAUTION: Insure you check your onboard account DAILY so there is no mistake in the items that were removed, it happens !
  7. My advice to you would be to use your own judgement. Explore the previous posts about this subject. This topic is very heated amongst others. Like previous posters have stated it's a personal choice and nobody else business except between you and the staff. I'm sure whatever you decide would be appreciated with staff.
  8. We recently visited these places but did not take any excursions. We did get off the ship and explored the area at the port. Lots of vendors and shops, we did not get harassed by hawkers or vendors. I would caution you about taking excursions with others than the cruise ship. 2 people on our cruise did not make it back in time to depart because of being late with one of these bootleg excursions.
  9. $299 for Xcellerate and $161 for Surf on X website.
  10. We were recently on the Silhouette, these were the toiletries we received in Concierge Class, not sure if it is different for all classes. The bar soap was not issued daily, it was only available upon request and when it was available to cabin attendant, according him, lol. Shower Gel, Shampoo, Contioner, and Body Lotion, in 1.3 oz containers, bar soap was 2x2x1. We bring our own toiletries, do not use these.
  11. Has anyone ever heard of Sapphire mobile internet device ? I bought one last year but forgot to take it on my last cruise. It's supposed to work in all Caribbean countries after you purchase a package. Not sure if it will work on the ship.
  12. In my opinion, I think this subject has been beaten to death. Tipping before, during and after is a personal choice. Inquiring others about when and how they tip is just as crass as asking someone how they voted. It's your money, do as you please.
  13. This question may have been asked and answered but I cannot locate it, sorry. I have been on the Reflection and Silhouette the past two years and each time we purchased the Unlimited Photo Package which included printed and digital photos. We are scheduled to go on the Constellation this year. For some reason I cannot locate the same package, it looks as if it is just digital. I had lots of problems trying to download pictures from Celebrity's third party company. My question is can you purchase prints on the cruise per picture and what is the cost ? Thank you !
  14. Oh, and btw, it was such a madhouse on disembarkation with 99% people trying to get to the airport, we were confused on where to get the Uber/Lyft for return to hotel. We did get a guy who was shuttling people back to nearby hotels for $25, 2 people, we had one stop prior to our hotel, very clean and courteous driver.
  15. Hello JohninDC, to answer your questions. As part of the Stay/Park/Cruise package you have transportation to POM, no return unless yo pay for it. We chose not to use hotel transportation, even though we paid for it, we chose to take an Uber, no hassle, no crowded van, no rude or obnoxious people, just us. We called fo an Uber XL cuz we had lots of bags, Uber arrived about 5 min after calling, it took 15 minutes to get to POM. We paid $41, well worth it ! The area around the hotel is off from a very, very busy street, it set back in a cul de sac, security is present, but, it is not convenient to restaurants or shopping, the hotel is located to what looks like an industrial area, there is a strip mall in walking distance with several small restaurants, but it is very difficult to get to walking, there is not pedestrian crossing, we had to get in car to get to a very nice Chinese restaurant in the strip mall, excellent food. To Noxequifans, not sure about Tripadvisor reviews, it was a very nice hotel with an excellent breakfast buffet.
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