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  1. We will been the Constellation this November, hopefully, lol. I guess you can compare a cruise cabin to a hotel room. It's been used many times over the years, I'm sure that touch ups have been done over the years, as needed. In my opinion, as long as the cabin has been cleaned between guests you can accept minor wear and tear. We are not in the cabin enough to notice minor stuff, just a place to shower, change clothes and sleep. Enjoy your cruise !!!
  2. This is a very bad time for the world with the Corana Virus, COVID-19. I pray that we all come out of this terrible sickness soon. My question is more of curiosity and ignorance. We have a cruise booked later this year on November on the Constellation. One of the ports is Labadee, not sure if its officially Haiti or Hisponola, I've seen it listed as both. Now, is this the same port that Royal Caribbean uses as their private island ? Been trying to research this on the internet and it does not refer to it as a Celebrity port.
  3. Are you kidding ??? 13 cents ??? With all that's going on in the world you start a post about being over charged 13 cents ??? Congratulations, I bet you did it to get a rise out of members, it worked, lol !!!
  4. How do you find out the number of bookings on a upcoming cruise ?
  5. I have read several posts about X ships that have gone trough "Reveloution". I am thinking that all ships that are and will be going through this will be the same, as far as the cabins. My question is did they change the power outlets to a different location and did they add USB outlets ? We will be on the Constellation later this year. I would love to see pictures of the outlet/USB locations. This will make a difference to what type cables I will bring with me. Thanx !
  6. You are served a little dish with 3 types of spreads, butter, hummus and garlic as I recall.
  7. We stayed there a couple years ago, pre and post cruise. The hotel and staff were fantastic. I would avoid the shuttle service, use Uber/Lyft.
  8. Yes, I used OBC to purchase flowers for another cruiser/friend on the same cruise we were on.
  9. What we do is I make copies of the info page of our passports and I carry them along with ID and drivers license in my backpack whenever we are off the ship and leave our real passports in our room safe.
  10. Please do your research !!! I have seen the ship leave someone at the port because they were late from a private excursion. It was not pleasant to witness.
  11. I have had the Digital & Print Photo Package a few times on X. The printed portion is great but they no longer offer it, at least on my upcoming cruise. Now, the digital portion is a headache, links not working correctly, all your photos not present, be aware.
  12. We have previously purchased the "All Inclusive Printed and Digital Package". We have been very happy with it until our last cruise. We did get all of our printed pictures before debarkation but had a very bad time with trying to retrieve the pictures online, it took almost 2 months constantly calling X and trying to work with their third party vendor. Since they no longer do the printed picture package we will never ever do the online option. If you can purchase printed per picture at a reasonable price that may be an option.
  13. In the past we have ordered the Photo Package which included digital and prints. The print portion is no longer available, according to X, it's now just digital only. Due to a bad experience with the digital photos on our last cruise we will not purchase that package again. My question is I know you can purchase the prints on board but what is the price per print ?
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