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  1. Yea not the answers I was looking for... I’d like them to ban smoking indoors or, create those big glass boxes so smokers can smoke inside and share their lovely 2nd hand smoke with each other.
  2. I can’t believe that here we are in 2020 and RCCL still allows smoking INSIDE. It’s gross and a public health hazard. How do we pressure them to change this?
  3. No idea who the cruise director was on Liberty because he/she/they was a nonpresence on board.
  4. We just got off liberty. Warning; my husband bought a soda package but returned it after day 2 because the fountain sodas tasted terrible.
  5. Expensive. We got it and enjoyed it. However buyer beware- if you get a large drink they will punch the card twice. Royal nickel and diming at its best...
  6. That’s great!!! So glad we won’t be the only rainbow family on board. Do you think you’ll put him in aquanauts?
  7. Hi all, I would love some advice. My husband and I are sailing on Liberty leaving 12/22 along with our 2 small kiddos- baby is 6 months toddler is 3. We’ll definitely try putting them in nursery and aquanauts while on board, and we’re looking for little kid friendly activities at the ports- Roatan, Belize City, and Cozumel. We’re pretty chill and easily entertained. Would appreciate good transportation recommendations (car rental, taxi, shuttle bus with car seats... we’re schlepping ours from home and not super long driving times), good beach recommendations with calm water and shade, playgrounds, kid friendly restaurants, etc. We are willing to book shore excursions through the ship if they aren’t too expensive and we are also willing to do things on our own. One more piece: we’re a family with 2 dads so gay friendly is crucial. Thanks all!!!
  8. Any other gays going on this cruise? I'll be travelling with my husband and our adorable, perfect little children age 6 months and 3 years old 🙂 ~Adam
  9. Any other family on this cruise? Me and my husband will be sailing with our 6 month old son and 3 year old daughter. Love to cruise, especially with LGBT families or adults when we put the kiddos in kids camp 🙂
  10. Hi! Sorry this took me so long to respond. Yes I just called Royal and they said original birth certificate along with court order showing finalized adoption is ok. We will not have the updated birth certificate by the time w e cruise. Can you please contact me after you cruise to confirm everything went ok? I'd be very grateful. adamrosenwasser@gmail.com thanks!
  11. Hi! We’ve just adopted our 2nd child- a baby boy. He was born May 25th 2019. Since he was born in Texas, we won’t be able to finalize the adoption until 6 months after birth- Nov 25th at the earliest. We are hoping to go on a cruise over Xmas, but I am worried we won’t have a birth certificate by that point- we can’t get it issued until after finalization. Has anybody been in a situation like this before? Any suggestions? Alternative paperwork? Thanks!
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